Friday, January 10, 2014

A New, Quick Chili

Missy, here. With the cold weather we've had lately (it was 7 degrees here the other morning, near Atlanta!) I had a craving for chili. I always do a quick chili but bought a new item that I thought I'd share because it was a hit with my family.

I  just discovered Bush's Chili Magic. I bought the spicier Texas style (medium heat), and hubby really liked it. I usually can't get my chili spicy enough for him. And with this product, I didn't even have to add any chili powder or spices!

I also bought crushed tomatoes since my son can't stand chunks of tomatoes. If it were just for me, I prefer diced tomatoes.

Brown about 1-1/4 pounds of lean ground beef. I use the 93% lean so I don't have to worry about draining.

Then dump in 2 cans of Chili Magic (which includes the beans and spices) and a large can of tomatoes. Simmer until heated through well.

Here it is in it's original form:

Oh, and guess what's in season again! My big addiction from last winter. Cuties! :)

Of course, original form (plain) chili isn't usually the way we eat it around here.

We load on the toppings:

Here's what results. It was really yummy and spicy--yet not too spicy for a wimp like me. I just required more crackers to get it down. :)



  1. yum! I like Bush'sbaked beans - esp the grillin' ones - super sweet like my mom used to make. didn't know they had this. I make a spicy chili in the slowcooker but it takes chili powder and cumin and meat/onion and then I dump in a can of pinto beans with jalapenos and regular kidney beans and rotel tomatoes..have to look it up think there's tomato sauce in it. this recipe sounds mucho quicker and I know Bush's is good!
    where's the chili mac - with their beans or in the chili section? gonna have to look for some..and I like the diced tomatoes too esp the little petite ones!
    I've also been munching on cuties- had 2-3 tonight at work! :-)
    and I LOVE that meat grinder thingy! used mine doing sloppy joes the other day! one of my best pampered chef purchases ever!


    1. Yes on all of the above, Susanna! :)
      Yes, I LOVE the Pampered Chef masher for beef.
      Yes, I love the petite tomatoes, too!
      Yes, the Chili Magic is with the other Bush's beans.
      Yes, I love the sweet Grillin' beans too!
      And yes, I, too, eat Cuties two or three at a time! LOL

  2. Mmmmm -- I haven't made chili in a long, long time. Definitely should be on the menu with all this ridiculously cold weather! I'll have to dig out my vegetarian recipe and make up a batch. Oh and dying to know what the round things are in the final photo. :-)

    1. Kav, you can just make this with veggie/soy crumbles. :)

      Those are little oyster crackers! They're tiny saltines made for soup. :)

  3. haha! I remember the "cuties" post from last year! We've been eating them over in Oregon, too. Kids love them. Maybe a little too much.
    And now I want chili. I've never seen that brand or that can. I usually just throw spices in until it tastes like something other than tomatoes and beans and meat. Hmmm... I should 'up' my chili game.

    1. Virginia, my problem is that I never can seem to get enough spice in my chili. I don't mind that, but the family prefers spicer. They're all more daring than I am. :)

      I usually buy chili-flavored red kidney beans. But these were sitting right beside them, so I decided to grab them. I may mix once can of the mild with one can of the medium next time. Just to be selfish. :)

  4. Looks delicious...we love chili in this cold/damp GA weather. I have been using Mindy's recipe, but will certainly try this. I use Bush's products, but had not heard of this one. I usually use ground turkey. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jackie, this would definitely spice up ground turkey. :)

      Yes, it's been awfully wet today. Yucky weather.

  5. I forgot to stop by!!! I have never heard of chili magic. Cool. I have a tangerine tree. Feel free to stop by and pick some.

  6. Playing catch-up again. I haven't seen that Bush's Chili Magic, though I love just about everything else they make. Just might have to give it a try. :)