Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pomegranate Glazed Salmon

Sometimes sheer boredom can inspire you.

My husband was having chicken for supper, but I don't eat chicken.

I have a freezer full of frozen wild salmon though,  and I'd just read another article on how healthy wild salmon is - this time because it contains something called astaxanthin.

I poached the salmon, but none of the tried and true fallbacks interested me. (It was THAT kind of a day.)

Then I remembered some pomegranate seeds I had. I was so excited to see the first domestic pomegranates showing up in the supermarket that I'd bought one even though I knew it was probably too early. It was. The arils looked lovely, but they had zero taste.

So - how about making a pomegranate glaze for my salmon?

It seemed a way to use both ingredients without wasting anything.

I always have pomegranate juice on hand because I like to add it to mineral water. (If you didn't know, pomegranate juice is very heart healthy.)

I poured some of that into a saucepan, added some butter (about a tablespoon)

and once the butter had melted, I added those flavorless arils.

Oh my stars!!!!!!!!

Heavenly!!!!! And it took mere minutes to prepare.

The butter blended in with the juice for just the tastiest sauce.

I intended to put it all on a bed of greens, but I put it in a bowl instead so I could eat it with a spoon and not miss any of the sauce. 

Confession time - I'm not sure this was the best taste match for the salmon. It wasn't bad (and it did grow on me).  I just think it probably would have gone better with steak. But oh that sauce was delicious.

I don't usually do shameless plugs on here, but I'm SO very excited right now. If you are reading this, it will be less than 24 hours until the release of my debut Christmas in Hiding from Love Inspired Suspense. I've been so happy with the reviews so far and I'm just so delighted that people are finally going to get to meet Callie and Jackson.

Here's the cover -


  1. First, I loved that book! LOVED IT!!!!!!! And I like your shameless plug, what if folks came here and never, ever, ever realized we were writers who like to cook and create???

    Aw, that would be a shame!

    Did I mention I loved that book? Congratulations on your debut novel, my friend!!!!!

    Okay, salmon. It scares me. Only because I've loved it, and hated it, and I'm not sure if it was because someone slipped me pink salmon once... and the other was red sockeye, etc. Or if it was how it was prepared.

    So that's a conundrum because I hate to make expensive mistakes! That's why I love the samples in Sam's Club, because spending $10 on something and then not liking it goes against the grain. And yet, I do like experimenting, so I am my own nemesis sometimes.

    I love pomegranate, it's just plain fun. And I love meat with sweet sauces, my favorite is still pork with applesauce, followed by lamb (shhh, Kav, DON'T LOOK!!!!!) with mint jelly....

    That blend of sweet and savory works for me!

  2. This sauce does sound delicious! I'll have to try it. I bet it would be good on pork or chicken.

    Of course, I have my favorite salmon recipe (I shared it here in the past), and I never vary from that. It's quick and simple--and just involves salt and pepper and olive oil. :) Ruthy, you could do it without ruining anything!

    1. Missy, now that you mention it, I think pork would be perfect with it. Too bad I ate all the glaze because I made pork tonight.

  3. Also meant to say CONGRATS on your debut!! I'm so so happy for you!!

  4. Pomegranate sauce? I have to try it!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your novel's release!!!! So exciting!

    I loved comparing your picture of the snug cabin with the cover's dangerous one. The snow hanging over the eave, the vertical board walls instead of the horizontal logs.... and yet, they kept the homey lights and Christmas tree. :)

    Can't wait to read it! It should be in my Walmart next week!

    1. I did the same thing, Jan. I don't want to spoil it, but once you've read the scene, let me know which you think is more accurate.

      I had the leftover pomegranate sauce for lunch today and I think it was even better.

  5. Hi Cate. Forget the salmon. But I'll sure take the book (and the hero).
    Congrats on the debut. How exciting.

  6. I'm late stopping by the café today...hobbled in to say hey and g'night and to cheer on your debut countdown -- two and a half hours now! Like Ruthy, I LOVED that story too. Interesting to meet Callie and Jackson in 'person'. LOL

  7. Hi Cate, I'm a day late, but I just read your except from Christmas in Hiding and loved it. I bought it too, so once I get back from a few unavoidable errands I'll be curled up in my reading chair on this dark rainy day in Va. with Jackson and Callie, can't wait! Congrats to you on making your dream come true!

    1. Thanks, Tracey! I really hope you love it.

  8. Thanks, Kav! Your review meant the world to me.

  9. First books are SO AMAZING!!! And plug away, I', so glad you posted! I saw your posts on facebook, of course, but I didn't see the actors. Congratulations!