Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EASY oven burritos

Hellllloooooo Yankee Belle Cafe!!!

**update for anybody reading after 10/13! We've removed all pictures that are not our own, incase someone decides to sue of for copyright infringement... So, IMAGINE Rupert Penry-Jones in here, 'kay??****

 I feel like it's been forever since I've been here! The Fresh Pioneer missed her happy cafe peeps!!
(This picture of Rupert Penry-Jones is for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Except that's he's beautiful. And I loved him in the recent 'Persuasion'. He's the perfect Captain Wentworth. *swooooon*)

 Okay, focus. So, it's nearly the end of Speedbo and I've turned in my proposal (three weeks early, yay!) but still want to use the last week to get started on a self-pubbing project. So, I'm still cutting corners and NOT cooking gorgeous things like this pretty cheesecake. We're talking SUPER quick, SUPER EASY.

I did make these Snickerdoodles. And my four year old came into the kitchen and asked, "Can I have one of those tasty doodles?" I was confused, since that's our term for, well, you can guess. He kept going, "One of those Cindy men ones, those are the best." Yikes! Snickerdoodles will never be the same now.
Oh, and I guess I did make some home made brownies. They were dark chocolate fudge brownies with espresso flavoring and Edna was jazzed for hours. And I'm weeping into my keyboard becuase I've recently resolved to stop EATING SUGAR. I'm going to die... But I'll die healthy and skinny and possibly very grumpy.
Ok, super easy oven burritos.  Cheese, flour tortillas, canned beans, and green salsa.
Plop in a bowl. I added garlic because it's against my personal moral code to eat anything without it.
Put some beans in the middle. Lay on a few pieces of cheese.
Here's the hard part. Pull sides together, fold in other edges. Flip onto the front, seams down.
Remember we're using what we have? I have kids. They're working.
Some of the household do not enjoy those yummy beans, so here's a cheese version.
Here they are, on the sheet. We're not heading for perfection here, so this is good for me.
350F for 15-20 minutes. Really. You want them nice and crunchy. Ahhhhh.....
Here's mine. Yeah, I added a few things. Like avocados and lettuce and sour cream and some tomatoes and some more green salsa. NOM NOM NOM NOM.
And here's a gratuitous picture of another dish I made before I decided to go sugar-free. It's pineapple cake mix version of pineapple upside down cake. I'd never made them before. Here's the picture of the mini cakes. Edna did a wonderful job but they weren't a hit. Hubby loved them.Everyone else sort of shrugged and passed. I would have rather eaten the pineapple by itself.
So, that's what I've been up to in the kitchen.  I misssssed youuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Here are some pretty pictures I think you all might like.
Look at this beautiful green field! Doesn't it make you wish for Spring?
And look at those gorgeous columns! I wonder where this is? I'd love to travel to this exact spot some day.
OOO! I love books! I can almost read the titles. They look like law books. Yes, very fine collection.
I love leather satchels. In one of my books, my heroine carries her grandfather's turn-of-the-century leather satchel.
Golly! Look at all those candles! They make me want to buy some gorgeous candelabras.
And look at this very nice shirt! It's so white, so... Okay, I can't really see it. I confess these are all just hero inspiration. But when my husband wonders why all the Rupert photos, I need to have something ready to say!

I won't see you all again until after Easter, so I want to wish you all a very holy Thursday/ Good Friday/ Holy Saturday. I'm looking forward to our Easter Vigil Mass because one of my little 3rd grade church students is being baptized. Soooo exciting!

 Until next time!



  1. Okay, first, can I say that I'm dying laughing at the green grass and columns... I'm talking I just startled my dogs! LOLOL!

    These burritos look so good, Virginia! I can't believe I've never thought to make them before. I've always made quesadillas. But will do these asap!

    1. Aren't those just the loveliest columns?? :O I feel a newfound interest in architecture.

      And how is Missy Tippens, Rita finalist today???

    2. Nursing a migraine!! LOL You know, I get migraines after bad stressful situations. But unfortunately, I also get them after really exciting good things! :)

    3. Oh NOOOOOOO. No more good news for you!!! We must keep Missy calm and even. Any other major awards will need to go to me, okay?

    4. LOL, Virginia. I really appreciate your sacrifice, but a little pain, nausea and disturbed vision are worth it! :)

  2. The burritos look scrumptious!

    And oh, that green grass? (ours is still winter-brown) And the columns? (swoon) And I'm all over those books and that leather satchel!

