Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Need a Leash on my Camera and my Remote Control

Or at least a "find handset" button like you have on a phone.... You know, a button you press that then signals you where the device is hiding this time.

I lose my camera constantly. And then it shows up in some obscure spot and I get that light-bulb "Oh, yeah!!!" moment of clarity (which are all too few lately).

I blame the puppies.

Really, you can LOSE yourself in puppies. It's totally doable.  Just check this out:

This was long-haired me with Maddie when she was a puppy.... How stinkin' nice are puppy kisses, right???

And that's son Seth and beautiful daughter-in-law Lacey behind me.

So here's the current batch of puppies...

This was taken a few weeks ago when there were about two weeks old....

And look at what six additional weeks brings:

 How stinkin' cute is this??? Look at her hamming it up for me!

And here is her brother, lovin' up on Beth.... Puppy kisses rule!!!!

We've been eating emergency rations these past weeks. Frittata. Tuna fish. Grilled something with grilled something else veggie-style. Pasta sauce. Because puppies are work....

And they don't get easier as they get older because they want to chase cats... follow children and construction workers... and eat.

They eat a lot.

Which means... well. I'll let you figure that out, LOL! So while I'll miss having puppies around because of their cuteness factor to the max.... I won't miss the extra morning and evening work!

The truth?

I'd rather write.

I love making up stories. I love writing them down. I love revising, editing, brain-picking.... I love the blessing of the Holy Spirit on my heart and my words. And as much as I love puppies, I'll breathe easier once they're safely at their new homes. Keeping one puppy safe and sound is a job.

Keeping ten of them that way?  The words "great exercise" come to mind, LOL!

I keep saying this is the last litter. I think I mean it. But every now and again the urge comes upon me to take care of babies... That inherent nurturer inside.

Libby understands me. This is Libby, our Standard Poodle. She's nursing Maddie's puppies a couple of years ago. What a nice friend, right? Yup.

Born Nurturer.

We need to do something about that. There must be a way to QUASH the nurturer.


Save me from myself. Make me realize that it's okay to STOP the baby producing madness....

But, oh...


Puppy breath.

Puppy eyes....

Puppy whimpers....

Stinkin' cute. And that's how they SUCK YOU IN.... by being that cute.

Of course the kid's not too bad herself!

Tell me if you're a dog person.... Because despite my best efforts, I am...


A dog person.


  1. I've never had a dog, but I once loved a cat. :) And she had kittens on my bed, biting my finger between her tiny teeth as the kitties slid out. NO KIDDING. I was all alone in my first apartment and I was a grandma!

    Anyway, I put dogs in my stories sometimes because I know how people love them. I admire them from afar. I see the beauty and the loyalty and the love... But I don't like the poop, the slobber, or the barking. :)

    1. I hear you, Virginia CM.... and yet.... I'm pretty sure the dogs love me better than most people. When I'd come home from working my second job at night, the dogs would run to greet me, tails wagging, so excited...

      I cannot say the same about my family, especially if there was a working TV involved. And a baseball game. Although to be fair last night was choir practice (and yes, they let me stay in the choir and sing even though I have a range of about three notes in one key.... They're a nice bunch of folks that way....) and Dave had gone to Abbott's Frozen Custard and bought three pints of their vanilla almond (there are very few carbs in the vanilla custard and even less in the nuts!) so that I could have a treat.... Now that was true love and the dogs NEVER GOT ICE CREAM FOR ME. Ever.

      So Dave won the round last night, LOL!

      I love that your cat had kittens on your bed. Note for future use: It is okay to move kitty to prepared box in closet or on floor if she insists on company.

      Because that's a wretched mess on a perfectly good bed, LOL! But I might have done the same when I was young. Isn't it nice that experience lends wisdom????

      But beware, my friend. A puppy owner last week was an avowed dog-distancer for over a decade. She bought a Doodle last year and came to the dark side of realizing a dog's love. Very "Where the Red Fern Grows"... Or "Old Yeller"....

      And now she's just gotten a second Doodle.... Because they're so stinkin' CUTE!!! :)

    2. Oh, very nice of Dave!! You have him well trained. ;)

    3. He claims to be totally untrained despite my best efforts! :)

      But the Abbott's Frozen Custard was a nice surprise... And he went to visit his mom first, so that made for a nice evening for him.

