Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stormy Weather? Bring It On.

As I'm typing, this is what's going on outside.

For those of you who may not know, I am a weather junkie. If I were to change careers right now and go back to school, I would probably major in meteorology.
Whenever stormy weather is headed our way, not matter what the variety, you will find me with more than one radar at my fingertips. When things get really bad, I'll be at my desk with the local TV station on and radars on my desktop, laptop and Ipad.
No storm is going to sneak up on me.

As I said last week, our area of Texas has been in a five year drought and I'm learning that there are a few things I missed during that drought.

This is a given.

But how cool is this? Instead of a pool, we now have a lagoon.
So long as there are no creatures, I'm cool with this.

We have puddles!
And I will add that the dogs love them. Of course, we no longer have any idea what color our kitchen floor is. I have vague memories of it being something other than brown.

Ah, yes... These have become a familiar site. 
One I have most assuredly grown to love.

And all this rain means our Trumpet Flowers are blooming.
Pretty soon, our fence will be covered with them.

Occasionally, though, there's too much of a good thing, making life inconvenient for some.
This is an aerial view of Purcell, Oklahoma, where my oldest daughter lives.  Yes, she and her family are safe, their house situated on high ground.

And I'm sure you've heard about the devastation in the Texas Hill Country.
Needless to say, people in both of these areas could use our prayers.

What about you, do you watch the radar when it storms? Do you like to be prepared?
What's your favorite kind of weather?


  1. First, praying everyone affected up. I have family scattered all over Texas and it seems like everyone is affected.

    I loved watching thunderstorms rolling over the valley when I stayed at my grandparents house. We'd sit on the porch, under a tin roof and just watch. Great entertainment.

    But this weekend we were in the NC mountains visiting my daddy with his great grandkidlets. Mid 70s, low humidity. perfect blue sky. And that was fabulous too.

    ManO and I both are weather watchers. But I remember a friend from Indiana being appalled at our rolling hills and tons of trees. "How do you see tornadoes coming?" We had to explain we worry more about the hurricanes off the coast that usually give us a couple days warning.

    Blessings to all of you.

    1. That's funny, Julie. Can't see the tornado for the trees.

      There is nothing I love more than the sound of rain on a tin roof. We have a tin roof on the camphouse and it makes for great sleeping weather. Hail, though, is another story.

      Yes, so much of Texas is being affected. Houston is getting hammered right now. I hope our friend Susanna is safe and dry.

    2. Mindy, don't I remember this happening the last time we had an El Nino begin? I remember seeing Texas flooding, and thinking of those Texas country songs about praying for rain... and long seasons with little rain and small corn!

      I hate to see folks hurting, but I'm glad of the rain to fill those basins and reservoirs! On our trip I noticed that Seattle is built in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. Let me repeat, Seattle... a HUGE CITY... is built in the shadow of one of the BIGGEST VOLCANIC MOUNTAINS that happens to sport TWO GIANT CRATERS.... Why does it have two craters? Because every now and again the monster-sized mountain erupts!!!!

      Oy, the logic of putting a big, sprawling, beautiful city at the foot of an active volcano has me scratching my head. Or maybe it's bugs that have me scratching! :) I hate seeing folks get hurt, so I'm praying for your whole area... but glad of water!

    3. Ruthy, I wonder the same thing about New Orleans. What would possess someone to build a city that sits below sea level? Apparently the city's founders had some common sense, though, because during Hurricane Katrina the French Quarter didn't flood. Go figure.

      Flooding is not uncommon in Texas. Particularly during an El Niño. The weather people have been surprised at how much rain we've gotten in such a short period of time, though. I hate seeing people hurting, too. But what can you do?

  2. I've been watching news stories on the flooding happening in the states. We have a similar situation in part of British Columbia. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'it never rains but it pours.' Definitely praying for everyone in the midst of all that.

    I may jinx myself here, but I live in a fairly safe weather area. We get the occasional vicious thunderstorm in the summer but that's about it. Oh...had a very small tornado in the area a few years ago. in the winter I watch more for ice storms.

    I have a friend who comes from an area that has really bad thunderstorms and she won't even use a phone during a storm. She's actually known people who have been zapped by lightning while on the phone -- or using the dryer. That boggles my mind.

    Oh -- and I couldn't view your video -- something about it being private? Maybe because I'm in a different country. Glad your doggies are enjoying the novelty of mud puddles. LOL

    1. Well, pooh on the video. I'll have to see if I can correct that. Of course, it took me forever to figure out how to post it in the first place. 😋

      Yeah, I can imagine that most your big weather events come I the winter, Kav. We had a tornado hit just east of us in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Our cell phones went off with this screeching alarm that could wake the dead and then we heard the tornado sirens going so we had to wake the boys and hang out in the closet under the stairs for awhile. Not exactly what I want to do at 2:30 in the morning, but I suppose I can make an exception for a tornado.

  3. I'm a weather junkie, too, Mindy. I love reading weather maps, watching the jet stream and the high and low pressure areas - and, of course, the sky. Sometimes my forecasts are more accurate than the weather man. Sometimes.

    But, oh, the rain all y'all are having this week! It puts our measly showers in perspective. Glad the drought is over, but keeping those affected in my prayers. Inconvenience is bad enough, but it's dangerous down there!

    And I saw Susanna's status on Facebook. She was evacuated, but is back home now.

    1. LOL! I also saw she was getting annoyed with the news/weather people. I know what she means, though. We don't worry about flooding at our house, however there are some places that always flood. Yet the news has to make a big deal about it, then it makes it to the national news and pretty soon the whole nation thinks the entire town is underwater.

      Okay, I'll get off of my soapbox now.

      These rains have been such a blessing, though my heart goes out to those who've lost loved ones and homes on account of the weather. We knew it was going to take a flood to get us out of this drought, so we have to take the bad with the good and pray for those who are hurting.

      Jan, maybe we should go to junior meteorological school. :D

  4. Susanna was trapped at work and is now at a friend's house. She can get around but not back to her house!

    1. Actually, she posted a few hours ago that she is finally home.

      made it home! woman here at the townhomes had another neighbor call when she was able to make it so she pm'd me on nextdoor's goup we're in - she was right- west bellfort was FLOODED BIG-TIME Keegan's bayou is OUT of it's banks and all over that area including 59 and a cross street near me I'm near bellfort and kikrwood which is just 2 streets down from where I was seeing this from the freeway but the next street up was clear in spite of the construction and I had no problem other than waiting in traffic getting onto/off 59 and again on Airport because of the construction and southbound traffic on kirkwood was awful

    2. I heard on the news this morning that they were telling people at the Toyota Center last night for the Rockets basketball game not to leave. Can you imagine?

  5. Mindy I was about to text you to see if you're under water when I happened to think to check the blog. :) I'm glad you're okay!

    I'm a weather watcher, too. My family makes fun of me. :)

    1. What would we do without family? Guess they keep us humble.

  6. I love watching weather, too. That makes me glad for the Weather Channel sometimes, but they over-react to everything and when they play sinister music... and dramatize every little thing... I roll my eyes because they're ridiculous. But then when tragedy does strike and bridges wash out and folks perish.... my tough Yankee heart breaks for them!

    1. Ruthy, what is it with all these people overreacting about things that have happened time and time again throughout history? Climate change? Yes. The climate is always changing. Has been for centuries. But suddenly we're all victims of it. How dare God send us snow in winter, rain in spring and heat in summer.

      Yep, I'm rolling my eyes right with you.