Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Apple Crumble for Breakfast

I'm kind of cheating today.

I have a recipe to share with you, but I can't post it here. My daughter found it and we made it for Thanksgiving, and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

The recipe is posted on a wonderful website called Wholehearted Eats. I can't steal the recipe, but I can link you so you can enjoy the goodness for yourself. 



It would never, in a million gazillion years, occur to me to put tahini in an apple crumble.

 But really, why not?

You know the really best part of this wonderful recipe????

She made it for breakfast! 

Yes, something that tastes like dessert but it's really breakfast.

I guess that probably means you should leave off the icecream.... DAIRY!

Anyway, do check it out. I promise it was delicious. So delicious that I forgot to take a photo before we devoured it. (Actually, I thought I had, but I can't find it.) But there are pictures on the website.

So I'll leave you with a happy dog photo instead.

This is Fenway happily curled up to keep me company while I was writing. He was resting up from his strenuous walk to the vet (90 minutes round trip). We had to walk because of the car that broke down when we were in New Hampshire. 

But, he's sleeping a happy *healthy* sleep because the vet said there was no sign of cancer on the x-rays or sonogram.

So, we're all happy dancing around here!

Except for Fenway. He danced so much when we picked him up from the vet that he's just plumb tuckered out.


  1. That looks delicious! Definitely trying it this weekend...

  2. Ah, nothing so soothing as a blissfully sleeping pup. Yay, Fenway, you deserve the rest! So pleased with the outcome of the vet visit. I'm sure you're over the moon as well.

    So, funny thing, my daughter often makes apple crisp for dinner and eats the leftovers for breakfast the next morning when she's rushed. Hard to find fast breakfast foods when you are a vegan with corn and wheat allergies. And this one has extra umph with the seeds. I'm sharing that blog with her. Think this might make it to our Christmas brunch.

  3. So glad Fenway is doing well!

    This recipe looks fabulous. And why not for breakfast? Grains, seeds, fruit, and other good stuff!

    I'll even go for the ice cream. We have a restaurant in town (Tally's, if you're ever in the area) that has a breakfast menu to die for. Seriously. I always try their omelette of the day... But I'm getting side-tracked! One of their specialties is cinnamon swirl french toast. You can choose from several different toppings, and one is "ice cream, because you can." :)

  4. Great news on the vet checkup! He's so, so cute. :)

    Interesting recipe! Sounds yummy!

  5. I'm so glad our Fenway is going to be fine! Happy dancing!!! And I had to look up Tahini because I had no idea what it was... and I still don't, not really, because sesame seeds are so tiny that if you take most of the seed away, I don't think you really have much left, Cate!!!!

    But I digress, everything else made perfect sense.

    Did I ever confess that I tried to eat healthy once? For about 4 months or so.... Kids were small, and I was in a phase.

    It ended quickly when my children mutinied about the lack of chocolate and sugar in our house.

    I have since worked hard to avoid too much healthiness because a little goes a long way... but this I could eat and LOVE.... you had me at apple!

    Missy called it an interesting recipe.

    GIGGLING. :)

    Jan, I love the idea of cinnamon swirl French Toast and ice cream! And I love stuffed French Toast too... with flavored cream cheese and topped with whipped cream.


    Must stop talking.

    Cate, thank you for this, just posting it as breakfast food makes me happy about eating pies and cakes whenever.