Friday, March 17, 2017

Something Green for St. Patrick's Day

Missy Tippens

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're wearing green today. I used to have a cool pin that said "My Roots are Green" that I could wear. But it's long since disappeared. I'll have to remember green clothes today!'re probably expecting some fun green dessert--like the pretty Green Velvet Cupcakes shaped like shamrocks that I pinned on Pinterest the other day.

But, no. I'm sorry. I won't be posting too many fancy desserts for a while because I joined Weight Watchers this week! I hope to be posting more healthy foods in the upcoming weeks.

So I'm sorry to say the green I'll be posting today is...



I made one of my favorites this week. Mediterranean Tuna Salad. It's a recipe I found on a tuna pouch a few years ago (actually, it was called Tuscan Bean Salad), and I have altered it as I've made it.

Here's where I posted the original recipe back in 2013. I share some photos in that post.

This time, I didn't think of taking photos until I finished and it looked so beautiful! As you know, a lot of my foods don't look Pinterest ready. LOL But I think this one does. I made some changes this time when I made the salad.

I left out the onion and canned tomatoes. This time I had bought a beautiful pack of small grape and cherry tomatoes--some yellow and some red.

So here's my food to celebrate today. :) How many of you love tuna like I do?


  1. That's a beautiful salad, Missy!

    I've made your Tuscan Bean Salad several times, and it's one of my favorite summer lunches. The fresh tomatoes really add a lovely dash of freshness.

    And I've learned to love those flavored tuna pouches. My son likes to use the Herb and Garlic Tuna Creations in his mac & cheese, and I like them in salads and as toppings on crackers for a quick lunch.

    Enjoy your tuna!

  2. Jan, I really like the pouches of tuna better than the canned. But I haven't tried the flavored versions lately. I need to do that!

  3. I love solid white tuna. I love it to pieces. I buy it all the time and that's my go-to emergency supper because it's quick and I can toast a bagel, chop some celery and have some fun... and not miss a lot of time once kids are picked up.

    I've never tried the pouched tuna. I would probably love it!


  4. Nope -- not tuna, but I tossed some chickpeas into my salad today -- that's pretty daring, right? I can't wait until we have real lettuce again. Translation -- homegrown -- because the stuff we have in the grocery stores is...yuck. Really bitter. I bet you have flowers blossoming and all down there. Sigh.

    1. Kav, chick peas? You wild woman! ;)

      Yes, flowers are blooming like crazy. Daffodils are long gone. Tulips are gorgeous now. And of course the pansies that were planted in the fall still look pretty good. Also, trees are blooming (some are already getting leaves). I hope you see some hope of spring soon!

    2. Our daffodils are buried under feet of snow. #sosad

  5. Looking forward to the healthy recipes, Missy.

    I'm so-so about tuna. There are other seafoods I like better, but I don't dislike it.