Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lentil Rice Salad for a Busy Night

Time seems to be in short supply in the Cafe lately, which is sad because this is where you come to linger and relax, right.

I have only two words - Summer's coming!

I know for Ruthy that means busy time, but for me it's a time to catch my breath and relax and write.
But I still have a month to go before summer vacation, so the pressure is still on.

And - those 90 degree days from last week gave way to 50s and 60s and rain and clouds. Not inspiring.

My mother used to quote at me the Necessity is the mother of invention.

That sure rang true with this recipe.

Tonight was one of those nights when things just went wrong.

It started with getting delayed at work and getting home late.

I thought I'd gain some time by switching up dinner and making a quick cooking fish rather than roasting a chicken breast.

Except at some point while the fish was cooking, my oven started to click. If any of you have gas stoves, you'll know the sound the electric ignition makes when you turn the knob, but then it stops when you turn it down.

Except no one was turning a knob, and it WOULD NOT STOP!

With visions of exploding gas stoves in my head, I called my husband. I may have called rather loudly and in a panicked voice.

We finally figured out that the clicking sound was the igniter sparking and that it did not involve the gas.


But as my daughter pointed out, we'd have felt a whole lot better if it didn't sound like a ticking bomb.

Google to the rescue. Eventually the ticking slowed and finally stopped.


Those frozen fillets of flounder had shrunk up to practically nothing. My husband informed me he could easily eat it all.

Um, what am I going to have?

Just kidding. I didn't say that to him because I knew he would have given it up (and frankly I'd lost interest in the fish by then).

But I was hungry so I used the rice I'd made for the fish, and cooked some quick sprouted lentils. (5 minutes) I tossed in some Garam Masala for flavor. Smells so good!

But it looked boring. So I opened my favorite salad greens (a mix of baby romaines) and spread the rice/lentil mixture. I had a craving for an orange mixed in, but I had none. So red grapes were added and they were the best part!

Nothing fancy, but it was tasty and filling!

By creepy odd coincidence, the fire department showed up on our block just as my clicking drama was happening. Fortunately they were not there for us!


  1. Kate, I love throwing things together like this. It's such a fun mix of textures and flavors. Good for you! Yesterday I had to toss out a fairly big bag of shredded cabbage and a 1/3 of a big bag of broccoli... and it's only because I keep getting pulled away from the kitchen, farm and baseball season for grandsons, and soccer for granddaughters... and work and writing.... But I felt terrible, because it's so much easier to eat healthy if there's food available. Stopping at stores doesn't generally fit the agenda, but clearly my big bag stockpiles aren't holding up to the test of time!

    This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing a quick, lovely idea!

  2. I'll be honest -- the grapes threw me. You have an adventurous palate. :-) But you've inspired me because I have rice and I have lentils (plain ol' not the sprouting variety) and some veggies so I think I'll make a lentil pilaf for supper tonight. Yum.

    Enjoy the last month of school! And the yoyoing weather!