Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Corned Beef St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

Happy St. Patrick's Weekend, folks! I'm sure most of you guys know that this meal is way more New England then Celtic, but it's become such a big tradition in the northern states, that we Irish cling to the melding of all these wonderful flavors in ONE BIG POT!!! 

Can you hit the "LOVE" button, please?????  :)  I'm repeating this from last year, and you can expect to see it again next year because March is Speedbo and St. Patrick's Day and Lent, so my time is limited.... One pot meals make the grade!

This is a no brainer, folks. I mean, really. Kav, for you, I'd suggest a lovely bit of bread (and I hate soda bread so I won't be suggesting that HERE, ever. I remember in James Beard's "Beard on Bread" cookbook, he said the same thing. I've loved him more, ever since!  ;)  Thank heavens for YEAST.... 

Corned beef round or brisket.
Six large potatoes
Six large carrots
1/2 head cabbage (if desired, my kids don't eat cooked cabbage)
One onion, if desired (I don't use the onion in this. I use it in beef stew where the meaty gravy takes on a nice oniony essence, but I think the onion overwhelms the other flavors in Corned Beef. So forget the onion. Really. Pretend I didn't even mention it, okay?)

Put the corned beef into a BIG POT. I like my big soup kettle, it's so old fashioned looking. Cover with water. Be sure to add in the little spice packet that comes with the corned beef (oh, they're a delicious addition!!!!) and the juices from the bag.  Do not think about what's IN those juices, just add 'em.

Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 3-4 hours, filling the home air with delightful scents and yumminess.


Add the peeled potatoes and carrots, cut in halves or quarters. Cook for about 30 minutes more (more or less depending on how small your veggies are) Add the cabbage for the last ten minutes.

Remove veggies onto a platter. Place in 225 degree oven to keep warm while you slice the beef. It's easier to slice the beef across the grain.... 

Now you're scratching your head and saying "WHAT????"  That just means slice it on the diagonal. So instead of going back and forth across the meat, angle it on the cutting board and slice from the narrowest end up.  Easy peasy! I promise. Thin slices work well, but Dave and I.... sigh... we just dig in, so there is no fancy schmancy slicing being done at our house today! 


  1. LOL -- I love soda bread, Ruthy! So easy to make and so lovely and solid it stays with you for hours. Mmmmm hot out of the oven with melted butter and strawberry jam. Yum. I always make soda bread for St. Patrick's Day. And I'll serve it up with an Irish veggie stew. :-) And I'll eat it with traditional Irish music playing the background (while I ignore the snow squalls outside.)


      Happy St. Patrick's Day! Okay, Kav-a-licious, you eat the soda bread and I'll eat yeast bread....

      And I shouldn't be eating ANY bread, that's how tight my stinkin' jeans are. But I can't stay away from good bread!

  2. I've tried making corned beef once. (Result of the Irish in my family being way too diluted...). Like I said last year, I'll have to try this.

    The problem is talking my 100% German-ancestry husband into it. He's not too sure....

    But you KNOW what music will be playing in our house all weekend! And I can at least whip up some soda bread, like Kav.

    1. My German husband loves corned beef. It's one of his faves. He's a salt-a-holic, so corned beef works for him!

  3. Is the soda bread recipe on here? did I miss it? I've been deadlining (that's a verb...) so I've been missing out on all the great stuff going on!

    And I actually needed this post because I almost bought some corned beef at the store and realized I had no idea how to cook it, so skipped it. Now I can go back and get some!

    I think I'll task (verbing again) my daughter with the soda bread. She's mastered French bread and should be good for an afternoon of figuring out soda bread. :)

    1. Then tell me what you think. I"m not a fan. And I keep trying it because folks like Kav love it and tell me I'm crazy....

      And still: Nope.

      Try it and see and your daughter will have no trouble with the recipes because it's basically flour and water.


  4. I grew up having corned beef and cabbage on new year's day and also sometimes on St. Patrick's. I'm sorry to say I don't like corned beef!! I used to beg my mother to make something else. LOL

    But Ruthy, dear, I may have to try your recipe to see if I like it as a grownup. I've never made it!

    1. I wouldn't eat it as a kid. And in our neighborhood there was no shortage of people cooking it on St. Patrick's Day.... but the smell... the taste.... too strong.

  5. I got you beat for easy peasy.

    Take one crock pot.

    Add two cups water. Now put in crockpot in this order, seasoning with salt and pepper in between layers.
    Add corned beef.
    Onion quartered.
    Carrots in bag already peeled.
    Tiny red potatoes. Just wash and throw in.
    Whole head red cabbage. Cover entire thing with fans of cabbage. (that means cut it in half and use the big pieces).

    Set crock pot for 10 hours. Serve in crockpot.

    THE END.

    1. Tina, you stinkin' show-off!!!! You came over to play with us!!! I love this recipe! Okay, next St. Patrick's Day it's ALL TINA, ALL THE TIME!!!!