Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cioccolata Calda or The most AMAZING Hot Chocolate EVER!

Hello, everybody! The Fresh Pioneer is back and we're celebrating a few birthdays. 
The first is Mr. Got All Mom's Genes. My green -eyed, blonde-haired baby is growing up! We celebrate birthdays all week because WE CAN. So, here are some cupcakes with sparkler candles. It was fun just to sit and watch them.
 I don't know if I've shared this picture but probably you recognize the kitty. Poor guy. He got in a fight with some neighborhood gangster and has a scratch on his ear. So sad. But my youngest learned not to put band-aids on furry cats. They don't appreciate it. 
 We've all been reminiscing about summer. Have I mentioned it's raining? Yes? Well, it still is. And cold. Blah. We need some snow, or some sun. Preferably both.
 A throwback snapshot of our kitty. One of my kids needed a place to put his crayon so it didn't get lost. I found the cat this way. Talk about a deep sleeper.

So, my friend was telling me that if I haven't had Italian Alps hot chocolate, I haven't HAD hot chocolate.

I begged to differ. I drink Mexican hot chocolate with pan Mexicano so...  don't come at me with that "you've never lived" junk. LOL
 But after seeing those pictures, I decided to try it out. Some recipes use half and half, some use arrow root.  I'm not allergic to corn starch so I used that and it worked perfectly.
You'll need:
4 cups milk
5Tbs good powdered chocolate
5TBS condensed milk
2TBS corn starch
sugar to taste
vanilla to taste
 Dissolve the corn starch a few TBS of hot milk. Heat the milk, condensed milk, chocolate and corn starch together until boiling. Stirring constantly, let it cook at a simmer or low boil for four minutes or so.
 If you'd like to add anything to it, add when removing from the heat.  I added crushed chocolate covered espresso beans. OH, YUMMY!
 Pour into cups or small ramekins. Don't drink immediately. It's VERY HOT.
 Grate chocolate over the top and let it melt a little.

 As it cooled, I could smell the coffee/chocolate all over the house.
 I was a little worried when I dipped into it that I'd made pudding. (Oh, who am I kidding? I was not worried in the SLIGHTEST. Pudding is delicious.)
 But it was still liquid, so I guess we could still call it hot chocolate.
I did have to eat it with a spoon, but my kids drank it down (they got the espresso free version, FYI, before anybody calls the cops).
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  1. Oh my goodness -- that is one decadent hot chocolate! Wow --- I'm drooling. I make my lowly beverage with hot milk and cocoa. LOL

    Okay -- the pictures are a riot. The first cat one --- whoa -- massive kitty. Part mountain lion? And the black and white kitty with the crayon. Hysterical!!! You have one crazy household and I love getting a glimpse into your life every week. LOL

    1. Isn't he a hoot? And he's so mellow. He's got such a great sense of humor. Giant cat, giant heart. And the block kitty is the silliest ever. He'll zip into the kitchen and race around my feet and race out. Why? NO IDEA.

      I made this again today for some friends who came to visit. SO GOOD. I don't think I'll ever make powdered ho chocolate again. (Not that I did, really. But every now and then, I'd cave and get those little packets.)

  2. You got me at chocolate :) And oh, this looks SO GOOD! The thickness, the sweetness, the chocolate...

    Maybe I'll fix some for supper tonight.

    And I love the cats, too. What giant kitty! And the one with the crayon - cute. Too cute.

    (But not as cute as the kids.)

    Happy birthday to all!

  3. A friend told me that she added Mint chocolate chip ice cream to hers and let it melt on top. I mean... REALLY. How can she say that when I have no mint chocolate chip in the house? Now I have to try it.

    It was very easy to make but I admit I did add more chocolate than the recipe first asks for... I think it says 3TBs originally. Maybe my chocolate cocoa wasn't very high quality because it tasted weak. I added more and liked it much better.

  4. This post has me drooling, Virginia. And let me just say, it's not very attractive. 😉

  5. I'm sorry I didn't get by over the weekend! This looks amazing! But I, too, wondered if it would be like pudding--which, as you say, would NOT be a bad thing. LOL

    I love chocolate covered espresso beans!! I know that would add a fantastic touch.

  6. Still laughing at the cat smoking a crayon. :)