Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pizzazzy Dinner

On Monday, Jan gave you cheese and sausage and biscuits and eggs.

Yesterday, Mindy gave you brisket.


I've got nothing.

Well, nothing meat, that is.

Kav, I'm thinking this dish has your name written all over it.

Confession - while my daughter was making this, I was sitting in the local Italian restaurant enjoying dinner with a long, long-time writing friend. We used to see each other every day, but now she moved away so when we meet up, it's for hours!!!!!!

I digress.

While we were chowing down on pizza, my daughter messaged me this photo of her dinner with the comment that it was nothing extraordinary, but she thought it had some colorful pizzazz.

Close your eyes, Ruthy. It's kale - lightly roasted. And I do mean lightly. She puts it in the oven for a couple of minutes just to give it a little crisping.

There is also avocado and tomato.

The dear girl must have realized I haven't done much cooking lately, so she remembered to take pictures for me as she assembled it.

These got roasted together -

Yellow pepper, purple daikon radish, broccoli.

She tossed in some black beans and corn.

And by the time I came home, there was nothing left but an empty bowl.

So, all you sausage and brisket lovers out there, let's hear from you. Would you give this a try?


  1. I'm such a stinkin' cavewoman-styled-Yankee...

    Oh, wait, that suggests Paleo diet. My theory on the Paleo diet is that if it was all that good for us.... why did they die so young?


    Okay, I would eat the brisket and a salad.... but not kale or black beans or avocado.... So clearly I am not the target audience!

    But I love that she's got an eye for color and mixing, and I have a daughter who would LOVE this! So our daughters can be BFFs while you and I eat pizza!

    LAUGHING..... but kind of serious!

    Tell her, thank you! And I'm sending her some nice iceberg lettuce. Not value to the body, but so crunchy! I love crunchy!!!

    1. "Why did they die so young?"

      You have me laughing this morning, Ruthy!

    2. Can you eat potatoes on paleo? I think not. So there. My Irish ancestors tell me no. I need potatoes.

  2. Hoorah -- a recipe I can sink my teeth into. I was beginning to feel like the cafe's pickiest eater. LOL And so simple. I have all the ingredients except the kale but I do have spinach. Hmmm. Not quite the same but close enough. And if our temps ever rise high enough I'm planning on planting at least a salad garden -- including kale!

    1. A salad garden sounds perfect. I've been looking at straw bale gardens, Kav. A simple raised bed that provides its own compost. :)

    2. Oh! That sounds intriguing, Jan.

      Kav, I'm heading deep into healthy eating territory so hopefully I'll keep you coming back for more. ;)

    3. I've been big on square foot gardening but this straw bale garden sounds ideal. I'll check it out. Awesomesauce.

  3. I love this kind of dish! Roasting the veggies brings out the flavor, doesn't it? And I'm all over the avocado, black beans and kale. :) The only thing I'd leave out is the tomatoes...but that's just me.

    And yes, I'm thinking this is the perfect side dish to go with my steak. :)

    1. I love to roast vegetables! Just until they're crisp.

      I agree that it feels more like a salad side than a meal. But kale can be filling. Sort of.

  4. I definitely need to roast more veggies, Mary Cate. I always forget about it. But roasting makes them so yummy. Maybe after the move.