    On a different note, I'm filling my head with puppy names. We find out soon if we get one from the litter that's due on Monday...

    Will you guys help? Here's the short list (for a male tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi):
    Carson, Parker, Bayley, Guster.... New ones are added and subtracted every day.

    My oldest son (almost 29 and in "like" with a girl who lives 1600 miles away) wants to name him Norm Peterson, so when he walks into the room we can all yell "Norm!".

    My daughter wants to name him Maurice, so we can all say "Crazy old Maurice."

    After today's post, though, I just might add Rupert to the list :)

    1. Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corgi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous! I like Parker mainly because there's the cutest little kid who comes to my library. His name is Parker Delorme but he rounds out his rs so it sounds like Pooka Deworm. Too cute. So name your puppy Parker if he rounds out the rs in his grrrrrs.

    2. NORM!!! Okay, that's totally funny.

      My cousin's name is Parker, so maybe not that. And I've never had a puppy but I'll enjoy seeing all your pictures!!!

    3. LOL! Love Parker. But if he seems at all royal like he should belong to the Queen, then I'd say Carson fits. I don't know why, but it just does! :)

    4. Hmmm, Kav, I kind of like Pooka...or maybe say it with a Boston accent and get Pahka...

  3. Lol! This was great! And thank for another short cut type of recipe, too. Rupert is a hottie, but you will give the recipe for that drippy strawberry or raspberry cheesecake sometime right? I can wait.....

    1. Oh, I wish I made something like that! That's just a google pic I use every now and then to mean 'yum yum yum yum'.

      And how is Miss Golden Heart finalist today????

    2. Aww man! Well, nice goggle pics anyway! And cheesecake batter is probably too thick for Edna anyway!

      Coming back down to earth today for things that have to be done. My guys are coming to the awards ceremony, so I have to get them some extra tickets for that....they had better eat their fair share.....:)


  4. Rupert who? The only Rupert I know is a bear who had his own graphic novel before they became so popular. :-)

    I'm grieving for Edna. What will she do to wile away the hours if you are going sugarless????

    Thanks for the burrito recipe. I didn't know they were that easy. And I didn't know you could buy the beans already smooshed up like that. Checking this out at the grocery store today!

    1. Kav, you can actually get the vegetarian beans here because the regular have lard in them or something. My vegetarian friends always ask me before they partake. :) And I've learned to just buy the veg version so I don't have to keep them straight in the cabinet.
      Oh, Edna will be just fine!! She's been hanging out with that old trunk lately.
      I didn't show you the trunk? the new version? Hmmmm. Next week!!

  5. You sucked me over from FB with those pics of RPJ! Best. Wentworth. Ever. (Sorry to Ciaran Hinds fans!) Anyone else noticed that MI-5 (BBC) series had a lot of the period drama men? RPJ, Matthew Macfadyen, Richard Armitage?
    Kav needs to watch the new Persuasion!
    Virginia, I'm sure the food was really awesome too but I must confess I totally didn't read that part, LOL. (Backing away in shame, hehe). *HUGS*

    1. LOL, Nancy! The photos were a bit distracting...

    2. hahaha! Too true! And I almost watched that MI-5 show except I heard he had some tortured past that lept him going from woman to woman and... Wentworth would NEVER DO THAT. So, I'll enjoy the pictures.
      And the only thing better than a period man in a contemporary drama is a period man in a contemporary drama photo shoot! Ohhhh, I could just flood facebook. But I won't.

      Maybe 5 or 6.

    3. Kav did not know there was a new Persuasion. Kav has been living in a Speedbo bubble. And before that a pneumonia bubble. And before that a dithery bubble.

    4. We'll forgive you. It came out in 2010. :)

  6. Columns??? What columns???? :)

    Oh, that's so wonderful, I'm laughing at the pineapple upside down cake because clearly kids know NOTHING, I'd have eaten it, oh my stars, I'm aching for it now....


    Was this post something about burritos?

    Because I'm lost in the cute guy factor.

    1. See, we can pull all sorts of stunts during Speedbo!

      "The recipe is canned beans and flour tortillas. What, it's food, really! Not buying it? Look at Rupert!!" *silence*

  7. No sugar? Is this why you are overcompensating on the hunk???

  8. *sob* I've just tried sugar free chocolate pudding. I think the FDA needs to get involved. That was NOT EVEN CLOSE to the real thing.

    And I may need a little distraction from the detox.