Friday, May 19, 2017

Quick Fried Okra

Missy Tippens

The Belle, here, sharing another recipe for fried okra. I shared the regular way to make it before here.

But the other day I had a nice bag of fresh okra from Sprouts but didn't want to spend much time fixing it. Sooo...

Here's what I did:

Fresh okra, sliced
Olive or canola oil (I used extra virgin olive oil)
Panko bread crumbs (mine were herb, not plain)

Here's my beautiful batch of okra, washed.

Then I cut off the tops and sliced.

I heated an iron skillet, then added a few drizzles of oil. (Not deep. I didn't even cover the bottom of the skillet.)

Then sprinkle on some bread crumbs and a few pinches of salt and grinds of pepper.

Cook, stirring occasionally, until desired tenderness. Be careful not to burn your bread crumbs! Mine got a little too dark but tasted okay.

The breading doesn't stick very well this way, but it tastes very similar (my breading often falls off while cooking anyway since I don't have a deep fryer).

This was a good substitute for the more time consuming dish!


  1. This Yankee has never had okra... but this looks lovely, Missy! Fried okra is in so many Southern novels... and buttermilk biscuits. And I've never had a better biscuit than Annie Lovelace's biscuits at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville... but I digress.

    I love trying regional recipes. What does okra taste like? Is there a comparison?

    1. Ruthy, that blows me away that you've never tasted it. Fried okra is a common side dish at restaurants around here.

      It tastes like... well, a little like a cross between fried zucchini and French fries, I guess. Although it doesn't taste like potatoes. I guess that's the fried taste I'm thinking of. The texture is very unique. Some would call is slimy, but it's not when it's fried. The little round seeds kind of have a little crunch. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!

  2. I've tried okra in many different ways. It's on the short list of "vegetables I will not try again," along with lima beans.

    The last recipe I tried, my friend said to "do this" and then "do that" and you won't taste the okra.

    But I did.

    And why would I use something in a recipe if the goal is to not taste it????

    I'll pass on the fried okra, Missy. But I know there are okra lovers out there who will be all over this recipe. :)

    1. Jan, that made me laugh! You're right. Why try to hide something to be able to stomach it? :)

  3. I love fried okra-but only get it when I'm in the Ozarks! Of course it never tastes like my Grandma's! In California I've learned to enjoy pickled okra!! Thanks for sharing your recipe!'

    1. Kathryn, my husband used to eat pickled okra all the time. I haven't bought it in years. Maybe it's time to do so again!

  4. So pickled okra sounds interesting.

    I've never had it either, Missy. I'm intrigued. I wonder if they even sell it around here. I may have seen it at the farmer's market. I'll look. Your recipe sounds delicious.

    1. Definitely look for it, Mary Cate! Fried okra is a good way to ease in and make sure you like it. I also love stewed tomatoes and okra.