    4. So Dave got double kudos! Mom and ice cream! Good going,Dave!

    5. I think he was hedging bets for a reward factor.

  2. Definitely a dog person! (Shhh, don't tell my cat, though.)

    Oh, Ruthy, I want one of those puppies SO BAD! Do you have any left??? I wonder if hubby would have a cow if I got one? He's determined we don't need another dog since our Libby died.

    Of course, we're dog sitting for our son again right now. So my hands are full with 65 pounds of pit bull mix. And what a sweet "baby!" He's a snuggler who's very demanding of love, though. It's almost like having another child around. :) I love having him here!

    1. Missy, your secret is safe with me!

      There are two puppies left. They've all sold on word-of-mouth which is just wonderful. And they're the cutest things.


      That's my puppy site.

      But I don't want that cute husband mad at ME.... Training (or not!!!) my own is work-in-progress enough! :)

    2. OH!! The cutie in the photo is Queenie, and is available! Oh my goodness. I want her!

      Okay, I'll sit him down later to look at that photo. How can he ever say no??? And that would give me a good excuse to come see you!

    3. Oh, Missy! That Queenie is gorgeous!!!

      And you haven't really celebrated your Rita nomination, have you? I think adding Queenie to the family would be a wonderful way to mark the occasion!

  3. I'm averting my eyes from the cute Doodleness!

    They are so stinkin' CUTE!

    But I have a good reason! They're the same age as Thatcher - Corgi puppy extraordinaire - and he's coming home on SATURDAY!


    Puppy kisses, puppy breath, puppy toes, puppy nose...and a very surprised Husky and cat-who-thinks-she's-a-dog waiting for him.

    It's going to be an interesting weekend :)

    (Expect pictures on Monday!)

    And to answer your question - I love cats, but I'm a dog person. Whenever I think about living without a dog, my mind starts asking, "How do you do that? Who lets you know when the mailman is around? Who sticks a cold nose under your arm when they want a pet? WHO CLEANS THE FLOOR???"

    1. LOLOL, Jan!!! So true!!! When our middle child was a baby, we had to send the dog to live with grandparents (after he bit my son who tried to teethe on him). And there was no longer anyone to clean the floor around the messy highchair! A terrible thing.


    2. Hahahah! Oh, you girls, yes. Guilty as charged. We are clearly predictable and may someday bring Mary-of-many-names over to the dark side of dog ownership, but I do understand that cleaning up after a herd of little kids, clean-up duties get OLD.

  4. Speaking of dogs, after the Sandy Hook shootings, a friend of mine decided to start a "comfort dog" group in this part of the country. She contacted the group who responded to the Sandy Hook event, got the scoop on how to do it, and started in.

    These dogs are like therapy dogs, but specially trained to just "be there" for people (especially children) who have gone through a traumatic experience.

    She chose an English Golden Retriever (you can see the breed here -, and Ellie is just a sweet little girl. She's going to make an excellent comfort dog.

    A few other people are joining in - all experienced therapy dog owners - getting dogs (they're limiting the breed to Golden Retrievers for now) that are especially calm, and training them.

    A cool thing, right?

  5. Definitely a dog lover so of course I loved your post and I want a puppy!!!!! I am totally in awe of breeders who take care of and prepare puppies for their new owners. You are my hero! And puppy breath is the best...along with shiny pink 'new' paw pads.

    Whenever I'm out and about and I pass a dog, our eyes meet and the dog starts tugging it's owner over to me. The owner is always embarrassed but I know it's because I'm a canine magnet. They know instinctively I'm a good ear-scratcher. :-)

    I want to start up a paws for reading program in one of my school libraries but I haven't found a principal who would go for it yet.

  6. I miss my baby -she looked just like them but without the curly hair. almost 2 weeks now and it sucks. don't know about the puppy stuff again I wasn't working 12 hr shifts when my dogs were pups and I still just about lost eveything in my house. might have to do the crate thing and have a dog walker come in. hope you get one Missy!do you know anything about labradoodles? I'm guessing maybe they're similar only a lab instead of golden retriever as the daddy? not familiar with poodles other than the little yappy ones and the hair maintenance. I don't want more than a brushing - I dont' cut my own hair every month! could do it though but still I like smooth soft hair like my lab's..miss rubbing her ears.

  7. Puppies! Almost as cute as newborn babies!

    FYI, they are sending comfort dogs to OK!

    Blessings on your writing!

    Peace, Julie