Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pan-fried Chicken and Home Repair and Teenagers

First, the chicken.

Every now and again, I want Fried chicken, simple style. And then I dip it in Country Sweet sauce and I'm SO HAPPY.

And this is easy, and I use olive oil, that's my nod toward healthy options, and I love it.

All you're going to do is COAT the chicken with the flour/spice mix and fry it.

Honestly, that is it.


Cut up some skinless, boneless chicken breasts into wedge-sized pieces. Dredge in seasoned flour:

Granulated garlic or garlic salt/powder
Cajun Seasoning

For every 1 cup of flour, add 1 teaspoon of each seasoning and a tablespoon of sugar.

That's it.

Dip the boneless pieces of chicken in the flour. Heat a skillet with enough olive oil to cover the bottom. Fry until done over low-medium/low heat.


Gosh, I know I could bake it. I know I could do lots of things. But what on earth do I have two big Revere Ware Chicken Fryers for, if I never, ever fry chicken? :)

And then I dip it in Boss Sauce or Country Sweet, or any sauce of your choosing.

SO GOOD!!!!!

So simple is "in" this week and next because I'm doing much-needed edits and we're painting the living room because Dave is, well....

There is nothing about this picture conducive to farming or splitting wood, so he's stuck inside, and this room has been begging for paint, love and attention for about three years... it's finally getting its wish!

Ceiling is done, and we're working on walls and woodwork.... Um, woodwork varnish is seeping through the very pretty paint I bought at Lowes so now I must go back and get Kilz Primer to seal the wood and keep the ancient varnish from bleeding through...

 This is a shot of the terrible lights that leave this room so dark all winter. Oh, and Dave. Hi, Dave!!!

They are 6" x 24" fluorescent lights and it's not like I can just stick another light fixture in there... because (SHOCKER!!!!) most interior lights are not done in 6" x 24" HOLES.

But the ceiling looks great and baseball season started! These are good things!
And this is the window that I'm painting white with yellow trim. Yes, I'm painting the woodwork, and could I have refinished it?


If I wanted to spend days and weeks working with caustic chemicals. I'd rather have sunny yellow, gorgeous trim. More pics when we're further along...
And teenage sleepover at Ruthy's last week, three of my favoritest teens in the world came to stay over and have fun and eat food...

 Taylor, Casey and Christina! And puffy paint!

I love girls and projects and imaginations!

And then there's this...

Magdalena "Lena" Ruth, six months old, with her mama's smile! I can't even!!!! Who needs food when you have BABIES in the house???

Love, love, love!

And if you happen to see ANY ONE OF THESE:

At your local bookstores, department stores or online.... Yes, I'd love for you to buy them, and then tell me what you think!

Because what you think really matters to me.

Multi-published, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne is as at home in the kitchen or the garden as she is at a computer keyboard, and when she's not writing stories, she's planning what stories to write! She loves that you visit her here, at her website, in Seekerville or friend her on facebook where Ruthy loves to talk faith, family and fiction!


  1. Oh my goodness, that chicken looks soooo delicious! It's not even 9 a.m. here in Texas, and I'm already wanting lunch :-) Will have to try this soon. We've been doing renovation work on our home (built in the 1920s) and it seems to be a never-ending process. But I love this old place anyway. There's something about the history, and the "if-these-walls-could-talk" feelings in an old house that make me willing to overlook all the inconveniences. Thanks for sharing your recipe and the photos, Ruthy!

    1. Laura, that's just how we feel! That this house has taken care of and sheltered so many families... and we're blessed to be one of them. And wouldn't you love to hear the stories these walls could tell??? Not the ghost ones!!! :)

  2. This chicken looks so easy! Of course, you make everything look easy :)

    But a bit of pan frying never hurt anyone, I say, so between now and grilling season, I think I'll have to heat up the cast iron and fry some chicken.

    And renovations. Your home is looking beautiful! A room at a time, and a handsome guy to help. :) Sweet!

    We're slowing going through our house, too. We like the house, but there really isn't a lot of charm in a fourteen-year-old subdivision house. At this point, we're just replacing all of the cheap - strike that - temporary stuff the builder put in. Like windows and doors that leak. And appliances. Uff da!

    But someday...someday...there's that nice bit of acreage in the Hills waiting for us... :)

    1. I believe that acreage in your beloved hills will happen! And I think Dave is loving this retirement gig, every night he gets to SLEEP.

      No work.

      Just sleep, like a normal person!

      Who'da thunk it??????

    2. Ahh, sleep! What a luxury. :)

  3. Okay -- can you all see the sad face on the little fir tree in the outdoor snowy picture? He's looking longingly in through the window, probably envying the warmth he's not experiencing outside. Poor baby.

    Teenage sleepovers are fun -- though there wasn't a lot of sleeping happening at the ones I remember. I liked them because the teens got adventurous in the kitchen and they'd always serve me breakfast in bed. :-) Sigh, those were the days.

    And yes, that Lena smile is priceless. Who needs food when you can bask in the glow of that??????

    1. Kav, I know! Diss the food and sleep, we've got BABIES!!!!!!!!! And the snow is gone again.... but this weekend looks dicey! Whatever.

      It cannot last forever, and if it does, that lays all the global warming/climate change/doomsday talk to rest.

      I'll just buy snowshoes!

  4. I can't believe that snow!! Oh my.

    Little Lena is so precious!! And I love that you can see her movement. She was kicking, just like her Energizer Bunny granny!! :)

  5. Speaking of baseball... I didn't see it, but heard Buster hit a home run in their first game!! :)

  6. I don't eat chicken, but hubby likes fried every once in a while. Well - truth? He likes it all the time, but I only give in and fry it once in a while. Never tried adding nutmeg. Hmmmmm.

  7. I jumped right over when I saw the words "fried chicken"! This looks sooooo yummy! Awww..look at those darlings!

  8. Ahh....Ruthy you sure do know how to have fun & make good food & well, you're just ALL that (but don't tell Tina I said that) *huge cheesy grin*

    That recipe looks wonderful, I'll have to try it. sometime soon. But what is Boss Sauce or Country Sweet??? Never heard of it in this neck of the woods.

    Your girls are adorable, how can you NOT help but smile & have fun with them all? You are truly blessed, my friend :-)