Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's for Lunch?

As moms, we hear that phrase or some variation thereof all the time. What's for dinner? What's for breakfast? What can I have for a snack? Especially from teenage boys with hollow legs. Sure they're capable of fending for themselves, but, as my oldest son is fond of saying, "It's so much better when you fix it."

Personally, I'm not buying that. I think he's just too lazy to fix it himself. However, it always does this mama's heart good to feed her little ones. Even if I do have to crane my neck to look them in the eye.

So when said question was posed on Sunday, I went through the usual menu items. Sandwich, frozen pizza... 

No. No.

Then I remember the leftover brisket in the fridge than I had been meaning to move to the freezer.

Brisket sandwich?

Do you have any buns?

Of course.

Then yes.

So I fix the brisket sandwich, only to met with another question.

What else can I have?


So as I stood there in my kitchen, I spotted the takeout box of tortilla chips sitting on the counter from the Mexican restaurant hubby and I visited the night before. Hmm...

How about some brisket nachos?

That would be awesome!

(Insert big mother's smile here)

I spread the tortilla chips out on a plate, shredded some sharp cheddar cheese (normally I like to add some Monterrey Jack because it melts so nicely, but I was out), then sprinkled some chopped brisket over the top.
Easy  peasy.

Now pop the plate into the microwave until the cheese is melted. For me, that was about a minute.

Add some jalapenos, and voila!

If these had been for me, I would have skipped the jalapenos and dribbled on a bit of salsa before nuking it. 

Of course, you don't have to stop there and you don't have to use brisket. My personal favorite is chicken. Check the refrigerator. See what you've got and add whatever you like. This is one of those dishes you can get creative with.

How about some black olives, green onions, sour cream and/or lettuce? Turn it into a nacho salad.

Nachos is also why I always keep a bag of tortilla chips in the pantry and a brick of cheese in the fridge. They make a quick, easy snack, no matter who makes it. 

So what would you like on your nachos?


  1. What a fun, marvelous idea! I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years, I'm that non-creative with chips... but my family would love this, Mindy. They'd be like sooooo happy with it!

    Hey, huge congrats on your Carol Award final! Good for you!!!!!!

    I expect it was hard to keep that under your hat the last few weeks! I'll be cheering for you in absentia, but you'll hear me all the way to Dallas!

    1. Ruthy, next time your at Sam's or even the grocery store, just pick you up a bag of tortilla chips to have on hand. Then, when the masses call for something to eat, you just pull out whatever delicious meat you have leftover in your fridge, chop it up, add some cheese and whatever else and they'll wonder where in the world you came up with such a wonderful treat. They'll love it.

      As for keeping things under my hat, I've been so busy, and was so flabbergasted, that I actually kinda forgot about the announcement. My husband, however, did not. He's been chompin' at the bit. šŸ˜Š

  2. Mindy, I'm still grinning ear to ear about the Carol Awards final. Not surprised, mind you, but still grinning.

    I haven't made nachos in a long time. Rarely have tortilla chips on hand but you have me craving them now!!!! And I didn't know Monterrey Jack cheese melted better. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cheese. Must try that. Feeling a need to run out to the grocery store!

    1. I'm grinning with you, Kav. And yes, Monterrey Jack cheese is a great melting cheese, very mild in flavor. Just plain yummy, if you ask me. Though I do like the bite of some sharp cheddar mixed in with it.

      You know, my MIL used to freeze her tortilla chips. Don't recall how they held up, though.

  3. Mindy, I'm reading this and chuckling about regional differences. Whip out the jalapenos or salsa? Um, no. That would require a specific trip to the grocery store. I'm not even sure I'd know which aisle has jalapenos.

    Cheese I'm good with!

    Tortilla chips with cheese is a frequent standby here. I don't think I've ever added anything else though. Yours looks delicious (minus the jalapenos).
    I do think I'd love it with the olives though.

    Chiming in with my Carol congrats.

    1. Mary, I can guarantee you that we never had salsa or jalapeƱos in the fridge when I was growing up in Michigan. But with hubby being a native Texan, I've had to learn to adapt. Now I'm the one who has to have the salsa, though the jalapeƱos are for them and yes, both are always in the fridge. Definite staples.

      Thanks for the congrats. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. I did a Google search for the hotel and then went to street view. Holy guacamole! The signs, the cars, the people... I'm in for quite the adventure.

    2. Oh GOOD! I kept meaning to ask if you were coming. :)

      No fears. If you can handle Dallas, you can handle NYC.

  4. I love nachos, and what a great way to use leftover brisket! (Or whatever, right?)

    I fixed lunch for my kiddos for years. And years. By the time the youngest was eight, summer became "fix your own lunch!" because I was busy cleaning, or gardening, or sewing, or canning, or doing whatever I didn't have time for during the school year!

    Now they know to not even ask. Lunch is always "get your own," but I still make sure I have the fixin's on hand :)

    1. That's right, Jan. As long as we have the stuff on hand. I just finished picking up a whole list of things for my youngest. He's more apt to fix his own food than his brother. But don't tell them I said that. :D

  5. Mindy I'm so glad I popped over to discover you're a Carol finalist. woo hoooo!!!
    Congrats. That was worth the trip.

    Oh wait. I DO LOVE nacho chips with anything and everything on them. I'm like KAV though. Can't have nachos in house because I eat them all up. Now. Immediately. Can't just have one handful. sigh. But oh they are my favorite. And I'm like you. I always have a variety of salsa in the house. And peppers, olives. yum.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! :D

      I do love nachos, but I can restrain myself. Now, if we're talking cupcakes or cookies, then I'm in trouble. Those call my name. "Eat me." And I will eat them all in one sitting if I can. I love me some cupcakes. White with buttercream frosting. Yum.

      Okay, now I need to go pout and find a celery stick.