Thursday, June 19, 2014

When The Thunderstorms Roll Through....

This is how I "cleanse" my brain in the middle of edits:

This is the water garden the kids gave me several years ago and Seth dug it out and installed it last year... Thank you, Seth!

And as you can see, the replacement shade trees (we KILLED the first one, sob... my dryad heart broke.) are starting to shade things nicely so the hostas look GOOD!!!!! Go, hostas, go!!!!

Coneflowers, hostas, turtleheads and some annuals for color!

And the fun old baskets on the rock wall will fill in and give a splash of color behind the hostas and the little waterfall. And I can sit on the porch and write books.

Okay, let me tell you THAT WON'T HAPPEN, LOL!!!!  But I do sit out there occasionally and mull the amazing chances I've been given! And the cute kids and very nice husband.

Mother Nature speaks with a vengeance sometimes. And when she does, like she did Tuesday night here and Monday evening in Nebraska, we have to figure out something that works quick, fast and delicious.

Enter Mr. Egg.

We are all familiar with Mr. Egg. Regardless of color....

Mr. & Ms. Egg are a welcome dose of protein and quick food hereabouts!

Toss in some chopped broccoli (the last 4 pieces from a bag that had been taking up crisper space for awhile, and yes, there were some questionable spots, but I just chopped them away!)

A handful of lightly steamed asparagus, chopped, fresh from the garden....

Half-a-dozen slices of Wright's Applewood Smoked bacon, cooked and broken up, my favorite...

A generous handful of 4-blend Mexican cheese (I love this blend, I use it for so many things.)  and 6 freshly-laid eggs from our chicken house....

Whisk up the eggs, heat a pan, toss the veggies into the mix, add the meat and the first handful of cheese, and scramble until almost dry, then press out, and let finish over low heat. Add another hand full of cheese to the top, cover until cheese melts, then eat.

And I had a bag of Brussel's Sprouts in the same crisper so I steamed them, and we feasted on omelets and Brussel sprouts.... And it was a quick meal while Dave worked on the farm and I was busy starting a Christmas novella for our "Seekers" "Hope for the Holidays" Christmas novella collection, due out this November!!!!

How fun is that, to work hand-in-hand with some of your best buds, an amazing group of authors to produce our own collections for readers?

PSYCHED!!!!  :)

Happy dancing!!!!

As I started developing that story, I could see the hero's gaze, the deep faith treading the waters of rugged sorrow.  He's lost so much, and now the unthinkable looms ahead... and he has no idea how to face this new hurdle.

The ship of faith doesn't come with a depth meter, but even the strongest faith can be tested beyond its mettle. And Rafe Karralis is being stretched to the max, but when it's your child knocking at death's door, big strong dads have to look and act stoic, even if they're crying inside.

It sounds weird, talking about Christmas in June, doesn't it? But after watching brave struggles around me, I'm totally excited to be writing this story, a walk of faith that tests the very words, "I believe..."

Because miracles happen, every day.


  1. Love your water garden, Ruthy! That's something I haven't ever attempted in a garden. Love the sound of running water though.

    Okay -- omelette is my go to quick meal except mine has mushrooms and spinach and red peppers and cheese. And excuse me if I skip the side of brussel sprouts. Too many dreadful memories attached to the smell of them. Shudder.

    Squuueeeeeaaaaalllllll about a Seekers novella collection. Why have you guys not done that before??!!!! And a Christimas one! Oh mercy, this is going to be good. Can't wait.

    1. TWO COLLECTIONS!!!! How cool is that, Kavalicious????? A historical collection and a contemporary collection and it is so much fun to work with these awesome ladies on this!!!!

      SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLL right back atcha!! :) This will be a bunch of great reading at a wonderful price and how nice of my friends at Amazon to give us this opportunity. Happy dancing!

  2. I eat lots of eggs and just did a 'batch' of egg with olive oil, sweet peppers (bought a big bag and these suckers have to be eaten!), onion (need to finish this up too!), and baby bella mushrooms. I added some 2% cheddar blend (I like the Mexican blend too Ruthy but it wasn't the one on sale last week!) and ended up eating it in a corn tortilla along with some cherries. (yes I bought the expensive suckers but wanted a different fruit for a change of pace...)at least they tasted pretty good but think I'lll wait for a better sale next time.

    wow I'm seriously thinking I might right click on that pic of the bacon and make a screen saver for my computer..LOL! nope then I'd definitely be hungry all the time and my dog would be going nutso!


    1. Suzy, I hear you! I love eating omelets (or with the 'ettes' ending, as you wish!!!) and loading them with veggies. They make me feel better about not eating bread!!!!! That sounds absolutely marvelous! And cherries, oh my goodness, I love cherries. Now I need to make a pie.

  3. RAFE???? HAHAHAHAHA What's the heroes name?

    Love the eggs and asparagus. I nap to clear my brain.

    1. I meant what is the heroines name. Not enough coffee ingested yet.

    2. Tasha.... The heroine is Tasha and her mother's a mess of self-absorbed crazy and she's stuck back in the old Greek neighborhood helping move Grandma to the new Greek neighborhood and the teenage love of her life is back in town for very different reasons.... and working at his grandmother's soda fountain/diner/chocolate shop, totally Greek family fun!

    3. Tina, I have always been this way, I have to move, do something physical to clear my head. I think it's a freak-of-nature flaw, and I bet I was a pain-in-the-tush baby!!!!

  4. I'm excited about your story!! And I want some of your eggs and asparagus!

    I don't think I've tried asparagus in an omelet--at least not recently. I've always just used spinach. I MUST be more adventurous!

    1. I'm a throw it in the bowl and scramble it girl now, Missy! And I hope the novella comes out well... I'm having a wonderful (and emotional) time writing it... I think I'll listen to Breath of Heaven tomorrow, to remind me of what Mary was willing to do. Amazing woman.