Thursday, May 15, 2014

Asparagus time!!!!

Another sign of spring in upstate!

Fresh asparagus out of the back garden... Not enough to sell yet, but enough to make me very, very happy!

There's nothing like fresh asparagus. Dave cuts it twice a day, about seven inches tall, a wonderful plot of delicious healthy green-ness! And the tenderness of it when it's fresh and short like that, is nothing like you find in grocery stores where that extra three inches of height simply makes for a "woody" part that needs to be cut off. And that's a lot of money to pay for something you're going to throw away!

We roast it. We grill it.

To do either of these, drizzle olive oil over the asparagus in a bowl or pan large enough to "roll" the spears, sprinkle it with seasoning (I like the Kissed by the Sun pepper and herbs, but any great spice blend will do!) and roast at 350° until it's starting to look possibly burnt... Oh, delicious! I do the same thing on the grill, but after I drizzle and shake the seasoning, I lay the spears out perpendicular to the grate of the grill and roast it over an open fire...

Delicious! And to throw some of that roasted asparagus and maybe some roasted corn over a salad.... Oh my stars, that's a new high right there!!!

I steamed it this time because I have a sinus infection, I'm kind of whiny, and I wasn't going to stand in the rain to grill it.

To steam asparagus, I use a frying pan with just the bottom covered with water. Lay your asparagus in the pan, cover, and give it a medium heat. Cook until just tender. I was working on my Zondervan novella for next spring and I FORGOT they were on so mine got a little overdone.


But it was so delicious...Melt in your mouth.

And I get so excited when asparagus season comes around because I know rhubarb is coming on  its heels.


My rhubarb plants are ready for first harvest...

My morning sky on Monday looked like this:

And this...

And THESE took a trip to the freezer:

I had no self control where BUNNIES were concerned, so once my shorts fit again, I'll give a few bunnies a reprieve....

But until then, them thar rabbits are under deep freeze lock and key!  :)

We're under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight, and I just watched live coverage of a tornado in Ohio, the next state over....

Spring brings such a collision of elements, a tempestuous roller-coaster ride of temperatures, storms, color and hope. I love it....

Of course with little kids around all day, mostly we have muddy clothes and wet sneakers.

But you know what?

That's okay!!!


  1. Oh yum! Love asparagus! I must endure with Wegman's though.

    1. Steph, no one has fresh asparagus out down by you??? No Amish stands? I'm amazed!

    2. Not that I've noticed. Now I have to go look. Wegmans is good though. I ate an entire bunch for lunch today. So. Good.

  2. I think asparagus has always been my favourite vegetable. At one time (when we didn't have a garden and I was dieting for months) I would buy it canned and eat a whole can as my reward whenever I'd been especially good at staying on my diet. Of course I like it best fresh, cooked slightly crisp, and with a bit of Hollandaise sauce drizzled on. Grilled on the BBQ basted with a bit of olive oil is a close second. :)

    Love that gorgeous sunrise!

    1. Oh, Carol, that sounds marvelous! I can totally see eating a whole can, it goes down like nothing! And while fresh is best, a pot of asparagus soup???? Oh, yum!!!! I think I like it grilled the best if we're ranking it, but I'll eat it any old way. I did a chicken and asparagus recipe last year that we have to dig out. I only make it when the asparagus is in season, but it was to die for delicious and low-carb.... so it fits my "put the chocolate away!!!" plan!

    2. I grew up on canned asparagus and loved it. Then when I tasted it fresh, as an adult, I couldn't believe how good it was!

    3. Oh, Missy, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. Now I look back and think that canned asparagus was dreadful. Mushy.

      Hey, mushy will be good for me once I move to soft foods. Maybe I 'll buy a can for old time sake. :)

  3. Better mud than snow in May, that's what I say!!!!! Sorry you're not feeling well, Ruthy. :-( Getting sick in the spring should be outlawed.

    I need to grow asparagus and rhubarb. I say that every year and I never buy the plants because you don't get a harvest the first year...but that means I never have a harvest any year. LOL.

    1. Kav!!! What are you doing up so early????? You know, you need to go buy those plants this weekend. You'll be so happy to have your own harvest, a sure sign of SPRING!!!!! It's a delight to have things actually growing, to see greeeeeeeen again! Plan for that future. You'll be able to eat your very own asparagus and rhubarb while writing more books!!!!!

    2. I'm pulling a Ruthy these days. I get up between three and four and edit/write until six. Even though I only work mornings I'm fried by the time I get home and not very productive. So I go to bed early and get up early so I can have my story done done done in case I make the next Killer Voice stage. And if I don't well it's good discipline to get into, right? Yawn.

    3. GOOD FOR YOU KAV!!! Best of luck with this round!!

  4. yum asparagus! I dont buy this stuff often enough - one time I had green and a white kind (maybe it's the same just covered or something so it stays white?) anyways had a foreman type grill back then that I used and it was sooo good.
    hope you feel better

  5. There are some people who would be aghast at this, but I am actually drooling over the asparagus, Ruthy. And the fact that you have it growing in your back yard makes me totally envious. Do you ever cut it when it's white? If so, what does it taste like?

    When I lived in Germany, that's all they had was the white asparagus. I thought it was albino asparagus. However, they don't like it once it turns green. Say it's only good for things like soup once it turns.

    I never have tasted the white asparagus, though I did see it in a grocery store here some time ago. Not sure why I didn't pick some up to give it try. Silly me.

  6. I'm so jealous!! Asparagus is one of my favorite things. I love it roasted, too. Olive oil and seasoning salt.


    Those sunrise photos are AMAZING.