Friday, June 2, 2017

Fruity Breakfast Bowls

Missy Tippens

My daughter loves to make breakfast bowls. In fact, the habit started with her pinning all kinds of pretty ones on Pinterest. Now she actually makes them! I thought I'd share one with you today. She said she wishes she had photographed last week's bowl while she was making it because it was much prettier. It was made with dragonfruit. We buy the fruit frozen at Sprouts but I think you can find it at most grocery stores.

Here's a quick photo of the dragonfruit bowl.

It included frozen fruit, frozen banana, and a little almond milk or juice. Then top with your favorite toppings. She used granola, kiwi and coconut.

This week she made a bowl with frozen acai. You can also buy this fruit with greens like kale mixed in as well. Instead of a bowl, you could also add more milk and make a smoothie.

My daughter usually slices a banana the night before and puts it in the freezer. Then she has it all ready to go for the next morning.

She uses a Ninja to blend it.

The acai turns out looking a little brown, so it's not as pretty. But she says it's yummy!

This time she topped with granola, kiwi and coconut as well.

If you try one of these, I hope you enjoy it! We have several businesses that sell smoothies and bowls nearby. But we've found the homemade versions to be a lot more economical.


  1. I've never heard of dragonfruit and the vegetarian in me wants to know if any dragons were harmed in the making of this breakfast bowl?

    I've never heard of breakfast bowls either. My version would be plain old oatmeal with some raisins or blueberries tossed in. LOL But this sounds intriguing -- kind of like a thicker smoothie in a bowl? I'll have to tell my daughter she is always challenged finding quick and easy breakfast foods.

  2. LOL, Kav! I assure you, no dragons were hurt. ;)

    Yes, it's like a thick smoothie. But the frozen banana makes it a little creamier--a texture she prefers over icy frozen fruit.

  3. I've never heard of a breakfast bowl, either! Except the ones they sell at restaurants around here, which consist of hashbrowns, ham, bacon, cheese, and scrambled eggs - - very different from your version!

    These look so healthy and perfectly delicious for a summer morning. I'm putting the ingredients on my grocery list now!

    1. Oh, Jan, I LOVE bowls like Waffle House's sausage bowl with hash browns, eggs, cheese and sausage! That's more to my taste than these really healthy fruit bowls my daughter loves. haha

  4. Dragonfruit are very cool looking. I wish I could post a picture, but I'll link one. I see them sometimes in our stores.

    Funny how things are different in different areas, Jan. Breakfast bowls or smoothie bowls are very popular here.

    1. Mary Cate, they're really popular here, too. We have a smoothie place a couple of miles from our house. But a bowl like this one is about $8-10.