Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winter Comfort Food: Rice Pudding with a twist

Hello, everybody! The weather has taken a turn for the chilly here and we haven't seen the sun in days. We didn't even catch the super moon! So sad. But although winter is my favorite season, I do need some sustenance to make it through these long, cold nights.
First of all, KITTEHS. Aren't they adorable?? When they're not rocketing around the house shasing each other, they're snuggled up for a nap.
 The picture above made us laugh because Koshka's tail looks like it's attached to Nevery's body, which makes him look like some kind of anime mutant raccoon.
So, back to the winter comfort food! I love to make rice pudding and the kids eat it up like nobody's business, but this time I tried something a little different. It all starts the same, though.
3 cups cold, cooked rice
3 cups milk
pinch of salt
sugar or honey to taste
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp cinnamon (we like ours really cinnamon-y)
Bring to a boil on medium high heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.
3 eggs, beaten until frothy
Remove 1/2 cup of boiling liquid, let cool for five minutes, slowly add to egg mixture until incorporated. This will keep you from getting "fried eggs" in your pudding
Slowly reincorporate mixture to the pot.
I love raisins but nobody else in my house does so I didn't add any to the pot.
1/4 tsp espresso powder
sprinkle of cinnamon to the top
Sometimes we add brown sugar after this and bake it for about twenty minutes.
 We really just wanted to eat it, so we skipped the baking and went straight to the secret ingredient. A friend made it for me this way and I've been hooked on it ever since!
 A bit of espresso powder added to the individual bowls gives an incredible twist to the same old, same old rice pudding. I love coffee, so this is about how much I put in my bowl. Stir until completely combined. Some of the kids loved the way mine tasted and wanted it the same, some wanted none, some wanted just a bit of coffee flavor. (OH, this is decaf espresso, in case you think I'm insane. I really don't need caffeinated kids at 9PM at night.)
My oldest prefers hers chilled so she put it in the fridge and after an hour, added some clover honey. YUM. 

So, that's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to stop by my author pages at Mary Jane Hathaway or Virginia Carmichael, or my blog at The Things That Last.


  1. First -- adorable kittens!!!! And don't they look comfy! But I thought a raccoon had snuck into the pile when I saw that striped tail. Too funny.

    I love rice pudding too and haven't had it yet though the temps are cold. No rice in the house. :-( Might have to rectify that soon. Not a coffee fan so I'll skip on the expresso but it did get me wondering about sneaking in some cocoa. Wonder how that would taste?

    1. I wonder! Rice pudding has such a bland base, it would have to be good!

  2. Cute kitties, MJ! So cuddly.

    Funny how the colder weather has us begging for different foods. Comfort foods with hearty flavors. Things that'll stick our ribs. I have to say, though, you lost me at espresso. Sorry, but anything remotely coffee flavored has me going BLECK, much to Ruthy's chagrin, I'm sure. But I can leave that out. I'm all over the cinnamon and raisins, though. Yum!

    1. I have a kid who hates even the SMELL of coffee, and then I have one who has been sneaking sips of mine since he was a toddler. There must be something in it that you either love or hate!

  3. Oh, I love rice pudding! I need to try this. I also love espresso powder. I love to sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream. I should find the decaff version, though! (You read my mind. I was thinking of your kids with that caffeine!) LOL

    Love the mutant kitty-raccoon. LOL

    1. HAHA! You never make that "caffeine at bedtime" mistake twice, right?? Some kids don't even notice, but mine seem to be extra sensitive. Yikes!

  4. Gosh, I haven't had rice pudding in years! My husband buys the pre-made kind in the supermarket refrigerator case. I wonder if he'd like the real thing!

    Love the kittehs in a blanket. :)

    1. Mine does, too, and he tolerates the homemade version. I think it has to do with cooking time. The baked variety seems to be more acceptable, probably because it's turned into mush. :P

  5. I am a huge fan of rice pudding and coffee, so how could this be bad??? I haven't met a rice pudding I didn't love! Now I must make some, it's the best snack to have on hand.

    And the kittens!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! There's something so precious about kittens... and puppies... and babies... and baby goats.... and baby ANYTHING!!!!

    Now I'm smiling!!!

    1. They're SO playful! My kids made a cat toy with yarn and some tinfoil. We call it "kitty tetherball". It's hilarious to watch them playing it together while some kid does fake Olympic commentary.

      My daughter made chocolate cheesecake last night and I'm feeling quite spoiled now. :)

  6. Love the photo of the raccoon cat. LOL And rice pudding. One of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Yum

    1. And old standby that never loses its charm!