Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick and Easy Cookout

Missy, here. I wanted to share my quick holiday meal from Memorial Day weekend.

My oldest texted on Friday before the holiday and said he and his girlfriend were coming for the weekend. Luckily, there had been a sale of chicken, and I had stocked up. So I quickly laid it out to thaw!

When they arrived Saturday, they had brought us fresh peaches, so I decided to add a fruit salad to the menu.

Easy Grilled Chicken

Put chicken pieces in a zip-top baggie. 3-4 pieces per bag.

Squeeze about 1/3 of a large bottle of Zesty Italian dressing into each bag. Seal, then squish around to coat the chicken.

Let marinate for an hour or so. If you're going to do it longer, put it in the refrigerator.

Grill the chicken as usual!

Next, I tried another new recipe from one of the ladies at my Bible study luncheon. I was thrilled I happened to have all these ingredients on hand. Had planned to make this already.

Kathy's Pea Salad

16 oz thawed green peas (I used baby peas)
1 cup cashews
Green onions- 1 bunch thinly sliced
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup mayo
Seasoning salt to taste

Mix everything together and chill. This salad is SO GOOD! Even the kids loved it.

And add a fruit salad to round out the meal! Fresh Georgia peaches, blueberries and Strawberries. The perfect mix.


  1. Catching up in the café!

    I'm not sure about that pea salad. The mayo, the celery, the nuts. Just... not sure. :) IF someone brought it to my house, I'd taste it. But I'm afraid to try it and have wasted all those delicious peas! Chicken looks tasty!

    Mindy! I saw you were here on Tuesday! YUMMY soup. And so glad you're feeling better. Ahhh, 15 lbs. Wouldn't that be nice to lose?? My pants would thank me.

    Ruthy, we've ordered chicks before. But 50?? Ugh. They're adorable and everything but what a mess. Are you keeping them all? Are you going to sell free-range eggs? It's a big deal around here and all our neighbors love our eggs, but with only three hens, we don't usually have too many left over. WE have to split up our bounty between all the neighbors.

    1. LOL, Virginia! My family isn't crazy about celery either. But I made them eat it that way. They just picked out the tiny bits. :)

  2. What a way to get your kids to eat peas! LOL. I'm going to give this a try. Y'all are going to turn me into a salad connoisseur! And fresh peaches. Sigh, that won't happen here until August. I love the smell of fresh peaches. And the juiciness of fresh peaches. And the sweetness of fresh peaches. Double triple sigh. We don't even have strawberries yet...though they should be soon.

    1. Kav, you just need to move down here in May. And then we'll move up there with you in August to extend the season. :)

  3. my grandma and mother used to make an english pea salad - english peas and lttle cubes of velveeta and then miracle whip or mayo - blech but my uncles loved it and my dad liked it a lot.

    you know when we were talking about dairy queen the other day - well they have my route to work torn up for repairs so I had to take the 'other' road and there's a dairy queen on the opposite side that they re-did a few years ago - it DOES say DQ now and no dairy queen on it - I know we always used the names interchangeably but didn't realize they had completely dropped the full name now. it also says 'restaurant' so I guess not all dq's are restaurants?

    that fruit looks sooo good!


    1. Susanna, they can change the signs if they want. But it'll forever be Dairy Queen for me. Just like KFC will always be Kentucky Fried Chicken. :)

      I love that pea and Velveeta salad! Although I'd prefer it with chunks of cheddar instead. I need to try making that soon. As long as there's no celery, the family will be happy. :)

  4. My kind of grilling!!! Yes!! Thank you.

  5. I love pea salad! I was introduced to it when we lived in Kentucky.

    And the grilled chicken - that's one of my favorite easy recipes. Marinating the chicken in the Italian dressing makes it so moist. Yum!

    Your whole post sounds like a great summer menu - maybe tomorrow if the rain holds off!

    We've been rainy and cool all week. Tomorrow has a smaller chance of rain, and a high of around 60°. I like cool weather, but I think June could be about 10° warmer :)

    1. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Jan!

  6. Just got back from grocery store. We are having this tonight for dinner. Thanks for the EZ recipe.