Saturday, March 2, 2013

Simply Saturday Links to Fast Food!

Happy March 2nd!!!!!  By now you know that the Cafe staff is officially participating in "SPEEDBO", the "book-in-a-month" challenge offered in SEEKERVILLE, the official writing blog of somewhat fun, crazy love-God-and-writing folks. So this month we're focusing on fast.... easy.... delicious.

For some of us, fast is scrambling eggs.... For me, I like to boil up a few chicken breasts, drain, cool, dice and add celery and mayonnaise for a quick chicken salad. (Hey, I made my chicken salad paninis FAMOUS in His Mistletoe Family... it was the sandwich that first brought the hero and heroine together... Who doesn't love a great sandwich???/

Necessity made me the queen of plan ahead meals... but I see my young mothers do the same things now, and I think they're ingenious for grasping hold of what I learned much later:

Cook in multiples. Freeze one or two meals for every meal you serve.

Double or triple cookie recipes. Freeze the extra dough or cookies for a later time.

When making things like meatballs or pulled meat (pork, beef, chicken) triple the amounts and freeze the remainders in quart-sized freezer bags for quick eats.

Here are some links to quick food ideas we've shared in the past:

Pigs in a Blanket

Missy's Favorite Friday Salmon

Fajita Chicken Strips

I love long, slow cook recipes. But I also love short, to-the-point recipes. Mary Connealy is the queen of those and she'll be along twice this month to share ideas with youse!

Desserts are big for me.... I love a sweet snack now and again, but I don't like to go overboard. And I stay more focused on my writing by limiting the amount of high-carb/sugar things I eat, so for this month I'll keep myself eating broccoli slaw.... meat.... nuts.... more broccoli slaw!!!  :) and some carbs, here or there. I do keep a freezer bag of cookies to hold me over when I'm desperate for home-baked goodness!

I always keep canned tuna in the cupboard. And some soups, but I never eat them. The soups, not the tuna. I eat the tuna, but not the soups.


Why do I buy them, you ask?


Probably because of some athlete's mother telling me that Johnny and his teammates eat sirloin burger soup to stay strong, so I buy it, and eventually donate it to a food shelter.

I think that says more about me than anyone should know!!!!

Stay tuned throughout the month of March as we try to feature quick, satisfying foods and ideas to help youse achieve your goals... whatever they might be!



  1. I was just thinking about doubling and tripling today... I was hmmmming over a recipe and wondered how many leftovers I could get by tripling...

    And then I was struck by the fact that I can even triple a recipe without having to go to the store. We have so much food, so many staples, all the ingredients for most recipes, at any time.

    How very blessed we are and I'm so grateful that stocking up or tripling doesn't even register on the budget-o-meter (unless it's soemthing crazy expensive, like seafood).

    Plus, my dad likes to go to Costco. You all have those out there? Giant stores with giant servings of everything? He brings us 50lb bags of flour, 15lb bags of sugar, stacks of 50 flour tortillas. And every now and then soemthing totally ridiculous like 3 lbs of peanut M&M's.

    But we just suffer and EAT THEM ALL.

  2. Thank you for the recipes!!!!

  3. Costco and Sam's Club!! I make someone else go do those runs. Those stores overwhelm me.

  4. Another secret learned about Ruthy: she's a sucker for commercials. (I'm sure your local food bank thanks you!)

    I'm going to Sam's Club this morning, Tina. I'll pick up whatever you need. Just give me a list. I'll hold everything for you here until you can come and get it :)

    1. I've never actually been in one of those stores! It's about an hour away and we just don't drive very much.

      Some day I'm going to have to go and see what's there.

      Or maybe not! I could go crazy in there!