Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fun, Delicious, Fast Breakfast, Well, Kind of!!!!!

Okay, this was a morning exercise that took too long because I wasn't exactly organized.

(Read: Ruthy wrote too long and should have started her breakfast in a cup project EARLIER!!!!)

But these were so stinkin' delicious that I have to share it with you.

Basic ingredients!!!

2 packs of refrigerator Crescent rolls
2 packages of pre-cooked breakfast sausage
8 eggs, whisked, seasoned with salt and pepper
Shredded cheese

Spray muffin pans with baking spray. This DID NOT HELP the clean-up at all, so go ahead and skip this part.  (laughing in upstate!!!)

Lay out crescent roll triangles, form and cut to kind of fit in muffin pans.

Cut up a sausage into each "muffin" cup.  Sprinkle with cheese. Add a dollop of egg mix. (A turkey baster works great for this!!!! My mini-ladle made a mess.)

Top with more cheese.

Bake in 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes. (I'm really not sure about this, and it will depend on your cupcake/muffin pan size. But when the crust is golden brown and the filling/egg is set, you're good!!!

 How beautiful are these breakfasts-in-a-hand????  And they melt-in-your-mouth with the crescent roll dough. Just wonderful and the kids loved them!

The down side?

This pan. Yuck. Even after soaking, it needed scrub-scrub-scrubbing.  But I got it done, most of it, anyway! What's a smidgen of egg or crust here or there?????


The kids loved 'em and the adults enjoyed them as much, so we have a hit on our hands!


  1. I think I licked the screen! This is my kind of breakfast. No bran, no nuts and twigs. Fats and grease and bread! YUMMY.

    I think I'll try it this weekend. But I may have to buy extra of those little sausages. I bought those once and the kids wanted to eat 10 each.

    1. The kids love 'em.... And I probably overfeed them on greasy protein to balance out the daily cookie/cake allowance!!!! I'm such a bad mom/caregiver/grammy!!!!

  2. Makes my oatmeal brekkie oh so humdrum. Great idea, Ruthy and I'd substitute some diced peppers and mushrooms instead of the sausage. Kind of like an omlette in a cup. :-) There must be a way to save on the clean up afterwards though...Maybe using tin foil tart pans (that doesn't seem like the right word) and laying them on a parchment lined cookie sheet instead so that you can just through everything away afterwards?

    1. Kav, I'll try that. We've made similar fun things for showers (filled with chicken, cheese, asparagus or artichoke or broccoli.... and some egg...

      And I don't remember those being this hard to clean. That was the only frown moment was the mess!!! But the taste, oh mylanta, wonderful and yes, it would be great for veggies!!!! I do that all the time, my broccoli slaw and mushroom omelettes. Oh, yum!!!

  3. Note to self: Do NOT go to the cafe before breakfast!!!!

    These look SO DELICIOUS! You feed your kiddos well, Ruthy :)

    That clean up problem...I wonder if it would be better with a silicon muffin pan? If nothing else, you can turn the muffin cups inside out in those!

    1. Jan, I wonder.... My daughter-in-law Lacey has some. I'm going to borrow them and see. This is such a wonderful breakfast! I mean, you eat by the hands-full, LOL! And we've done tiny versions in mini-muffin pans for hors D'ourves and I don't remember this problem....

  4. This is a great idea. I have a package of crescent rolls left over from making Danish. I can use pre cooked bacon too. Thank you, very much. OOOH, mushrooms and Swiss cheese. YES!!!

    Can't you spray it with Pam first??

    1. I did. :( So I was surprised that they stuck so badly. Maybe not enough? Maybe the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars???? :) I have no idea, but it was a bear.

    2. ^^^^ That comment made me laugh for about 30 seconds straight.

  5. I've made something similar with those cheap canned biscuits (the kind that IMO shouldn't be called a biscuit) but I just stuck it in the bottom of the muffin thingy and dumped the egg stuff on top and baked. tasted good (even with the icky biscuits!)
    had to take my 13 yr old german shepherd to the vet this morning-thought she was having a stroke but he thinks it's something like vertigo and can clear up quickly or take a long time and may/may not be back like she was but should be able to live with it...sigh...she still looks/acts so pitiful and that's not like her at all.

    1. Oh, Susanna, dog issues are not fun. And they're expensive. :( I hope the dog does well. It's so hard to see our friends grow old!

  6. I love the map and flash cards in the background!! :) Wish I had the ingredients on hand. This looks amazing!

    Yes, the silicone muffin pan should work great. Eggs don't stick to silicone. It's why I love my silicone spatula so much for making omelets.

  7. Another fabulous use for crescent rolls. I still say they're one of the greatest things ever invented.

    Thanks, Ruthy! I just might have to try these next time we're at the ranch.