Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pie Crust Blues

Tex here. A few weeks back, Ruthy did a post on quiche (click here to see it) which got me to craving quiche. So after a few days of thinking about nothing but quiche, I decided to make my own. To do this, I started with one of those refrigerated pie crusts that are already rolled out. They're good, they're easy, and...well, they're easy.

The quiche was great, the crust was great, nuf said.

So Saturday, I decided to make that mouthwatering treat again. Except I didn't have any refrigerated pie crusts. And I wasn't about to run to the store. I'll just make my own.

Epic failure.

I've tried countless times to make my own pie crust, but I can never get them to roll out right. I made sure my ingredients were cold. I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for thirty minutes. I was careful not to add too much flour or water.

I don't get it. Why can I not do this?

Ruthy would say it's because I didn't use her never-fail pie crust (recipe here), which is probably true. Nor did I go back and look at Jan's pie crust demo (click here to see it and be a better person than me).


Alas, on the second try, I finally got the crust rolled out enough to fit in the pie plate. I didn't care much what it looked like because, like people, it's what on the inside that counts. So until I can master the art pie crusts there's only one thing left to do.

Let them eat cake!
(This gorgeous creation is courtesy of my daughter, Rachel and her little helper on the right.)


  1. Oh my goodness -- that cake is gorgeous!!!! I'll glady eat cake instead of pie crust!

    I make a pie crust using spelt flour and it's tricky so I roll it out between wax paper and then just peel the wax paper off the top and plop it into the pie plate then peel off the bottom layer of wax paper (which is now on top) and voila, painless pie crust...more or less.

    1. Kav, I'll be thinking of you today for your interview!!

    2. It's on my calendar...and according to my figuring, Kav should be in her interview RIGHT NOW!

      Be sure to tell us how it went!

    3. I had 11 eastern time, so not quite yet, I think.

    4. Kav, I've done the was paper method, too. No go.

      I'm hopeless, I tell ya, hopeless!

      Excuse me while I go wallow in another piece of cake.

    5. Missy, I'm awful with time changes. Just ask my husband.

      But an extra prayer ahead of time sure won't hurt, eh?

      (Thinking Canadian here...)

    6. Prayer all day for her would be good, right???? :)

      Mindy, how fun this cake is! Adorable and TRES CHIC!!!!

      So, the pie crust....

      Yes, use that old recipe of mine, it started as a recipe in Yankee Magazine called Country Tea Room Pastry and if the ladies at the tea room don't know good pastry, then we're not true Yankees!

      This pie crust doesn't get tough. It rolls out well. It forgives... very New Testament friendly! That alone should get you to try it!

      Lovin' on the cake, though!

  2. Mindy, I really do need to dig around and try to find the no-fail recipe I have. If I can make it, anyone can. (It's made inside a gallon ziplock baggie!)

    I love the cake! Rachel did a beautiful job!

    1. Didn't she, though. I was very impressed.

  3. Mindy, that cake is gorgeous! Did you actually cut into it and eat it?

    And the pie crust will come. Like anything else, practice makes a huge difference, and my husband never complains when I practice on pie.

    I've slowed way down on my bread making (time isn't an issue - it's devouring a whole loaf of bread at one meal that's an issue) (wait, that didn't sound right...six of us devour a whole loaf at one meal, not just me...)

    Anyway, when I go for awhile without making bread, it takes a few batches to get back to the nearly perfect loaves my family loves. The last batch tasted fine, but it turned out heavy and grainy - not my usual at all. I'm just out of practice :(

    And now you have me craving quiche!

    1. LOL! Let the cravings begin! My quiche wasn't as healthy as Ruthy's. I added 2 cups of spinach, sliced mushrooms, chopped bacon, and some smoked gruyere. Mmm...it was too die for. Well, except the crust, that is:-)

    2. BTW, I'm glad you clarified the bread eating. Although, when it comes to fresh-baked bread, I'd gladly eat an entire loaf. Then beat myself up for the rest of day:-P

    3. I'm making bread now with my little granddaughter. Lovin' it!

  4. Look at that cake!!!! how cool is that??? I'm in total awe!