Thursday, May 25, 2017

Patriotic Pie Revisited for Memorial Day!

I am repeating this wonderful pie in time for Memorial Day here in the states, a time to remember those whose sacrifice and service made our freedom the reality we enjoy today! So check this out, it's a hugely popular pie here because it says what we all feel... We stand for the flag and God bless America... and all of us!  FROM 2015:

Susanna Smith inspired this creation by sending me a link on facebook... and I knew I had to make a patriotic pie for Independence Day!

I didn't use the recipe accompanying the picture, it called for canned pie filling and that just isn't the norm here in Ruthy's kitchen, not when making pie filling is really easy-peasy!

So pick a pie crust of your choice. My recipe is here, it's my all-time favorite, but if you buy the pie crust the world as we know it won't end! I promise!!!

Here's the goal, my friends!

And here's how we get there!

I like firm-set pies that cut beautifully, so I do my fillings on the stove-top first. That way, once cool, the pie doesn't ooze and run, but you can just mix the fillings in a bowl and put them in the appropriate sections! I used a deep dish 9" pie pan, so these measurements work for that. If you're not cooking the fillings first on the stovetop (and that's fine!) don't use water! Water is only for pre-cooking, just use berries, sugar, cornstarch and dot with butter.

I didn't have fresh berries and cherries, so I used frozen wild blueberries and frozen strawberries and fresh cherries. Great textures!

Blueberry filling:

3 cups blueberries
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon butter

Mix water and blueberries in 2 quart pan on stove top. Heat over medium heat. Mix sugar and cornstarch in bowl, add to hot blueberries, and stir until thick and bubbly, about two minutes. Add in butter, remove from heat, stir and set aside.

Strawberry filling:

4 cups strawberries
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons butter
Do the same thing! Mix strawberries and water in 3 quart pan, bring to boil. Mix sugar and cornstarch together. Add to strawberries, stir while thickening, add butter, stir and set aside.

Add 3 cups fresh pitted cherries to strawberry mixture.

Roll out pie crust and line the pan with it. I took step-by-step pictures of this, and I crimped the edge of the pie crust because I love crimped edges!

Lay crust in pan, trim overhanging edges to about 1" +/- , then fold it under like you see below.

Now to crimp the edge, I poke the inside edge of the crust (closest to where the filling will be) with the index finger of my left hand, and using the thumb and pointer finger of my right hand, I "pinch" a small section of the dough around that pokey finger! Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!!!  And here's a crimped edge:

Yes, I love it!!!!!!

 Fold a piece of aluminum foil to make an "L" and section off a corner of the pan for the blueberry mix.

Fill the small section with blueberry filling.

Fill the large section with the strawberry/cherry filling.

Roll out second crust. Using a little star-shaped cookie cutter, cut out five or six stars, whatever fits on your "blue field".

Cut strips for stripes from the rest of the pie!

I cover the edges with two strips (or so!) of narrow, folded aluminum foil to prevent over-browning. If you don't cook the filling first, pie will need more baking time.

Bake at 425° for about twenty minutes.

And although facebook thought it was too pretty to eat, I assure you, we did eat it, LOL!

Notice how well the filling stays together in the cooled pie. It cuts beautifully, so other than apple pie (apples maintain a better firmness when cooked, and have more pectin) I usually do a quick cook of berry and rhubarb pie fillings.

And here's some 4th of July at the farm!

Maple-glazed bacon made an appearance!!!!

Trimming trees to give the chickens more sun and remove some of the shelter Mr. Coyote has been using to creep around the chicken coop! GO AWAY, COYOTE!

Mr. Coyote might be seeing the business end of ... Wait, I can't say that here! :)

But rest assured, Mr. Coyote would be better served to hunt mice and rats and ... anything but chickens!

And then there's this, a special Happy Independence Day from six-month-old Morgan Delaney...

And here's Morgan now, at our annual "Bake and Make a Memory Day"!

And yes, it wouldn't be a Ruthy post without a glimpse at the books I've got on the shelves right now....

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  1. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make this pie, but then birthdays get in the way! My oldest son was born on Memorial Day, so we celebrate sometime during the weekend. Then my daughter was born on July cake then, too.

    But this year? They're both married! They have spouses to plan the birthday thing!

    This year...pie!

    1. Jan! I'll celebrate the free because of the brave across the miles with you!!!!!

  2. This is just as dazzling this time round. And I still plan on duplicating it only with maple leaves for Canada Day. Can't wait for strawberry season!!!!!!!

    1. Kav, yes! You could do white maple leaves against the red backdrop of either this filling or a delicious strawberry glace pie... where the berries are whole and fresh, and "glued" together in a cooked shell with strawberry glace (pie filling spooned over the fresh berries)... I might become Canadian to do it!!!! ;)

  3. Here's a silly you leave the foil in to separate the sections while baking or take it out before you bake it? And if I take the cheaters' way out & use can pie filling would I just cook it the 20ish minutes or would it need more? Or would the instructions on the pie filling can say? Thank You!!!

    1. Jana, you take the foil out so the fillings merge a little at that junction.... and then you don't disturb the stars and stripes. And canned pie filling would be fine... but I'd use cherry instead of strawberry because strawberry pie filling in a can tastes kind of chemical-ish.... Jana.... If I lived closer, I'd come make homemade pie filling for you!!!!

  4. This looks so good. I was eating a cherries and berries muffin this morning as I read the post so I felt like I was sort of in synch. Unfortunately, Blogger didn't agree. I couldn't post my reply from my iPad. Sorry to be so late checking in.

    1. Cate, I would love that muffin!!!! And sometimes my phone lets me in, sometimes Blogger rejects it with a sneer!!! Oh, Blogger!

      Cate, it's almost SUMMER VACATION!!!!! :)

  5. That's a gorgeous pie, Ruthy! I never did try making it. I need to do it this year!

    1. We love this pie. It's one of those show stoppers that people love to ooo and ahhh over!!!!