Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simply Saturday Beignets!

You cannot get simpler than this.

The real Lisa's children were used as cover models for this book... Taylor, McKenna and Nolan 
My friend Lisa (my upcoming book "The Lawman's Second Chance" is dedicated to Lisa and Jeff Tydings, my dear friends, and to Beth Endlich, Love Inspired Senior Editor Melissa Endlich's mother... cancer is never convenient...) went to the Super Bowl, and she knows I love three things:


Oh, wait, I should list family in there somewhere, right????

She brought me back pralines (which Dave LOVED and wolfed down like a hunger-crazed coyote out behind the house... Really, Dave?  REALLY??????)  Sorry, off-track... Okay, so pralines (they pronounce them praw-leeens, clearly they do not understand Yankee phonetics in N'Orleans).

And she brought me THIS:

Yes, it is a box of beignet mix. I've never made beignets, much less from a box, but we had to try it because I gave up chocolate for Lent, there is no chocolate in this box, and I was on Day Two and borderline homicidal...

THEREFORE!!!!  We made beignets:

2 cups mix
7 oz. water.


Mix. Roll out like you would biscuits. Cut into squares.

Heat oil in frying pan (about one inch)

Put squares in (I did 4 at a time). Turn often with slotted spoon or fork. Listen to K-Love radio while working...

These were the tiny strips I had left at the end, so I made them into French Bow-knots but they weren't as good as the square pillows... unless you like more of the crunchy outside and less puff-middle...
Drain on paper towels, sift with powdered sugar, DONE.

And the taste? Melt-in-your-mouth amazing!


You can order the box of mix here: Cafe Dumonde

Just over $3/box.... and amazingly, impressively GOOD!!!

Thank you, Lisa and Jeff!


  1. I'm speechless. Crispy outsides? Puffy insides? Powdered sugar?

    To die for goodness. You don't even have to mention chocolate when those things are around!

    1. EXACTLY. How easy can you get? And I found some fun recipes online to play with, VERY SIMPLE. I love these things, truly I am a new addict.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, yeah. The kids went bonkers for them, even the babies, they literally just melt in your mouth when warm. Think egg puff, fried with sugar coating.


  3. Uh-uh -- hot oil = grease fire trauma. So not going there again! I'll drool from afar. :-)

    1. Oh, wait, wait, wait.... I am mentally calling you a big BABY right now because these are worth risking death.

      Do I ever steer you wrong???? Of course not! :) There was no danger, promise, of course I did not walk away from stove... :) Kav, you know what we're going to do? We have a "frying table" in our garage and we're going to set up an electric frying pan to do these outside. I use the big fryers out there and it keeps the smell out of the house, but these really didn't have any smell... But the electric frying pan in almost three inches deep so one inch of oil won't burble over. First, the job..... #1 PRIORITY. :) Then we'll figure out getting you over "Fear of Frying". :)

  4. oops -- love the cover by the way! You've been blessed with your cover art, Ruthy! LI is good to you.

    1. Don't you love it, Kavalicious??????? I agree, they've done just beautiful covers for me, we've delighted in each one. And this one just draws the reader into the family. I love that! I'm so glad you like it!!!!

  5. Ah, Ruthy. You have me. I think my favorite part of RWA 2001 was it being in New Orleans. Being a GH finalist was particularly fun because the awards ceremony was in a romantic old theater.

    AND I got to have beignets at Cafe du Monde.

    I learned something really important though. No one else wanted to go out early for coffee in the heat so I went and got the beignets and brought them back. But I was so hot and sweaty from the 150% humidity that I took a shower before eating. NOT a good idea. Beignets taste wonderful when they're hot and crispy. Not so much when cold and soggy. :(

    I may have to order some just to get them right. Hmmm, of course that will have me wanting to write a book set in New Orleans.