Thursday, November 20, 2014

Supper In a Pumpkin!

This simple, delicious, all-in-one meal could also be done in an acorn squash or a buttercup squash....

And it's so good!

I used pie pumpkins and they were marvelous.

Wash the pumpkin. Cut off the stem. Split the pumpkin in half, and clean out the seed cavity.


Chop 1/2 to 1 apple into the cavity. Add three or four links of breakfast sausage, chopped up. Add 1/2 Tablespoon butter. Sprinkle with your choice of salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg... A little of each is perfectly fine but of course I go heavier on the salt!!!

Put on baking sheet, cover with aluminum foil and roast for about an hour, until apples and squash are done and sausage is cooked.

Uncover, stir pumpkin (or squash) away from the sides, and eat right out of the pumpkin "bowl"...

Totally delicious, amazingly wonderful and so fun!   You can also add 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup (+/-) chopped nuts into the mix.

This is a fall fiesta, one-bowl meal!

So stinkin' good!

Another thing we saw years ago at Seth and Lacey's wedding (gorgeous, gorgeous wedding!). The caterer served chicken and beef stew from huge, hollowed out pumpkins..... Oh my stars, what a perfect presentation that was!

A big, round, dark orange pumpkin filled with succulent soup or stew....

That was totally impressive fall wonderfulness!

I'm giving myself next week off from CARING about carbs. I'm so excited. We'll be baking Sunday... Oh, and Monday!!!  And Tuesday.... And Wednesday, of course! And Thursday!!!! BIG SMILE HERE!!!!!

We'll have fun and there will be joyful dessertitis going on!

That's not a bad way to die!

Baby clothes arrived today for baby Morgan, due in December/January. Do youse realize how close that is??????

Oh mylanta, how fun to buy cute, itsy-bitsy, teenie weenie little girl clothes????

Sensory Adorable Overload!!!!


And I got a great Heifer catalog today because honestly, we need nothing, nothing, nothing, and it's so much more fun to imagine folks getting a GOAT!!!!  Or a PIG!!!!  Or a HEIFER!!!!

Happy dancing! I'm shopping at Heifer next week, and so excited about farm animals!


We're trying that two-ingredient pumpkin cake I saw on facebook tomorrow.... I didn't see it tomorrow, sorry to confuse you!!! but the peeps and I are making it tomorrow.

I might eat the whole thing.

This is a distinct possibility!

We'll have to wait and see!

So much busyness right now, I'm having so much fun writing books and telling Pilgrim stories to wee folk and thinking of how blessed we are to be in America!!!


  1. Well this is interesting. Why not serve Julie's pumpkin soup in this?

    1. Sure you could! Honestly, when we saw that at the reception, the effect was gorgeous, wholesome and added to the whole beautiful buffet, all designed around autumn. How fun, right???

  2. Ruthy, are you snowed in? There's been lots of coverage about the NY area being lambasted with a year's worth of snow in one day.

    I bet your house smelled wonderful while this was baking. Ingenuous idea of using the pumpkins as bowls. I've never heard of that before. I've seen pumpkins hollowed out and made into flower containers which is really pretty and so harvesty but never thought of eating out of one.

    1. Kav, call it "Dish Avoidance", LOL! It worked great because once you scrape the pumpkin into the apples/sausage and nuts, it's a lovely blend... and KAV!!!!! It's perfect without sausage, too. Then it's like a fall festive veggie combo!

  3. I have a couple acorn squash just waiting for a dish like this! Thank you!

    And I love the shout out for Heifer Project :) They're an organization near and dear to my heart, although they've grown exponentially since Dan West started it with the little idea of sending heifers to farms in Europe after World War 2. What a vision!

    And there are even a few of those original seagoing cowboys around. Just imagine: it's the late '40's, and all these young men - mostly Brethren, some Mennonite - take off for Europe (later Asia and Africa) with replacement animals for farms in areas devastated by wars and famine. These are Plain fellows, most never having been very far from the home farm, and there they are traveling around the world.

    Enjoy your snow, Ruthy!

    1. Interesting, Jan! I didn't know that background.

    2. Jan, I first heard about the traveling "cattle" and pigs in the James Herriott books about his post WWII travels as the veterinary advisor for animal transfers. He figured he got paid and got to see some of the world. Such a great idea! Heifer's great with the kids because the see the fruits of their labors, so instead of sending agents/editors/some family Christmas gifts, we buy Heifer animals. There's only so much Swiss Colony and Starbucks or See's the world of affluence needs, and I've gotten the nicest notes back because of it. #loveheifer

  4. Ruthy, this is a very intriguing recipe. Might have to contemplate this for a bit.

    1. LOL!!! Bless my heart! :) I wasn't sure either, and I just adapted the typical acorn squash idea into a pumpkin. And I think it's got to be a pie pumpkin for the best taste. They're meatier, darker and more likely to be delicious!

  5. Never in a million years would I have thought of doing something like this!! Wow. I'm amazed. It sounds so weird, but I can imagine how it could be good. :)

    1. It really was. I did some with just apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts, and then the others with apples, sausage, salt and pepper and a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon. Both were good! I was going for a low-carb fun veggie dish and it sure did make a meal. Although the pumpkin itself isn't low-carb, it's healthy and that was good enough for me!!!

  6. I was so excited about this recipe I snuck a look when you were still in preview mode. And then I forgot to comment. YUM.

    And thanks for the Heifer reminder. Love, love, love that organization.