Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dipped Strawberries and Exciting News!

Okay, which do we want first????


I was sittin' 'round, twiddling my thumbs, wonderin' what I could do for the Yankee Belle during the week of Mother's Day (a made-up holiday if ever there was one, but I digress!!!)...

Dave called and said "They've got strawberries buy two, get THREE free..."

So I said "YES!!!" and he bought them and now I had five quarts of the Most Beautiful Big Berries I've ever seen...

And a pantry full of Ghirardelli chocolate.

1 + 1 = Chocolate Covered Strawberries....

And add a bowl of crushed almonds to the mix????


So start here:

And then take two 12 oz. bags of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and put them in a bowl over a pan of hot water. I prefer this to microwaving because it helps avoid "graying" of the chocolate, but if you want to microwave your chocolate, I won't tell anyone!!! Promise!!!

Crush a bunch of almonds for second dip maneuvers:

Now take the strawberries by the stem....

Dip them in the melted chocolate....

Then in the almonds....

And then set them on a foil-lined cookie sheet:

Chill until chocolate is firm.

Your family will love you. There is no reason on God's Green Earth to buy expensive dipped berries because I promise, they will not taste or look better than these.

You can use white chocolate as well.


I will not, will not, will not tell you how many of these I ate. It's a secret.

But here is something that isn't a secret.


SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

I won't spoil it by making you guess who's on it, I bet you have that figured out, and you know me, I'm not the kind that worries about contests, or lists, or anything like that, it's not in my nature... but what I love is that God is touching hearts through my work, my hands, the talent he gave so willingly a long, long time ago.

And that's like the coolest ever.

Hearts... souls... minds...

I'm truly blessed!!!!

And then Dave had flowers sent to me to say he was grateful for all I do....

No occasion....

But making that list might have spurred his actions, LOL!

So what are your plans for Mother's Day? Mine will be with cute kids and grandkids hanging out at our place admiring Dave's new roto-tiller....

We go all out around here, LOL!  :)

I will make our traditional Mother's Day strawberry rhubarb pie.... and chocolate pie.... and... who knows?

And know what?

These flowers have a scent. I miss the scent of flowers in so many commercial varieties today. It's sad to walk into a room full of flowers and smell feet.


Give me those scents, the hyacinth, the rose, the hydrangea... and in this bouquet?  The flowers smell wonderful!

Oh, happy happy, joy, joy!  :)

My house doesn't smell like dust and dirty shoes, it smells like lilies.



  1. SO awesome! An another Love Inspired right above you! I've never heard of Jessica Kertz but I had to find her author page and wish her a congratulations. Very cool, great job!

    1. Rebecca Kertz, and yeah, she BEAT ME, the brat!!!! :) But how fun to be on that list, what a nice e-mail to receive. And Rebecca's a sweetheart, so she probably pulled me along for the ride.

    2. OK, got it. You guys were in a bundle? How have I not heard of her? Probably because I don't read Love Inspired... KIDDING! Seriously, I have to find her books now. Anybody who beat Ruthy in the ranks must have some pretty hot SKILZ.

      Did you screen shot the page? I was be printing that sucker out and framing it. I'm all about the "wall of accomplishments". So, most of them are finger paints right now, but I'm hoping to progress into some real brag pictures... like being a list next to Ruthy!

    3. Oh my word. I should not be allowed to post comments on the internet after pulling an all-nighter. Gibberish!

  2. In my hometown of Pittsburgh, they have the May Market where they sell fondant-dipped strawberries. They are so good. the fondant is white, not chocolate, but this may be as close as I can get! They look so good!

    1. I will do white chocolate for this weekend. And some more chocolate ones. The while chocolate is so easy, I use the Ghirardelli baking chips or white chocolate bars (like we use for Connealy Crunch) and it works great, Piper. And then if you don't have frosting bags, you can tint a little of the white chocolate and use it to "drizzle" across the the white or dark chocolate dip (instead of using nuts) and then you have the criss-cross color effect you see on so many strawberry ads. Also, the colored medium sugar works for a decorative twist. Dip the berry, then sprinkle with the colored "big" sugar crystals. It's really pretty and sparkly for Mother's Day!

  3. hmm maybe I should make me some of these! could get up early and do them before work so they have a chance of maybe some of them making it there. or make them at work - with the nuts who cares if the chocolate looks weird after nuking?
    and I'm envious someone can actually have chocolate in their pantry...I bough some smoothie stuff from a friend who does the visalis challenge - don't plan on doing the challenge but I wanted something I thought would be simple to make and eat when I'm too tired to cook(say 'thought' because cleaning the blender thingy ain't fun) but I bought a thing of Hershey dark cocoa to add and that stuff is pretty good!
    now to see if my grocery store has a sale on strawberries going on...

  4. oooohhh 2 lb strawberries are 2.99 and 1 lb organic are 3.29...really tempted to try this

    1. Be big and brave and bold, Susanna!

    2. well I've got 'big' down! got strawberries and chocolate...just no energy and no space in the fridge LOL!

  5. I love chocolate dipped strawberries. I've made them double dipped in both white and dark chocolate. It's really cool. You dip one kind first, leaning the strawberry so you get it on the tip and then half way along one side. You let it harden. Then you dip the strawberry again but on the other side in the white chocolate. If you do it right you end up with a chocolate heart shape on each berry. Hope that makes sense. :-)

    And congrats again on making that list. Awesome news!

    1. Oh, double dipping is fun! Yes, that works well, and if you're doing pastel parties (think spring!!!) then using white and pink or white and yellow, etc, and then drizzling the other color (or another one) over the surface = Festive Spring Delicious Berry!!!

  6. I'm so stinkin' proud of you! What a list to be on!

    But, like I said on Facebook, I am NOT surprised. Not one little bit. Your writing just keeps getting better and better, and your first books were fabulous.

    Enough fan girl gushing. On to the strawberries.

    Beautiful. I think that medium sugar sprinkle would look so elegant. And I love Kav's idea for the heart-shaped chocolate! Perfect for any kind of wedding reception or graduation party...or even an evening at home with the family.

    I'm going to have to look for strawberries....

    I have no idea what my family is planning for Mother's Day. Last year my boys gave me a promise of raspberry bushes. Maybe this year they'll actually buy and plant them :)

    1. Spew alert on the berries!!!!!

      You are too kind. :) You make me smile and what a lovely compliment... but that being said, you know what's funny about the whole thing:

      They don't count pre-sale (book club, etc.) for category romances because then honestly??? We'd be on this list regularly.

      So if your sales are from retail pre-sales, you're okay. But not from direct subscriber.sales. Which makes this just amazingly exciting! But the strawberries, oh my gracious, Jan.... BIG SMILE THERE!!!!

  7. YUM!!! I love to dip berries! And if you add a bit of cream to the chocolate, it does fine in the microwave. :)

    CONGRATS ON THE BESTSELLERDOM!!!! I'm so excited to see your name on there with all the big guy and gals!! :)

    1. Oh, it's pretty surreal, isn't it, Missy????? :) Hey, I've never tried the cream cheese trick. I have a great recipe with chocolate and cream cheese to share with you guys.... But I need to tweak it first. But sooooo good....

    2. Ruthy, cream, not cream cheese. :) I use a little half and half.

  8. ok I made some! I thought for a while there I wasn't gonna get that far - kept dipping and eating -t hen thought that was 'cheating' then realized it wasn't cheating it was 'fondue'! :-) but that fondue got HOT LOL! got lucky I didn't do some damage but at least I started putting them on the foil after that...