Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring Means Armadillos Ice Cream!

Spring comes slowly in the North.

The skies may be blue, but there's still snow hanging around, even after a few days of temperatures in the 70's!

My dear husband and I spent Saturday morning indulging in one of our favorite hobbies...driving around in the Hills.

While we were out, we walked this 5 acre parcel that's for sale (with the owner's permission). I say walked, but it was a pretty steep climb. Even though this particular spot was level enough for a house, getting up there was nearly impossible - a 50 foot climb in a very short distance. We can't imagine putting a driveway in there!

So even though the setting is lovely, we'll keep looking. We're not in a big hurry.

From there, we drove the Iron Mountain Highway. It's a beautiful drive, especially in the winter. This is the view of Mt. Rushmore from the Norbeck Overlook. It's about two miles from us to the boys on the hill as the crow flies.

But no crows were flying on Saturday. The wind was too strong! Spring is coming in 50-60 mile per hour gusts!

Of course, we never know when we'll be surprised by a spring snow storm, like this one in April of 2013, so we enjoy the sunny days whenever we can get them.

But regardless of wind, snow, or ice, spring is definitely coming.

How do I know?

Because Rapid City's Armadillo's Ice Cream Shop opened on March 1st! A new building, a new location, but the same great ice cream, and the customers flocked in. Huge crowds! Record breaking crowds!

Since you might not be familiar with this iconic place, you can learn more about it on their website: Armadillo's Ice Cream.

It's near and dear to my heart because it's owned by good friends. Plus, daughter Carrie works here. Best job ever, right?

Isn't this the greatest bouquet for an
ice cream store opening?

And since some of you may never be able to stop by to try my favorite Armadillo's Ice Cream treat, I'm including my version of it here today.

I shared this a couple years ago, but my love affair with this sundae is still going strong!

The Salty Dog

This is an ice cream sundae, so of course you need to start with ice cream.

If you live near Armadillo's, pick up a quart of their chocolate or vanilla. Otherwise, you'll have to be content with ice cream from your local grocery store.

Scoop a reasonable amount of ice cream into your bowl.

Top with hot caramelmarshmallow cream, and salted peanuts.

Eat it immediately! You don't want it to melt!!!

Now it's your turn: When the weather isn't cooperating, what are the sure signs of spring where you live?

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  1. a parcel of land sounds like fun!!! But not if you have to cliff climb up to it. LOL

    I'm so glad that no armadillos were harmed in the making of that ice cream. :-)

    We've had unseasonably warm temp for a couple of weeks and then wham, freezing windchill and yucky snow hit us but it's warming up again this week. More rain to wash away the snow. So I guess you could say yoyoing weather is a sure sign of spring when March hits. LOL And birds start singing. The robins aren't back yet, but the little sparrows and cardinals and blue jays who winter here have a whole new vocabulary once the sun gets warmer.

    Congrats on the book re-release. That is awesome!

    1. LOL! No armadillos in the ice cream! But isn't it a fun name to say? It just rolls off your tongue. :)

      And yes - the yo-yoing weather is certainly a sign of spring. The equinoxes are known for stormy weather, so we expect it...and enjoy the warm days when they're here.

  2. Yummy! And yes, I love that bouquet!

    How fun to see that line of people. I feel that way about ice cream too. :)

    Good luck hunting for property!

    1. We never go to Armadillo's on opening day - it's crazy busy! One thing about the shop being closed from October 31 until March 1 is that people start craving the deliciousness...

      I did go on Friday, just after they opened for the day, and stood in line for 20 minutes to get an ice cream cone (I chose the baby size - enough for a taste, but not too big). It was worth every minute of the wait.

      And thanks for the good wishes as we look for land. It's a retirement dream, so we have a few years. And if we end up never buying any, at least we have a lot of fun looking. :)

  3. Well, after the warmest winter on record here in north Texas, signs of spring are all over the place. However, while the grass is greening and trees are fluttering their leaves, I have yet to see any wild flowers. I'm on the lookout, though, anticipating the purplish-blue hue of a bluebonnet any day. i can't wait.

    In the meantime, it's heater in the morning, air conditioning in the afternoon. So bring on the ice cream.

    1. I hope your weather evens out before summer hits!

      Our winter has been normal, with plenty of cold weather and snow. I love it! And spring is coming at a normal pace, too.

      And ice cream is good in all kinds of weather, isn't it?

  4. Spring has arrived when ice cream stores open!!!! Armadillos sounds wonderful!!!!

    And I love the thought of roaming those hills. There's romance in them thar hills!

    We've got the up-and-downs of winter spring going on right now, but that's all right... except for the tick I found on Jasper the big orange cat... I've never seen a tick before.


    1. Wait a've never seen a tick before? How can that be? You live in the country! You have kids and animals roaming all over the place!

      But I agree. They are totally gross creatures. I take a certain delight in flushing them down the toilet. Bwahahaha!

      Roaming the Hills is as romantic as you think! On foot or in our "new to us" pickup truck, it's delightful. And someday, someday, we'll find the perfect few acres of forest and continue to live happily ever after, but with the melody of the wind in the pines lulling us to sleep. :)

  5. I can't really think of anything I consider a food sign of spring. Summer = the first iced coffee, but our ice cream stores are open year round so there's no such thing as Spring Opening.

    In some ways, I guess, I think of my favorite summer places in Maine reopening for the season as a sign that spring is here.

    1. I think you found the similarity! When the summer tourist places open, you know spring has arrived!