Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back in the Healthy Saddle Again!

Now this is not to be confused with my soon-to-be-released cowboy book, "Back in the Saddle"...

On sale March 16th!!!!

No, this is the 'back in the healthy saddle' of eating healthy... and avoiding senseless calories.

Now foamed milk in coffee does not count as senseless caloric intake. It's considered "lifeblood" up here in Western New York, so don't even think of callin' me out on that!

After an amazing holiday time when all of my children, spouses, girlfriend and grandkids were here for the post-Christmas weekend, and so much wonderful food....

it was time to think first... eat second again. I'm 5'2 1/2" tall. It's real easy for short people in sedentary jobs (writing is pretty sedentary!!!) to pile on weight... So the think-first-then-choose is crucial.

And here's a fun, amazingly delicious stir fry I threw together with holiday veggie tray leftovers and farm-fresh eggs:

I grabbed the last of the broccoli, some grape tomatoes, sliced in half, fresh sliced mushrooms, and sharp cheddar cheese from a bag of the same name.  :)

I whisked up three eggs, tossed in all the veggies, and stirred, then threw it all into a hot frying pan with a hint of oil.... (This is my favorite omelet when I'm in Lower Manhattan and have breakfast at the Pearl Diner on Pearl Street, an old-fashioned, tiny diner tucked between the pillars of financial wealth... I have to eat there, it's like a CIVIC DUTY!!!!)

Stir quickly, letting the eggs cook while the veggies get more of a stir-fry treatment.

Top with some cheese....

And serve!

A five minute meal that's good for us, low-carb, and crazy healthy and delicious.

It's even better on a pretty plate!  But what isn't???

And here are some fun (well, fun for me, you're most likely YAWNING... but hang in there with me, and I'll make youse coffee in a minute!)

The New York boys were back in town: Finance Boy, Lawyer Boy and the lawyer's beautiful girlfriend Erin... This is the second time she's dared a major family function.

Clearly brave. :)

Our oldest son-in-law Otto cuddling our youngest grandchild, Laney... She's got a story to tell, that's for certain, and he was happy to listen!!!

And from beautiful daughter-in-law Lacey, a cool decal for the brave, Blodgett family mixer!!!

How cool is that???? I love it!

And then there's this: Another Lacey idea, Pinterest inspired.... All fourteen kids handprints or footprints to remind me of how very important my littlest customers are when I'm baking! Adorable, right????

I'm not in the kitchen much this month, I'm working on my third Grace Haven book, I'm gathering tax info, and focusing on scrubbing one room.


You heard that right.


I'm so glad you stopped by today, we love chattin' with youse and servin' up coffee, hot and good.

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Multi-published, best-selling author Ruth Logan Herne loves to chat with people, mostly because she talks too much and has no "off" switch. She loves God, her country, her crazy, sprawling family and is living her dream of writing sweet books to make hearts and souls feel just plain good... because we can overcome anything with faith, hope and love! 

And one last shot of grandkids, putting together Lego sets from Uncle Seth and Aunt Lacey... #happykids


  1. I like the idea of a stir fry omelette. I usually cook the egg first and then add in the veggies and fold it over. Hmmm...just talking about it is making me crave it.

    My daughter brought me stir fry on the weekend. It had tofu in it but I bet you still would have liked it. She makes her own sauces and it was really, really, really good. Honest.

    Love all the family gathering pictures...and you can't go wrong with Lego, can you? Even our school libraries are installing Lego walls.

    1. We love Legos!!!! We're kind of Lego-fanatics, so the kids have all learned to build and create from early on, but especially Seth's kids because he's been selling Lego creations for years. He's amazing with what he can do with a pile of plastic bricks!!!!

      The stir fry sounds good, Kav! I love stir fry!

  2. It's always fun to drop in on your family ventures.
    Yep, time to hop back in the correct food plan saddle. chuckle No fun in that, but the rewards are fun.

    1. Sandra, you introduced us to the ideas of the Dukan Diet this past summer, and they've got a good plan there!

      I think it's clutch to find what works for us as individuals, and to make those good choices a daily habit, but gosh, we're in a society surrounded by so much, and we kind of think we need to have it... of course that's mental, not physical, and it's hard to be good... but then I think of getting older, and wanting to be as healthy as I can be... But you know how much I love M&M's!!!!! :)

  3. The veggie omelette looks delicious!

    My dear daughter and I went wedding dress shopping yesterday (such fun!) and went out to lunch at our local favorite restaurant, Tally's Silver Spoon. Restaurants owned by chefs have The. Best. Food. I had an omelette stuffed with chicken and cheese, topped with feta cheese and a honey/siracha sauce. Heavenly! And when I declined the hash browns and toast, it was a low carb feast!

    Legos - we keep ours in a foot locker. When kids the right ages come to visit, the adults gather around the table to converse and the kids gather around the pile of Legos on the living room floor.

    Of course, that "adult" and "kid" designation is by activity only, not age!

    Hint: we use an old sheet to corral the Legos. We spread the sheet out on the floor, pile the Legos in the middle, and play time starts. When everyone is done, we gather the edges of the sheet with the Legos in the middle, and the whole thing goes back in the foot locker. Easy-peasy.

    And yes, since you're asking, we did find THE wedding dress. Alterations start next month!



    1. Wait - didn't Mindy's daughter get married a year or two ago??? Or am I imagining things?

      I just looked it up - Mindy's daughter got married in 2013...and then her other daughter got married in 2015. I wasn't imagining it!

      So even though this is the third wedding for the cafe, it's the first wedding for our family - and the only daughter :)

    2. Oh, you're right! How did I forget that?? SORRY , TEX!!!!!

  5. What fun!! Love the photos.

    I haven't made an omelet in a while. Maybe it's time!

    1. Missy, it was so good, and it was way overcrowded with veggies, so it didn't have omelet consistency, it was more like an Asian stir fry with egg. Does that make sense? Anyway, it was a perfect way to use up those veggies and make me stop whining. FOR A SHORT WHILE!!! :)

  6. One of my favorite type of go-to meals.

    Love all the pictures, Ruthy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Quick, easy and not as quick to the hips!!!!

  7. Replies
    1. I love this series. I love working with the staff at Waterbrook. They are amazing... and the apron is so cool. :) Thank you!