Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ACFW 2015 Recap - Food, Glorious Food!

Mindy here, still trying to get my bearings after an amazing ACFW Conference. 

This was a different kind of conference for me. I didn't attend many workshops, however, for the first time, I taught one. Thank goodness it was a tag-team effort with the lovely and talented Lisa Jordan.

Conference is like a big family reunion. Hugging one neck after the other, meeting new family members and savoring every moment, praying it will carry you through to next year.
This year I got to meet my potential twin. Mindy Peltier and I not only share the same nickname and given name, but also the same middle name. And we're both blondes. How cool is that?

Another great thing about conference, is spending time with your editor.

Or editors. 
Our LI editors, looking as cute as ever at the LI Author/Editor dinner, said they heard some great pitches this year.

Look at this lovely ad I came across in the conference booklet.
Way to go, Jan.

And then there was the conference food.
No one will ever leave an ACFW conference hungry.

Thursday's dinner
That pecan tart was TO DIE FOR!

They fed us breakfast, too, but I didn't bother with those pix. I mean eggs are eggs, right.

Friday's lunch.
Okay, Kav, I'm sure you're not impressed with that steak, but that peanut butter mousse tart was definitely a winner.

Saturday's lunch is always our lightest meal. If you want to call it that.
There was also a yummy corn chowder that started this meal, however I forgot to take a picture because I too busy devouring it.

Then it was on to the grandest meal of all.

You know, for a bunch of writers, our group cleans up pretty well.
Any time I get to hang with Becky Yauger is a special event for me.

This delicious spinach ravioli was our appetizer.
Followed by a wedge salad that I almost forgot to take a pic of.
Just look at this entree. Steak and salmon. (Cue the angels singing)
But the most decadent thing of all was the dessert.
Creme Brulee. (insert satisfied sigh)
You will be pleased to know that I refrained from licking the bowl. Though, I really wanted to.

All in all, it was another great conference. I heard lots of chatter about some really good workshops and continuing education classes. 

Today, though, it's back to reality. Time to start working on a new proposal and planning for the next conference, which, by the way, will be a month earlier than usual. August 25th, I believe.
And next year, we're going to Nashville. 
Will you be there?


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time, and it was like in your back yard! SWEEEEET!

    The hotel looks like it knocked this one out of the park for food. Kudos to them! And peanut butter mousse????


    I enjoyed seeing so many happy faces on facebook! Thanks for sharing this, Mindy!

    1. Yes, the hotel did a fantastic job., Ruthy. Of course, the fact that it was good food and I didn't have to cook it made it even better. I'm still dreaming about that pecan tart, though. And the creme brûlée.

  2. Blissful sigh. Someday I'm going to serve dessert with a fancy chocolate squiggle on each plate. It's on my bucket list. LOL So is going to a conference but I honestly don't see that happening though Nashville is tempting. I'm jut not physically capable right now. But something to work toward, I guess. Love all these pictures, Mindy. So glad your workshop went well. What were you teaching on?

    1. Kav, I will be praying that you can join us one day. Of course, my motives are purely selfish, because I want to hug your neck. ☺️

      Lisa and I taught The Plotting Puzzle, how to piece your story together.

      Chocolate squiggle, raspberry squiggle...sigh. Someday...

  3. Mindy, how clever to photograph all the good meals. They really were presented in a photo worthy manner. smile And looked yummy.

    Kav they always have the option of vegetarian meals so you wouldn't have to be served the meat dishes. Sometimes I order the vegetarian meal just because they are made special and a little more fresh. They are always yummy.

    1. Sandra, I had to work to remember to take those photos. Usually, I just dig in. :P

  4. Mindy, it is obvious that the desserts are your favorite part of the meal. You are adorable. chuckle

    1. Hmm...that obvious, huh? Probably because I don't usually get desserts like that, so it was a real treat.

  5. I'm excited conference will be back in Nashville! I can drive there! :)

    Loved the photos, Mindy! So fun. :)

    1. Oh, I hope you get to come next year, Missy.

  6. Groan...it is times like these when I wish I hadn't promised myself to limit conference to every other year. I've heard so many good things about the fantastic time everyone had last week!

    But it was so cool - and humbling - to see an ad for Hannah's Choice in the program! Thanks for giving me the heads up, Mindy!

    I have to admit, the meals are one of my favorite things about conference. It's not only that the food is always wonderful, but I end up sitting next to the most interesting people :)

    I'm planning on next year in Nashville! See you there!

    1. I'm sorry, Jan. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. Like Mary said, make sure you download the conference program so you can see your ad in all its high-rez glory.

      Isn't that the truth about meal time, though? I met a gal who was going through the same thing with her mother that I am. So comforting to be able to commiserate with another.

      Okay, Jean, Missy, Ruthy(?), Lord willing, I'm planning to see you in Nashville next year.

  7. Jan, did you get the download of the conference brochure today?

    I'm really hoping for Nashville next year. It's the first time I can possibly do ACFW because of the timing (summer is SO much better for a teacher!).

    Thanks for sharing all the yummy food, Mindy. I was already famished so now it's worse.

    I often do the vegetarian meal because I don't eat the chicken, but then I would have missed out on some other yummy stuff. Oh decisions.

    1. So glad I could whet your appetite, Mary Cate. 😋 Tis my goal.

      Sorry, but I can't imagine going that many days without meat. A meal here and there, perhaps, but not days. I even
      Ike my salads with meat.

      Yes, definitely decisions. Of course, the pecan tart and creme brûlée would still be a go, because there's no way I'm counting eggs.