Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lemon Poppy Seed Sour Cream Cake

Hello, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and I have a delicious recipe to share. But first, a peek at our new babies.
 Fluffy and Fluffy 2.0. At least, that's what I call them. I can't tell them apart at all, but the kids can.
 My mom sent a package of hand knit hats that the kids requested. Adorable!!
 She even knitted a little scarf for a toy that we left behind when we visited this summer.
 She made a Regency coat to go along with the Jane Austen/Regency dress we have.
 This hat just cracked me up. It's a fish...
 But when you pull it down, it's a dead fish. LOL
 I loved these pretty little berets.
 Purple ski hat...
 And a Christmas-y version!
 Random picture of my scary Halloween toast. My Jarlsberg cheese was getting into the Day of the Dead spirit.
One final hat! He wore it all day even though it wasn't that cold.

So, lemon poppy seed cake. I learned something new with this recipe. We didn't have enough poppy seeds so I researched a little and found out that if you don't have enough poppy seeds, there's a way to get around it. You cut the amount of seeds to a fourth, then soak in very hot water for fifteen minutes. It brings out the flavor.
 So, instead of a cup of seeds, we used 1/4 cup.
 Soaked in boiling water for a little while.
Preheat the oven to 350F

The ingredients for the cake:
 1/4  cup poppy seed
 1 cup milk (it said full fat but we only had 1% and it was fine)
 2 tbsp honey ( tried this without the honey and it just wasn't as good)
 1/2 cup butter
 3/4 cup oil
 1 1/2 cups sugar 
 4 eggs separated  and at room temperature
The original recipe calls for 3 TBS lemon zest but I didn't have any lemons so I added another tbs of lemon juice
 3 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
 1 cup sour cream 
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda (I made this with baking powder first, hahaha, definitely not as good)
1 tsp salt

Step One:
Combine poppy seeds, milk, and honey in a sauce pan and boil one minute.
Place in a mixing bowl with sugar, butter, and oil. Mix together, then add lemon zest (if you have it), lemon juice, vanilla and sour cream and blend. Set aside.

Sift together the dry ingredients and slowly incorporate into the mixture.
 Beat the egg whites until fluffy and gently fold into the batter.
 There was enough left over for a mini poppy seed cake. It's done, it's done!
 But he better eat fast. I see hungry vultures in wait...
 Ohhhhh, it's so prettyyyyyyyyyy.
 So, it didn't come out of the pan nicely, so I flipped it over and drizzled the lemon glaze over the top. The recipe I followed (sort of) had a normal vanilla glaze but I thought a lemon glaze sounded better, so I added 2TBs lemon juice and a pinch of salt. YUM.
 It soaked up most of the glaze and made the cake so moist.
 But it still looked decorative. Isn't that a perfect glaze?
The only problem with these posts is that I'm writing about cakes and dinners I made days ago. Now I want to make it again. It was SO GOOOOOOOD.

 Until next time! Be sure to stop my by author pages at Virginia Carmichael or Mary Jane Hathaway. Or pop by my personal blog at The Things That Last. Until next time!


  1. Darling, I'm all over this! And lemon glaze, YES! Yes! Yesssss!!!!! Of course it should be lemon, that's just a rule. (possibly unwritten, but should be followed nonetheless.)

    And the hats. Love the hats. I can't write "love" often enough to tell you how much.

    My mother-in-law, and two sisters-in-law make all kinds of lovely crocheted and knitted items... there might be a homemade gift for each of those 14 grandkids this Christmas... I know how to crochet, but I'd rather create stories (possibly in need of an intervention, but I knew you'd understand) but in the means of supporting the crocheting and knitting economy, I love handmade things.

    Still grinning over those hats, Mary Jane!

    1. A few years ago we made a vow to buy as many hand made items as possible to support creative types and not the big box stores that get their goods from sweat shops for a penny... and now all of my friends and relatives know I LOVE handmade things! I really do. They're so precious. My grandmother made us so many baby blankets (six kids!) and I saved them all. Almost fills a whole trunk!

      Me, I can make a cake that doesn't come out of the pan, but if you flip it over and cover it with glaze, still tastes pretty good. :D :D

  2. Wait.

    I want the kittens.

    We haven't had kittens in over 8 months.

    I'm in withdrawal.

    Send them to my home address darling.

    1. NO. They're MINE.

      Actually, I love cats but I haven't been adopted as the main person of a cat for at least fifteen years... until now! The fuzzy one loves me best and my Grinchy heart just swells when she comes to lay on my keyboard!

  3. I love those hats!

    I always give handmade gifts for baby showers, and other gift-giving occasions, if I have time. But lately, we've been having monthly baby showers! Lots of sweaters, afghans and booties coming off my knitting needles. :)

    And yum! Poppy Seed cake!

    1. Oh, that's fabulous! I'm so happy to hear people are still giving hand made gifts. They're really such a treasure.

  4. I want to live at your house!!!!!!!!!! Those kittens are adorable...but so are the kids. I can see why you headlined with them. And the hats!!!! You have gorgeous photogenic kids by the way.

    I'm going to try this lemon poppy seed cake. And great tip about the poppy seeds. My daughter made me a vegan lemon poppy seed cake for my birthday. Scrumptious. I still have some in the freezer. But she didn't put any lemon glaze on it....hmmmm....maybe I'll have to add that to what's left. Shhhhh, don't tell my girlie.

    1. Come on over!

      It's funny about those kittens. One curled up on my lap a little while ago and I was just making a list of everything I had to accomplish tomorrow. I was feeling pretty stressed out because there was NO WAY I could do it all.

      But then the kitty came and I just didn't care as much. LOL. Probably not a really good thing, but it sure felt nice!

      Lemon glaze is super, super easy! I'm not a frosting or glaze person but this cake is so much better with it. :)

  5. I'm steering clear of the cats. My daughter was away and her cat kept climbing in my bed overnight and I think that's what triggered the original allergy cough.

    He's really cute - from a distance!

    I love lemon poppy cake. I've never made it, but the muffin shop sells yummy lemon poppy muffins. I'm sure yours was better with the glaze!

    I adore those hats - especially the fish one. Your mother is quite talented!

    1. We have friends who are allergic and so we try to be very understanding about getting everything cleaned off, vaccuumed, house aired out, etc. before they come over. And then the cats are kept in a separate room until they leave. Allergies are no joke!

  6. YUM!! This looks so good.

    I love the kids photos!! Your mom must've worked for ages on all those cute hats! How nice of her to send the care package.

    1. Let's see... She asked them in September, so, two months? She also makes great costumes, like the Austen dress. I wish I had that kind of talent!

    2. Wow, she's quick! Definitely a talent.