Friday, November 4, 2016

The Flavors and Fragrances of Autumn

Missy Tippens

After Ruthy's post yesterday, I thought it appropriate to talk about the smells of fall. :)

I've already talked about the pumpkin craze. Here's one of my recent breakfasts. You can tell I've been bitten by the pumpkin bug!

I think I've shared in past years about my love of fall fragrances. Here are some recent soap purchases.


downstairs bath

stored in the cabinet waiting their turn :)
I've pulled out the new Thanksgiving hand towel. And on my to-do list is searching the attic in our new house to find the fall wreath for the front door. I hope it made the move intact!

I have mums in the planters on the front porch. And I've pulled out the warm, soft throws to put on the back of the couch (although unlike Ruthy's snow, we've been dealing with record highs in the 80's!)

At our church, the flowers have been gorgeous fall arrangements done by the members of the flower guild. Here's a photo from this past Sunday. Gorgeous!

And how fun that they used these cute peppers (at least I think that's what they are!).

Now, to include some sort of cooking, I thought I'd share the type "cooking" I've been doing lately. LOL 

Here's one example of enjoying a fall fruit. I bought a yummy salad kit. Pear Gorgonzola. There were tiny bits of dried pears mixed with a sweet, crunchy nut topping. YUM.

Though I always hate to say goodbye to summer, I'm glad for the colors and flavors and fragrances of fall. What are your favorites?


  1. I love your flower guild. They're amazing! And I just learned about these ornamental peppers thing.... a daycare dad told me about it, so I must look into them for our next fall sales craze which begins in ten months!!! And yes, we're already planning the expansion, so life here is never slow...

    And I love your pumpkin assortments, Missy! I'm wallowing in the imaginary spicy scents right now!

    This all looks marvelous, including the salad! What a great and easy idea!

  2. Ruthy, I hope y'all can grow the ornamental peppers! They'll be a big hit, especially these that look like pumpkins. :)

  3. Good morning, Missy.

    I love this post. I'm more of a Christmas season scent person - not a huge fan of pumpkin anything - but I do love cinnamon apple scents.

    I'd heard Starbucks was selling latte Kcups but I haven't seen them anywhere yet around here. Guess I need to get to a bigger store.

    Those cute pumpkin things - they're really called ornamental eggplant. Aren't they adorable. One of our florists here was selling them as decorations and I was so tempted to buy them. I just wasn't sure how well they'd stay on the stick and I didn't want Fenway eating them.

    You're reminding me of the great fall salads I used to get at a restaurant near here. Unfortunately the restaurant closed. Guess I'll have to make my own.

    1. Mary Cate, I'll probably end up buying more scents for Christmas as well. :)

      I should probably admit I didn't really like the latte K-cups. I like my coffee really strong (I buy extra dark roast), and these weren't dark enough to suit me. But if you like a lighter roast, you may enjoy them.

      Ornamental eggplant?! How crazy. I guess maybe they're in the same family. :)

    2. Apparently they are an Asian eggplant that are actually used in stir fry. I'm not entirely sure if the ones we get here are edible.

  4. Love your decorating. Have to admit to doing nothing around my house for a few years now. I don't use fragrances at all -- daughter is high sensitive and we don't want to close up her airways when she comes to visit mama LOL. Sometimes though I simmer a pot of with a cinnamon stick and that creates a nice natural scent and humidifies as well. :-)

    1. Kav, no, you don't want to keep your daughter away by scenting the house!

      I used to have a recipe for a natural hot punch that makes the house smell amazing. I need to dig up that recipe and share it sometime!

  5. Loved the photos. We had pumpkin spice cheesecake at a friends house the other night. Really delightful so another way to use pumpkin. smile
    Thanks for sharing. Puts me right in the mood for thanksgiving.

  6. Fall is my favorite seasons! And I've had that pear-gorganzola salad and it's amazing.
    Love all the photos! I was just drinking a pumpkin spice latte (homemade). Yay for Fall!!

    1. Virginia, I had a recipe for homemade pumpkin spice latte that I had planned to share, but never got a chance to make it before I wrote the post. Maybe soon!