Thursday, May 1, 2014

Red Lobster Style Biscuits II

Well, I love Cheddar cheese biscuits, and the Red Lobster version is wonderful, but I've added a new twist to this beloved favorite.

Basically you do the same initial recipe....

2 cups Bisquick
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (the more "bite" the better)
2/3 cup milk.

Mix all and drop by rounded spoonfuls onto an ungreased baking sheet. (Okay, right here I discovered that I need to spray two of my baking sheets with Pam-type spray for this recipe or the bottoms cook too quickly. I've got several pans, and some are air-bake style, some are traditional style, some are darker, some are lighter, and I see no rhyme or reason... but now I've taken to just spraying the pan lightly and that works on all the pans!)

Bake at 375° for about ten minutes (again, ovens vary, so watch for biscuit to be pale with hints of golden brown, don't overbake.... Overbaked biscuits become dog treats here.)


OH, THEN!!!!

While biscuits are baking melt 2 sticks butter.
Add 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
1 Tablespoon parsley
1 teaspoon (or more) garlic powder or granulated garlic

Mix together.

 Roll warm rolls in this mixture, making sure some of the Parmesan clings to top of biscuit.



This is not a carb-friendly recipe. When they're warm, my thoughts of a carb-low-friendly diet fly out the window on a wing and a prayer because I could literally sit and eat a batch of these all by myself.

The tweens and teens love 'em... the little kids love 'em... the parents???



And there is no such thing as too much butter when you're talkin' biscuits!

Signs of spring in upstate despite the possible "flurries" still tormenting my forecast:

Porch rockers:  GRIN. I love porch rockers!!!!

The kids' swing.... In winter this side of the porch is filled with firewood to warm middle-of-the-night authors.


Swings and rockers take precedent!!!  This is the swing I bought at Sandy's Place in Allegany County when Love Inspired contracted my third book.... I promised the kids if I sold a third book, I'd buy them a swing for the side porch... and I love it!!!

And then there's this:

Oh, sweet blossom o' mine! We have not seen anything green until this past week, so we're hungerin' and hankerin' for spring!!!

And the inevitable at the Blodgett homestead:

Yes, they're in a tree. And yes, they're kind of high... My theory is that if you let go, you're not all that bright.

Gosh, that sounds harsh.


But trust me, they hold on!!!

I love climbers. Climbers rock!


  1. haha! That last bit made me laugh. And we don't have a Red Lobster, but I want to try these. Anything with cheese and herbs and biscuits....

    1. These are just sinfully delicious and they pad the bootie. But I'm telling you, they're so worth it.

      And they RARELY FALL. The kids that is. We started a reasonable approach to climbers years ago when God sent us some: If you're bold enough to get up there, you're bold enough to come down... And by age three I'm done rescuing the faint-hearted. It can become a very survival-of-the-fittest moment, LOL!


      That which doesn't kill you will only serve to make you stronger, right?

      I cannot believe their parents let them come here!!!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?????

      Laughing in very wet upstate!

    2. LOL! I was just going to say survival of the fittest?? :)

      Maybe the parents won't see this post. ;)

    3. Oh, the parents see it... They just cringe and pray!!!!!! :)

    4. Oh, correction. LOL, Ruthy! :)

  2. I love red lobster for their biscuits! they're the absolute best.
    HA I saw the full pic of that tree scene..still makes my tummy feel kinda flippy! I don't think I ever climbed too high in a tree - my mom freaked out easily :-( now just changing a light bulb that requires a 2 step step stool makes me woozy.

    dunno about that green on the biscuits...I like orange from the cheese and yellow from the butter--maybe I could close my eyes when I eat 'em.


    1. Oh. My. Stars.

      The green parsley is amazing on these biscuits!!!! SO GOOD, SUSANNA. But... You don't need it, and honey, this is your style of cookin'... five minutes or less and DONE. Susanna, you'd love 'em, I promise. Just leave out the parsley.

      And I was a climber. I scaled rooftops and trees, so when God sent me climbers I prayed... and taught them how to come down. My husband has a theory about rescuing kittens in trees: He'll start climbing trees and rescuing kittens when he starts seeing kitten skeletons in trees.

      I thought that very sensible of him and applied the same logic to children. :)

      But... Dave will climb a tree multiple times to put baby birds back in their nests so the cats don't pounce on them instantly.

      Which is just darned cute of him!

    2. awwww that's sweet! I could probably handle the green..sigh..esp if it tastes good. I actually made some of these a long time ago following Top Secret Recipe's low fat version - they looked awful but tasted really good! even my cousin who was visiting at the time liked them. but then I'd have to find something to go with them...or just eat the entire pan!

  3. Bisquick puts out a mix to make these, but it's so easy to make these when we are in between visits to the Red Lobster. Yummy variation Ruthy! Great job!

    1. Piper I've tried the mix and it's not as good. :( And it was pricey. And I put in extra cheese because 1/2 cup is never enough for this crew. I probably should have said that up there (points up), huh??


  4. Spring in the North Country! Love it!

    We're visiting in Michigan and Indiana this week - loving the spring peepers, rain-promising clouds, green grass....

    And Amish Country. There's nothing like the clip-clip-clip-clip of horses on the road :)

    I'm ignoring those biscuits. *fingers in ears* "la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

    1. Sounds like a great trip, Jan!

    2. Jan, have a wonderful time, and yes, there's nothing like the sounds of spring up here... water dripping, peepers, morning birds, the ROOSTER!!!! :) Gotta love the Rooster!!!! Oops, just realized Beth was signed in on my computer... It's really me!!!

  5. Replies
    1. STEPHANIE!!!!!! Yes, yum, and I love seeing you, girlfriend!!!!!

  6. Porch Rocker, a plate of biscuits and a quiet. Who could ask for more?

  7. My daughter was my biggest climber. Got out of her crib well before the boys did. She loved to climb trees!

    These look amazing, Ruthy! I tried one recipe I found online for these and it was terrible. But I think I used light cheese. LOL

    1. Sin big or stay home, Missy. :)

      I use a sharp cheddar (New Yorkers love sharp cheddar, we're very Vermont that way) or the 4-cheese blend. But it's the butter/Parmesan coating that makes these noteworthy. It's like a tender hunk of melty garlic bread in your mouth. Wonderful!!!

  8. Replies
    1. Isn't it wonderful? This woman "Sandy" started a business of her own when her husband retired. She has an Amish woodworker make sheds and furniture for her.... she carries all kinds of Americana and country stuff...and she has an Amish quilt shop in the back. So she's on the road in the middle of Allegany County and I wanted to support the businesses of Allegany County, but then Dave had to take the big, gas-guzzling farm truck two hours south... into the hills... and then two hours back to pick up my swing. But he did it!!!!! I love that swing, it's just as sweet and country as you can get. And the pre-schoolers L-O-V-E it.