Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pillsbury Grands Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie

Okay, first....


We cooked a turkey on Sunday. Partially because I need the freezer room, and partially because it was chilly and wet outside.... These Northeast winds drive the temps down with their passage over a still-cold Lake Ontario... and lakes that are over 50 miles across take a LONG TIME TO WARM UP....

The positives: Great food. Informal. Potatoes and gravy. Leftovers!!!

So we've been eating slap-together turkey sandwiches, and I've been having mine on Hawaiian rolls... Which I love. And that's been marvelous.

But yesterday was cold and wet and I took out the pot of gravy and had myself a quick party. The clue to biscuit or pot pie is to thin your gravy before topping it because the crust/biscuit will absorb some of the liquid.... and you want enough gravy to be crazy-delicious.

I'd boned out the turkey on Sunday night. I knew I wanted writing time during the week, and this way I've got a plate of sliced turkey breast.... and a pot of gravy swimming with luscious bits and pieces of turkey that don't slice so nicely!

Gravy solidifies somewhat in the refrigerator, so I scooped out about 2 cups of turkey and gravy and put it in a microwave safe bowl....

I added 2 cups of water to it.

Heated for 4 minutes.... Stirred.... Heated another minute.

Now it's hot. Bubbly.... Then I stirred in 1/2 bag of mixed vegetables.

Reheat in microwave about one minute....

Pour into large, oven friendly pot. I used my crock pot, because if the pot is deep, the biscuits stay softer.... but still firm and not soggy.

Lay Pillsbury Grands over top. I was able to fit 7 on this pot... If I'd known how amazing they'd be, I'd have crowded #8!!!

Bake at 350° for about 30-35 minutes.


We were so happy and I got another 1,000 words written....




During farm season (especially planting and harvest time) I surreptitiously sneak time to work, so if I can get by on making one meal that lasts for days and keeps people happy??? BONUS FOR RUTHY!!!!

And total bonus for the family!

But while this was a total, mind-numbing success....

THIS WAS AN EPIC KITCHEN FAIL.... It was so bad, I cannot in good conscience give it its own week...

This is Magic Custard Cake.

We wanted an easy recipe to share with farm customers, a recipe featuring farm-fresh eggs:

Doesn't look bad, does it?

And we got it out of the pan and turned it onto a plate...

So pretty!!!! The internet pictures showed a thin crust, a thick layer of delicious custard and a top "cake".... so this is kind of like "Tunnel of Fudge" cake, in which the cake divides itself into sections.


The bottom thin crust was like an inch-and-a-half thick of rubbery, pasty awfulness.....

The "custard" was thin and formed about a 1/4 inch of the middle.... and the top was not good.

Did we mess up???

I don't know!

But we decided that we'd admit the FAIL!!!! and get on with our egg-loving lives.

It looked and smelled wonderful.... but as all women know, appearances can be deceiving. :)

The fail may have been a mystery... but then HERE IS A REAL MYSTERY!!!! MY FIRST MYSTERY!!!! "A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" FROM GUIDEPOSTS!!! It's available for preorder now, and I'm simply delighted to be working on this project with the amazing team at Guideposts, Inc. Happy dancing!

"A Light in the Darkness" is book one of a 24 book mystery series "Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard"... and I get to work with a marvelous team of authors and editors.... an absolutely wonderful opportunity to work and laugh with some great folks!

And then there's this going on:  Individually quick-freezing some grown-on-the-farm strawberries! Our first ones!

I see a strawberry rhubarb pie in our future!!!!

Wishing you the best of weeks from the Blodgett Family Farm... and from the Writer's Spot... which is anywhere I can set down the laptop!

Multi-published, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne is doing what she loves... writing sweet books and caring for really cute kids on her farm in Western New York.... Friend her on facebook (she loves facebook!) or stop by her website  or you can follow her on Twitter @ruthloganherne... And today she's over in Seekerville talking about writing cozy mysteries! Go figure!  Stop by and say hi... Ruthy loves company!


  1. Congrats on your debut mystery, Ruthy!!!! I'll pass on the chicken/turkey pot pie but am definitely in on the strawberry rubarb. Can't wait until strawberries are ready up here.

    1. We are loving having our own strawberries, Kav! The first year, the plants drowned... Year two, they roasted and weeds took over... My son did a major re-set, and this year it looks like a strawberry we're getting there! Soon, up your way!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Ruthy! This turkey pot pie looks and sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing and BEST WISHES on your new Guideposts mystery.xo

    1. Cynthia, thank you! This came out so good... of course what's ever bad about gravy???? :) But those "GRANDS" made a huge difference.... They cooked perfectly to make a wonderful Chicken-n-Biscuits type meal!

  3. An easy recipe that looks fabulous! I'll be trying this one.

    And I've pre-ordered "A Light in the Darkness." Can't wait to read it!

    1. Naomi's Hope has arrived at my house! Happy dancing! I can't wait to catch up on these girls and see what's happening, Jan! And you know, I love gravy laden foods... it's a weakness, for certain. But these Grands... with the gravy and turkey... Oh my, it was marvelous!!!!

  4. Ruth, Congratulations on your upcoming release, A Light in the Darkness. This sounds intriguing.

    Turkey Pot Pie is delicious with the grand biscuits. My recipe is a little different but wonderful and always leftovers since it's a large recipe. I enjoy cooking on the weekends to have leftovers during the week, thus not having to spend more time in the kitchen after a hectic day at work.

    I made a strawberry-rhubard pie recently--yum. I picked and froze strawberries in May. Ours are finished for this year in Illinois.

    1. Marilyn, I'm so surprised that your berries are that much ahead of ours.... because Illinois is pretty deep north! And I love strawberry rhubarb.... so delicious... and old fashioned rhubarb custard pie.... :) mmmmm....... Good stuff!!!!!! Hey, thanks for coming over here! It's so nice to have you visit and grab some coffee or tea with us!

    2. Ruthy, we had a very mild winter with less than 2" of snow. with the mild winter trees were budding out, flowers popping up and I had to mow about 3 weeks earlier than usual. Strawberries were ready to pick before the middle of May and gone before Strawberry Festival in our home town. It'll be interesting to see if apples and peaches are eary at this farm orchard our family has gone to for over 25 years. God bless. Coffee with you would be fun---maybe at 2017 #CFRR.

  5. This pot pie looks amazing!!! Thanks for the great idea for leftovers.

    I'm so jealous of your fresh strawberries! YUM!