Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yankee Chili for Superbowl Sunday!

Simply Saturday Easy Peasy Ruthy-Chili and it's a big fave around here on game weekends!

Simple ingredients:

I start with 4-5 lbs of lean ground beef or venison....

I brown that in a BIG pan over a gentle heat with half a sweet onion, chopped OR.... 1/3 cup dry onions....

I add in a tablespoon of granulated garlic, a bunch of fresh ground black pepper and about 2 tablespoons salt... I will probably add more of that later....

Cook over medium low heat, stirring now and again, chopping the meat as it cooks with a nice, big, metal spatula....

When meat is fully cooked and chopped into spoonable (or smaller) pieces, add two 6 oz. cans of tomato paste and 3 cups hot water. Stir. Add in 3 rounded tablespoons of chili powder and then add hot pepper sauce to taste.

I don't like mine too hot, so I go for a mild/medium chili.

When ready to serve, add in two cans of drained kidney beans and let heat through.

You can grate cheddar cheese over the bowls... or sprinkle with shredded parmesan cheese, or grated parmesan.... As you wish!

This goes great with the artisan or plain bread we made on Thursday....

Really, with great chili and homemade bread, what else could you need to make Super Bowl Sunday Super?


And no matter which team wins tomorrow, let's hope for safe travel and a fun time for all!


  1. Super Bowl and Chili! A great combination - and then you throw in that yummy bread for fun!

    Of course, I'd be a lot more excited about the Super Bowl if the Ravens hadn't STOLEN the victory from my Broncos in double overtime in the playoff game.

    But I'm not bitter. Not at all.

    1. I scolded them for that, Jan!!!!

      I have such a soft spot in my heart for Baltimore. Rochester used to be their baseball farm team, and I grew up loving the Orioles... Until I married a Yankee fan. I met Boog Powell last year in Baltimore and told him I gave my hero his name and they made me change it because you couldn't have a hero named Boog... he mentioned that when he and Brooks Robinson were playing, a lot of kids got named "Brooks" and a lot of dogs got named "Boog".... Such a nice man.

      I'm sorry they sent the Broncs back to the locker room to pack up. But I'm hoping for a really good game. My boys are huge 49er fans, have been from way back. So it's nice to see them back in the mix for us.

      Here, honey, have some bread. It soaks up the oil of bitterness. :)

    2. My family has never been sports fans, but for some reason I love football.

      So I'll choose a team to root for by the time the game starts.

      No party here, though. We have church in the middle of the game, so I'll watch the first half hour, head to church, and then come back to pick up where I left off. I love DVR's!

    3. Me, too. I'd see nothing if it wasn't for DVR'ing. What a great invention!

  2. Jan, will you still be this raised-in-MD's friend?

    The Super Bowl is the second biggest food day after Thanksgiving. Think about it.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Isn't that a hoot? All this fun food. We're having our daycare families over for our Annual Half-a-Superbowl Extravaganza. At half-time I send everyone home to put their kiddies to bed, and you cannot hear the game because of the kids, so the families that LOVE football don't come, but it's a cool way for the little kids to think they went to a BIG SUPERBOWL PARTY!!!!

      We make punch in my big, glass bowl.... with fancy cups!!!! And tacos, and chili and potato bake and cookies and carrot cake and chips and dip and meatballs and apple dumplings.

      My pants are already too tight.

      Salad, anyone?

  3. I'm late to the party! And we actually had friends over yesterday for the game. But since they're health nuts, I skipped the chili this year and made pork tenderloin (recipe coming up soon). :)

    I admit, though, that I also made Virginia's almond cake for dessert last night. Plenty left for today! It was yummy!

  4. Jan, I'm with you. We were so bitter about the Falcons losing to the 49er's that it was hard to cheer for them. Still, we'd hoped they'd pull it out to make our conference look better. And they made a game of it!