Saturday, July 8, 2017

Almond milk and mango chiller- perfect for summer!

Hello, everybody! Mary Jane here and I'm hiding in the Umatilla National Forest at the moment. Why? Well, look at this heat! My poor little dude in the reflection was trying to be happy about heading to the library for "slime night" but his red and sweaty face convinced me it was time to get out of Dodge! 
But before we did, we made some delicious chillers to cool down... And they were needed because my son was raising money for Scout Camp. 
 That included splitting wood and offering them with fire starters for $3. Great price because the wood was donated to him!
 The same person donated a lot of hen and chicks in flats, saying "if you can sell them, they're all yours". Of course we can! We hit the thrift stores and the cabinets for cute containers...
 I loved this little pail! We have so many craft supplies, we just added cute beads and rocks and such.

 And for the 4th of July, we made red, white, and blue!
 Aren't these cute? Perfect for those BBQ cook outs!
A friend donated a bunch of leftover wedding supplies. Aren't these cute!
 We sold almost everything we made, and all the firewood. Success! He made his goal for camp, AND enough for hiking boots and some other camping essentials. He mowed lawns for $10 ($5 for elderly, veterans and handicapped) and we met some very lovely people in our small town.
We did learn not to offer delivery. :) My suburban has a turning radius of 80 feet, it seems, and I tend to hit curbs. Lesson learned!
 OK, on to the recipe! Add two cups of slivered almonds and 4 cups of water in the blender.
 Pour over a tea towel. Let it drain, squeeze if necessary.
 It doesn't look like much, but with a 1.2 tsp of vanilla and some honey...
 Ta-dah! Almond milk with frozen mango slices, a little vanilla and honey to taste. I liked mine with mint. SO refreshing!

Ok, I hope everyone is staying cool! Until next time!


  1. I am so glad you escaped to the park, Mary Jane. I can't even imagine dealing with temps like that on a sustained basis.

    Thanks for sharing the drink. My daughter is seriously addicted to Mango in any form so I bet she would love this.

    Congrats to your boy on his success. It sounds like a real family effort!

    1. I'm not a fan of eating mango fresh, but for some reason in drinks or ice cream, I just love it.

      And he's off to camp! Very exciting. He's my extrovert and he's good for the little kids to see someone determined to go spend time with strangers. :D Because I just like hiding at home.

  2. Dadgum, MJ! We're not even that hot here in Texas. At least not where we are. Please tell me you don't have our humidity. Either way, you have my sympathies.

    You know, I drink almond milk all the time, but have never made my own. This chiller looks yummy. Though I might substitute peaches or berries for the mango. Still, what a refreshing treat. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Haha! My friend who lives in Houston always talks about humidity and I finally looked it up. Humidity adds 3 degrees to the temperature. So, this would be 104 for you. We joke about "oh, it's a dry heat" all the time because when it's 107F, it really doesn't matter what's happening. It's wayyyy too hot.

      Mmmmm, peaches!!

  3. Let's see...I have almond milk in the fridge, along with mango pieces sliced and ready... This sounds like a great afternoon snack!

    And kudos for your scout! He enjoy his week at camp much more since he earned it!

    1. I hope he does, too! It's his birthday on Thursday, and when he said he wanted to go a few months ago, I told him, "I'll buy the pack or the boots or the camp, but you have to hustle for the rest." Of course, I regretted that since I was secretary and chauffeur, but he worked VERY hard for the funds, and we met a lot of nice people so...

  4. Jan, I'm like you. Have almond milk (in a carton) and fruit in the fridge! Will have to try this!

    Congrats to your son for raising his funds!

    1. I'm very proud of him! Some days he would work 7 hours mowing and weeding, then head to a 3 hour baseball practice. He even had his baseball tournament during this time and never complained. And it was HOT.
      I love go-getters. :)