Friday, February 7, 2014

7-Can Soup with The Belle

Missy here. First off, let me say I don't have anything cute to compete with yesterday's newborn calf. So instead, let me share our amazing dessert from last week's Love Inspired Reader Luncheon at the Crowne Plaza in Tampa, FL. (Ignore the little bite I took off the point before I thought to photograph it--while trying to explain to the ladies at my table about this blog so they wouldn't think I was weird photographing my food.) :)

Mango-Raspberry Cheesecake!! Oh. My. It was soooo good! I hope one of you will try coming up with a recipe.  Or maybe I'll get brave and try even though I haven't made cheesecake in…well, maybe ever.

Today, instead of fancy cheesecake, I'm going to share something REALLY quick, easy and yummy (admittedly a little more up my alley). Thanks go to my friends Myra and Holly from my book club for sharing this recipe. It's fantastic for leftovers--just gets better the next day on reheating.

This is one of the recipes where you just dump everything in. I think I might call it Dump Soup! (But my kids would have too much fun with that one.)

7-Can Soup

1 pound browned ground beef (Or veggie/soy crumbles)
Add one can of each:
  Chili with beans
  Chili without beans
  Tomato soup
  Vegetable soup
  Veg-All drained
  Corn (I used yellow)
  Ro-tel diced tomatoes and green chilies (I used mild)

Put in crock pot - low for a few hours until hot. And actually, I made this while in a hurry and just heated on the stovetop.

I took photos of my making this, and they are gone! I have no idea what happened. I must've accidentally deleted them before my photo stream backed up to iCloud.

Okay, now the making of the soup/chili.

Brown your beef or use Veggie crumbles.
Dump in all the other cans of ingredients. THAT'S IT! Anyone can do this.

I used Hormel Chili (including the veggie photo for our vegetarians).

And for those not familiar with veg-all, here's what the can looks like…

Once it's heated, serve just like chili. I think I decided I like this even better than chili. It's richer with all the veggies.



  1. I'm all over that cheesecake!!!! And I bet it's made with pureed mango (think strained baby food style) because it looks smooooooooth as silk.

    I'm so glad you got to the luncheon!!!! Why aren't you telling us more about that? I want to hear EVERYTHING!!!!! Also, you and I eat in the opposite direction. The point is my favorite bite and I always save that for last in pie and cheesecake.

    Clearly I'm a freak of nature, but I wonder if that's some deep-seated personality arch-type quirk??????

    And I like to eat dessert with dessert forks, not regular long forks.

    I think I was royalty in another life. Very Downton friendly.

    Missy, the soup sounds easy and wonderful!!!!!

    1. Definitely a royal in a previous life! LOL I think I'll start using that excuse for my weirdness too. :)

      I would have posted about the luncheon but Debby did such a great post over on the Craftie Ladies blog that I'll just give you a link here. Of course, you know I'm a spazz and can't put in a real link. You'll have to copy and paste. :)

  2. And that's mango preserves on top, isn't it??????

    With a dash of raspberry puree marbling through the cheesecake.

    Missy, this is a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Did the cheesecake part taste like mango, or was it the glace-topping that was mango and the cheesecake was raspberry swirled? THINK BACK....

    1. No preserves on it as far as I remember. That was just the texture of the baked top. The cheesecake itself was mango throughout (probably puree like you said because there was no texture to it. It was totally smooth) with raspberry swirl and a fresh raspberry on top of the whipped cream. DIVINE! Except for the poor young woman at my table who is allergic to mango!

