Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simply Saturday Bread Dip Seasoning

Yes, easy-peasy.

Not rocket science.

And you're sayin' to yourself, "Ruthy, why are you making this a post? It's so easy anyone can do it, right???"

Well, here's why:

If you make seasoned breads and seasoned dipping oils as often as we do, it gets price, so for a few pennies, I can put together my own seasoned mix and everybody's happy!

I usually keep a few small empty spice jars around to put my mix in. If I don't have any, jelly jars do well! And I got these teensy tinsy ones as favors at a wedding, filled with homemade jam... Oh my stars, I think that's my favorite wedding favor yet! Because these tiny jars are da' bomb!!!!

So here you go:

Rosemary/Garlic Bread Dipping mix:

4 teaspoons salt (I use sea salt because it's fun, but all salt is NaCl and Mr. Dowd would be insulted if I didn't remember that from high school, and I'd never insult Mr. Dowd because he rocks. We just love that man around here... So use sea salt if you have it, but table salt works fine.)
3 teaspoons freshly ground (or restaurant grind, coarser) black pepper
6 teaspoons rosemary garlic seasoning

Mix together.

Put in jar.



I buy the ginormous Rosemary Garlic seasoning at Sam's Club because it's enough for a year.... We grill with it, use it on chicken, use it in soups, etc. It's a great seasoning and the huge plastic jar of it is less than the cost of a bottle of bread dip mix:  Add some salt and pepper, and the world is happy.

For Italian style bread dip mix (with or without the black pepper, your choice)

4 teaspoons sea salt
3 teaspoons coarse black pepper (if desired, Dave loves peppery breads. He's weird)
6 teaspoons Italian seasoning OR: use two teaspoons granulated garlic, one teaspoon oregano, two teaspoons basil and one teaspoon parsley.

Mix and store in airtight container.

I like sun-dried tomato in my mixes, but Dave isn't a fan, so I add it into the mix if it's just for us girls... Or if I'm doing two dips, I'll use minced up sun-dried tomatoes to throw into the mix.


Do you have blends you use? Feel free to share them! I used to be a bread-and-butter New England kind of gal, but now... I'm totally loving these bread dips in olive oil.




  1. I love this kind of dip for bread, but never ventured into actually having it at home...I think it's because I have visions of myself pigging out on unlimited bread and dip.

    'Cause, you know, at a restaurant they only bring you a tiny dish and a wee loaf.

    But I'm going to Sam's today, so I'll look for the seasoning.

    And maybe make bread today......

    By the way, does anyone have any secrets on how to make the little crunchy roasted garlic bits that are in some bread dips?

    1. Jan, I think you can probably cook chopped garlic in oil in a skillet. But don't burn them or the garlic gets bitter (which I do on a regular basis).

      Or you could just roast garlic and mash it in. but then it's not nice and crunchy.

    2. Good idea - I like those crunchy bits. They do the dipping oil at Johnny Carino's that way. I could make a whole meal out of that stuff!

  2. I just learned about rosemary garlic!! Thank you, Ruthy!!! I'll be on the lookout for it.

    I have to add that I think the main thing in making good bread dip is to have a good quality olive oil!! That makes all the difference! I love one that's nice and fruity. I've recently discovered my grocery store brand is almost as good as my fav. I'm so excited about the cost savings. It's still from olives imported from Italy (and I think Spain). I did try one made from CA olives, and I'm sorry to say I didn't like it. The texture wasn't right (it felt thick and sticky).

    Yes, I'm weird and picky! LOL

    I often just use oil and salt and pepper. It's quick and easy to do. The kids like it with grated parmesan cheese added in.

  3. Oh, I like parmesan in some of the mixes, too, Missy... Never a bad thing!

    Except maybe with cinnamon.

  4. I've never done this at home either but making that bread dip is just the thing to go with my lentil soup tonight. I take it you add some of the mix to olive oil? asks the bread and butter girl.

    1. I assumed that's what she meant, Kav. :)

    2. Hey, Kav! Be sure to check out my recipe yesterday. Vegetarian! :)

  5. Went to Sam's this morning.

    Olive oil? Check
    Rosemary Garlic seasoning? Check
    Italian bread? Check
    Garlic? Check

    I think we're in business!