Saturday, May 20, 2017

Best Pork Roast EVER

Hi everybody! Mary Jane here. I saw a recipe that was called "Best Pork Roast EVER" and I remember thinking it sounded a little iffy, with its ten cloves of garlic, five different spices, and extended broiler/ flipping after two hours. But I jotted down some of the specifics and decided to try it. Now, my recipe doesn't have the rosemary or parsley or chopped garlic added to the bottom. I also only used carrots and potatoes for the veggies (the original had corn cob pieces, which I thought was odd). 

So, one large boneless pork roast.
2 TBS of season salt
2 TBS of pepper
2 TBS of garlic powder
2TBS of onion powder
-- rub into the top (not the fatty bottom)

Three cups of beef broth in the bottom of a stock pot. 
Add 6-7 chopped potatoes
about two cups carrots
TEN cloves garlic, whole (I KNOW, I was thinking the SAME THING)
One large sliced onion.

Lay the pork roast onto the veggies and broth, cover with foil and roast at 325F for two hours or so. Make sure the foil has a little hole for venting.

 After two hours or when the pork roast is done, take off the foil, turn to broil, flip the roast and replace for ten minutes.
 Eeeek. Looking burned. But I'm standing my ground. I belieeeeeeeeve... Flip again under broil for ten minutes.
I'm wondering if I should stop here after four minutes but I have resolved to follow the recipe. Unlike my usual way of playing fast and loose in the kitchen.
 Now, after ten minutes,  the top is very dark and crispy. Holding onto hope... Flip again.
 Bottom looks more burned. Flip again after ten minutes.
 Top looks VERY dry and I'm pretty sure I ruined the roast. Quietly researching recipes for "dry pork roast leftovers".
Leave it on a plate to rest for 30 minutes. (Like it did anything! I was the one hefting its fatty rump over and over. )
After 30 minutes, I dry my tears and start slicing. Hmmmmm.... Juice is flowing onto the plate. That's promising.
After cutting through the seasoned crust, it's very tender. I take a nibble... and rejoice!!! It is DELICIOUS!!! Tender, moist, flavorful, savory, fragrant, and NOT burned. *whew* HUGE relief!
 A few of the seasoned potatoes and carrots (and garlic, YUM) from the bottom of the pot.

 MMMMM, with a little of the "gravy". The original recipe had something about making it into a dark roux. I thought it was perfect the way it was.
So, there it is! The most perfect pot roast ever!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 
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  1. Mary Jane, I've never thought of "searing" after baking/roasting but it makes perfect sense! Oh my gosh, Dave and I will love this, and I'm already hungry for it.... Be still my heart, roast pork and homemade applesauce is one of my go-to faves.

    What a wonderful idea this is!

    I must buy garlic now.

    10 cloves.... Got it!

    1. The thought of that much fresh garlic sort of gave me pause, but it was delicious!!

      MMMMMMM.... I forgot about apple sauce! We had mint jelly, which my friend from Barbados shared with me once and I've always had to have it since. :)

  2. This reminds me of the chicken recipe with forty (40!!!!!) cloves of garlic.

    I've never made it, but it looks delicious.

    1. That's right!! I think I've made something similar to that, but only in the spring or fall when I can open the house. I shudder to think of 40 roasted garlic cloves in a closed-up house.

  3. Oooh, YUM!!! I can't wait to try this! I love a good pork roast. Did you use a pork loin? Or was it something like a boneless Boston Butt? Also, did you flip it 4 times?? Wanted to make sure I didn't lose count. :)

    1. It was a boneless pork loin, all natural, no additives. It was about 3 lbs and rather short. I could have used a longer cut in a 9X 13 pan but I love my enameled cast iron!
      And yes, four times! I cut the last fatty side up flip a little short because I was worried about how black it was getting. I guess it melted the fat into the meat, but the black portions were making me nervous. I think it was 7-8 minutes on the last flip.

  4. Looks delicious!! Will have to convince my husband to try this!

    1. Let me know how it works out! It was so easy and worked out perfectly!

  5. This looks delicious! When all the children lived at home, I often bought pork loin (my boys called it "log o' meat"). I would slice some for pork chops, cook some for pulled-pork sandwiches, and use the rest for pork roast. Yumm!

    I need to get a pork loin the next time I see it on sale!

    1. Hahaha! Log O' Meat is soooo true. It's rather repulsive.... until it's cooked and eight hungry people are waiting for dinner. :)

      And these were a great deal. Usually about twice as expensive. I took the risk even though I'm the queen of dry roasts... until now!