  3. yeah Ruthy's gonna figure out the cheesecake recipe...for myself I've discovered Cheesecake Factory - expensive but not as expensive as spending a bunch on ingredients and end up with a failed recipe like my aunt's date nut balls last week :-( (and the worse part of that failure is I put the crumbly leftover mixture outside thinking the birds could at least enjoy it - was gone mostly for 6 days or so with friends only coming inside to check on my doggy- and when I was out back I noticed a bunch of bird feathers so guess they had a good last meal...) can't win for losing sometimes but I'll try the recipe again when I have time which may be a while LOL!

    still fighting allergies or whatever but I feel a LOT better this morning after getting some meds - I didn't realize I had to switch allergy stuff every few months- the nurse last year told me to take zyrtec daily to help prevent my ears from stopping up when allergies hit - she didn't say not to take it for a year straight - the one yesterday said to go about 3 months at the most then switch to another (zyrtec, Claritin, and allegra...)
    not really fair showing cheesecake then posting a recipe for veggied up chili - my taste buds had to stop and re-group! still not sure they're where they need to be...veg-all was a staple with my mom though I don't remember it in anything but chicken pot pie and not exactly sure how she did that but I remember loving the biscuits, chicken and gravy part (pretty sure campbells cream of somethings in there) and picking out the veg-all stuff best I could! we were also a Wolf chili family :-) I don't think I've ever seen a vegetarian chili that doesn't have beans - guess without meat there's nothing else to put in there!
    Susanna who's going back to bed

    1. Susanna the bird killer!! LOL! :) You know, maybe the birds just loved those date balls so well, they didn't hear the cat approaching. :) I think I like that story better.

      I'm sorry you're still dealing with allergies. I have heard that same thing about switching meds. I hope that helps!

      I haven't been to the Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta in years. We just had a new one open at the mall, but I haven't eaten there yet. Every time we've tried, there's been over a 2 hour wait. Someday…

      Sorry about the taste bud bait and switch. LOL Since you're all grown up now, you need to try the veg-all again! :)

    2. I dint pick the veg-all out now! Not my fave except in chicken pot pie. Friend actually serves it straight as a side dish or did before little dude came along,,.. Didn't know anyone ate the stuff plain! Plus she had a Cajun flavor or something...
      I hope the birds liked the stuff...poor birds

    3. Susanna, I've eaten it plain a time or two with just butter.

  4. I think it's mean to have a title like 7 can soup and then show a picture of cheese cake. :-) The cheese cake looks divine. I haven't had like years. Yum. And I'm with Ruthy -- I'd love to know more about that reader luncheon. Did the weather wreck havoc on attendance?

    I think I could adapt this recipe pretty well. I like the easy-peasiness of it all.

    1. Kav, the weather in Tampa was rainy and cool but not bad enough to keep people away. So the only problem was whether or not those of us in other parts of the southeast were going to make it! In fact, Renee Andrews (from Alabama) wasn't able to make it at all. Her flight got cancelled. Also, Lenora Worth had a death in the family. Other than that, we all made it. And Linda Goodnight came to fill in for Lenora. We had a WONDERFUL time! About 50 ladies there who love to read and love our books. Most read LI, others read lots of Harlequin books. I had six women at my table who were so fun to get to know. I sure hope I'll get to do the luncheon again sometime!

  5. I was a little confused about the cheesecake too lol.

    The soup sounds wonderful.

    1. Hey, I told you in the first paragraph. I was TRYING to compete with newborn baby calves from yesterday! :)

  6. Quick, easy, and you can keep the ingredients on hand in your pantry for emergencies - like getting snowed in!

    You know, other years you southerners would have laughed at the idea of being snowed in - but come next October, I have a feeling you'll be sticking a few cans of something in the cupboard "just in case"!

    And oh! That cheesecake!

    1. Jan, that's exactly when I made this! LOL

  7. Replies
    1. Definitely, Mary! It's a new favorite of mine.

  8. This reminds me of our girl scout campouts where we all brought a can of soup and cooked it in a giant pot. It was always delicious, no matter what folks brought.

    1. How fun, Julie!! I love that idea. My sister and I were laughing recently about the big campout our troop did where the girls were in charge of cooking. I think it was spaghetti. And we didn't know to drain all the fat off the beef. And lots of people got sick. I still wonder, though, if it was more than just fat. No telling what made a bunch of us sick! :)