Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Of Poldark and Veggie Burgers

Any POLDARK watchers here in the cafe?

I confess a large part of this post was conceived just as an excuse to talk about Poldark.

The season finale was this past Sunday, and although there were times during this past season when Ross was anything but heroic, I stuck with it and in the end I *almost* forgave him.

If you're interested, I found a really interesting podcast interviewing Ross about the whole situation. As a fan of the show, I enjoyed it, but as a writer, it had me thinking about how I create history for my characters. Lovely to listen to him really analyze his character and his relationships.

Poldark Podcast 

So the food connection (bear with me) -

In one of the last Season 2 episodes, Dr. Dwight tells Caroline's uncle that he suffers from the "sugar disease" which I assume is diabetes.

Watching that episode on the Sunday after Thanksgiving having eaten so many wonderful pies (and heading into Christmas cookie season), I was reminded how badly I needed something healthy to eat.

So I decided to play with some healthy foods.

First I baked some gorgeous sweet potatoes.

Then I added some sprouted lentils and toasted sunflower seeds

I had the idea to add in some greens.  At first it looked like I had created an impossible mess, but they actually mashed down quite well.

I baked them for about fifteen minutes.

They made a great lunch. 

I tried adding some dried cranberries for a different flavor.

So let's talk - food or Poldark????


  1. I've heard of Poldark, but never watched it. I'll have to look for it.

    And what a great idea to add greens to your sweet potatoes! I keep frozen greens on hand (chopped spinach, kale, etc), so it would be so easy to do this for my lunch.

    Now I just have to get some sweet potatoes... :)

    1. I've always had a thing for Cornwall, Jan. I loved this from the very first episode.

      I pretty much always have sweet potatoes. They're one of my staples.

  2. I've heard Poldark is fantastic! I've been recording this season, but need to go watch season 1 first. I hope to do that soon!

    1. You'll have to let me know, Missy. I could just stare at the Cornwall scenery for an hour. The human scenery's not too shabby either.

  3. So...Poldark. I watched the first maybe half last year but when it started to look like he had married one woman while in love with another I stopped watching 'cause I was scared it might go in a way that I wouldn't be happy with. So I've heard vague mumblings around cyberspace but have no clue as to why so many people are furious with Ross...So likely not a series I'll watch.

    Love sweet potatoes in any form. Throwing in lentils and greens is an interesting notion that I'll have to try.

    1. I don't know what to say, Kav. I was really angry, but I LOVE the show so I tuned in anyway and I thought it was handled really well.

  4. I loved the first season of Poldark, but I haven't had time to watch the new one.... and I waited and waited for it, but the snatch I got one night was disappointing.... I wanted to smack Ross.... and then facebook people were bemoaning the episode before Thanksgiving, so I'm not sure if I'll just get mad.... or should take the time to watch this winter. Life's been too busy with day job and writing, and I just couldn't sneak in
    the time.... now you have to tell me if it's worth it.

    I love Dremelza.... She's such a great character! And everytime he's attracted to Elizabeth, I want to hit him....

    Clearly I'm not good at these triangle things, especially if they don't go the way I want them too!


    But I do love sweet potatoes!

    I always buy a bunch when they offer them on sale in November because they keep for months. I love them so much!

    1. So yeah, I wanted to smack Ross so badly, but Demelza made him suffer and the man did come to his senses. That's what I loved about the podcast. Aidan Turner really got into dissecting why the character made bad choices and how he learned. Really interesting stuff.

  5. POLDAAAARRRRRRK! I love him! But I've skipped the second season because I read the books and I knew what was coming. He'll forever live in my mind as the noble Poldark, not the horrible cad.

    1. Mary Jane, I think by the end of Season 2 he is returning to his more noble self. In fact, listening to the podcast made me believe he now has a much more mature love for Demelza and will be the better husband for understanding her value in his life.

      Or so I can delude myself.

  6. Okay, so I guess I'm the only one who's never heard of Poldark, Mary Cate. But then, I'm not sure how I feel about greens in my sweet potatoes either. Give them to me fried or baked with a little butter, salt and Truvia, but the greens will have to stay on the side. I know, call me weird. Wouldn't be the first time. :P