Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quick and Easy Pork Chops

Tex here, and I don’t know about you, but I am stoked for Thanksgiving. The turkey, the dressing…
Definitely the dressing.
Oh, and I have a great idea for leftover dressing that I will share with you next week. That is, if I remember to take some pictures.

But leading up to the big day, it's all about quick meals here at the Obi house. Like the other night when I found myself with some pork chops, but not sure how to cook them.

I checked the pantry.
Cream of Mushroom soup.
Okay, what can I do with that besides simply pouring it over the pork chops?

Checked the fridge.
Half an onion, four mushrooms, butter...
Okay, now we're on to something.

First to address the soup. I didn't want just plain old mushroom soup. So I poured it into a large measuring cup, added some chicken broth (about 1/4 cup), some roasted garlic powder (regular garlic powder will work, too--1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon), some black pepper to taste and 1/2 tsp. dried thyme.
Whisk that all together until smooth and set aside.
Now for the pork chops. Season them lightly with your favorite seasoning (salt and pepper works just fine), then brown them in a hot skillet with 1-2 tablespoons melted butter.
When both sides are browned, remove from pan and set aside.

I sliced up my mushrooms and onion.
Melted another 2 tablespoons butter in the same pan and tossed them in, cooking just until they start to soften.
Now return the pork chops to the pan.
Pour the soup mixture over top.
Once soup comes to a boil, reduce heat to low, cover and cook for ten minutes.
Throw in some mashed potatoes, a veggie and dinner is served--in less than thirty minutes.

These pork chops are moist and delicious. People will think you slaved all day. But you didn't, which makes them even better.

Well, most of the kiddos and a couple of the grandkids will be dining with Grammy and Big Daddy for the big day. Of course, it doesn't matter how many we have, there's always more than enough food to go around. I'm looking forward to that first bite of pumpkin pie.

So what are you doing for turkey day? Are you guesting or hosting?
What dish do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving?


  1. Mindy, this was one of the first recipes I ever tried as a young bride... only it was Golden Mushroom soup from Campbell's and I think I saw the recipe in a ladies magazine! And it was marvelous!

    We're doing Thanksgiving on Saturday so that a couple of out of town kids can be here.... and that way my married kids don't have to do split time on Thursday.

    So on Thursday we have Beth and Jon and their four little ones here, so we'll do a mini-Thanksgiving and they can help Grammy get things ready. Baking with GRAMMY!!! Best thing ever! And then Friday a trip to son's house to bake with his kids for the Saturday celebration. How blessed are we to be able to do these fun, simple things????

    And what dish... Oh my. I love stuffing/dressing. And cranberry orange relish. And turkey and pie. Four-way tie???

    1. Yes, the basic campbells recipe is with golden mushroom soup, but I was stuck with basic mushroom, so I needed to jazz it up. And the mushrooms and onions were a great addition, Ruthy. The sauce would have great over rice or potatoes.

      Sounds like you've got a busy week. But you are right, we are so blessed to get to do these things.

    2. I just noticed that both of you have grandchildren who call you Grammy! I love that name.

      My children have already informed me that if I'm ever blessed with grandchildren, they will NOT call me Grammy.

      I'm sorely tempted to whisper "Grammy" into the little darlings' ears from the time they're born, but we'll see what happens when they make their appearance. Will I bow to my children's wishes, or will I put my foot down?

      We'll have to wait and see. :)

    3. Jan, I was 38 when I became a grandmother so I knew I wasn't a Grandma or Nana, so I decided on Grammy, not knowing there were so many of us out there. The cool ones, mind you. ;)
      My kids' paternal grandmother was Grandmommy. Of course, here in the south they have Memaws, Mamaws and Mimis. You'll know what's right when the time comes. :)

    4. My grandkids have multiple grandparents and my Grandma Herne was always call "Gram" and I wanted to be Gram when I'm/they're older... so Grammy worked!

      And my kids all left it up to me, and it's funny because none of the other Grandmothers are Grammy. We have Mimi.... Grandma.... Mami ... and Grammy! And Grandpa and Papa and Grandpa. :)

      The men are not as imaginative!!!

  2. Mindy, I love this recipe. I'm definitely going to try it as often pork chops are so dry, especially if I take out all the fat to make them healthier. Thanks for this.

    1. I know, Sandra! I don't like dry pork chops either. So I was very pleased with how moist these were.

    2. We're actually going to have it tonight. I found pork chops in the freezer and have mushrooms and onions on hand. Oh and the soup. Always have cream of mushroom soup on hand. chuckle

    3. Take out the fat????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? (Ruthy stands, mouth open, astounded!!!!) :)

    4. Sandra, that's what makes it so great--you have everything on hand!

  3. Delicious looking recipe! I'll have to try it the next time we have pork chops.

    Right now, we still have plenty of beef left from last year's steer. We're practically empty nesters, so we haven't used as much this year. And yes, that means we eat beef almost every night. But once a week or so we have chicken or pork for variety.

    And like you suggested in your comment above, the sauce would work great as a side dish. Don't suggest that I substitute beef for the pork chops, though! I don't mess with steaks. They're best on their own.

    1. Jan, this is the perfect meal for two. Four chops mean you'll have two for lunch or dinner the next night. :)
      And yes, steaks are great just the way they are.