Friday, January 31, 2014

Chicken Thighs in Balsamic Vinaigrette with Tina Russo Radcliffe

 Chicken Thighs in Balsamic Vinaigrette

with Tina Russo Radcliffe

This is another of my “write all day or read all day” and “pretend you cooked all day meals." I’m cooking for two so I use four boneless chicken thighs. Put FROZEN thighs in a crock pot.

Add one bottle of Ken’s Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Place in a crock pot with a timer, and set for six hours. If yours is only an on and off type of crock pot, it will be done in four to five hours. (I tried two thighs today and they were done in four hours.)

After six thighs you may need a second bottle of vinaigrette. But basically the vinaigrette needs to cover them at least half way, and then you can turn the thighs on occasion. If you won’t be home to turn the thighs, then add more vinaigrette so they are well covered.
I remove the skin before serving. Yum.


 Tina Russo Radcliffe writes romantic comedy as Tina Russo and inspirational romance as Tina Radcliffe. From Western New York, she's lived in Massachusetts, Alabama, Germany, Oklahoma, and Colorado. She now lives in a cave in Phoenix, Arizona and comes out for coffee and writing supplies. A former Specialist 4th Class in the U.S .Army, Tina has been a registered nurse, a library cataloger, a pharmacy clerk and now writes full-time at home. You can reach her or 
Tina’s next release from Love Inspired, Stranded with the Rancher, is a September 2014 release.


  1. I love chicken thighs. I'm a dark meat girl sometimes, and chicken thighs are about the most tender bit of deliciousness on the planet!


    Thank you, Tina Radcliffe!!!! I love it!

  2. Minerva Louise will have something to say about this :-)

  3. Who is Minerva Louise? Your chicken?

    Well it's yummy!

  4. I love this crockpot recipe. Nice and easy, just the way I like it. I consider myself a Crockpot-nista. It is the gift that keeps giving. This reciope also seems pretty low calorie too.

  5. I never knew you could put frozen meat in! I love this for a meal when you forget to thaw anything out. Tina do you put it on high?

  6. Not on high. If I use the small crockpot it's just on and it's done in about four hours. If I use the big one I put it on six hours. I guess that would be medium. Chicken cooks really fast, so it would depend on how fast you want it ready.

  7. Hey Belle! It's low cal without the skin, but there is oil. I usually allow myself two small boneless thighs or one large with bone. It is delicious.

  8. Easy. Delicious. What more can you want?

    Oh, yes, my dear husband would want me to use chicken breasts instead of thighs...but that's do-able, right?

  9. Just ran to the store and they have Kens Balsamic Vinaigrette LITE.

    Sure chicken breasts work. The thing is I don't like thighs but with this recipe I do. And they are so much cheaper than breasts.

    1. We always have light dressing on hand so will try that. I'm so glad you mentioned not liking thighs! I don't either. So there is hope I will like this. :) I was thinking I'd use breasts, but you're right about the thighs being cheaper. And I see thighs used all the time on cooking shows so a lot of people love them.

  10. Crockpots rule! And this recipe is easy even for a crockpot recipe ... it also sounds like it will have the house smelling divine. I'm picky about when I'll eat chicken thighs but this recipe sounds tasty. Thanks, Tina

    Nancy C -- who has shrimp gumbo in the crockpot right now :-)