Saturday, July 14, 2012

Simply Saturday Rutabaga Fries with Tyndale Author Pam Hillman

I was looking for a way to cook extra Rutabagas this morning, and here's the link I found:
And then this is what I did!

Thin 1/4" strips work best, and I made mine really spicy! I tossed the strips in a bowl with a bit of olive oil to coat them, then layered them on a cookie sheet and drenched them with...
Onion Powder: White and Green Onions with Parsley
Garlic powder
Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning
Also used butter flavor spray to get the seasonings to stick.
I baked mine longer than 20 minutes so that they would be soft like fries. Well, I like soft fries! lol

PS. I just ate a couple with ketchup, and I could hardly tell the difference in a french fry. 

And...I bet they'd be good with cinnamon and sugar/truvia. Without the ketchup of course. 

Ah, why am I not surprised? Here's a recipe for Maple Cinnamon Roasted Rutabaga fries. 


  1. I've had sweet potato fries but never thought about trying rutabaga! Will definitely attempt this once the heat wave passes...which may not be until September the way things are going here!

  2. lol - I agree, Kav. I put three cookie sheets in the oven with these fries on them, so the kitchen got way too hot.

    They were very good. And unlike baked french fried potatoes, they weren't dry at all. Just yummy!

    Wish I could stay around and chat today, but I'm headed out to shop with my future DIL. Sorry about that, guys....well, not sorry that we're going shopping, but that you guys can't all just come along with us!

  3. These sound great!

    Now, if I can just find some rutabagas...

    I looked for some at the end of last winter and couldn't find any. This may get serious if it continues! I may have to do something drastic, like grow my own :)

  4. Sounds fabulous, Pam. I love substituting vegetables like that.

    On another note, my daughter brought home something called hemp hearts from Costco yesterday. Apparently they're a really healthy source of Omegas and protein. Anyone know anything about them?

    1. Merciful heavens, I've never heard of hemp hearts(hulled hemp seeds) but it sounds like a miracle food! Great for weight loss even. You're supposed to sprinkle them over your oatmeal in the morning or add them to a protein shake and they're something new and crunchy for a salad. Anyway -- I just briefly googled it. I'm intrigued enough to head on out to my health food store and check them out...after the heat kicks back a notch or two.

  5. am I the only one who's never had a rutabaga?! I'm not even sure what one is - is it like a turnip? off to search the web for info..thank goodness for youtube and the web! :-) wow I thought hemp was another term for marijuana! :-( I"m having a very dumb moment in life right now I guess...


  6. Is rutabaga a potato? or what would you call it?
    Oh Susanna I have no Idea what it is either it sounds like a medical condition.
    Susanna had to do a google search too. I see its a cross between a cabbage and turnip (sorry dont like either) Oh they call it a Swede here Have heard and seen them here.

  7. These look so good, Pam!! I'm starving, and now seeing these is going to make me get me off the couch! Of course, I need to make a grocery trip before I can make them. So I I'll have to do it this week. :)

  8. well I looked up both rutabaga and hemp and that rutabaga looked like a gigantic turnip(only seen those in the store and wouldnt' have noticed except I like purple!) and looked up marijuana and hemp was one of the slang terms for it(sure hope IT isn't checking my searches here at work LOL - may be in for a drug test!) I know I hate radishes and they look like the babies of the turnip...I'll have to look at the grocery store or youtube..I hope the store never labels anything wrong!

  9. Oh my gosh, what is THIS? I had to google rutabaga fries and see if there were palces that served this as a specialty. :D Looks like a lot of restaurants in the Seattle area serve this when they're in season. Never heard of it before, Pam! thanks for sharing!

    I might have to try this because anything that looks and tastes like a French Fry is my best friend.

  10. the store near me didn't have them - I asked and he said he'd be tossing them out if they had them because they don't sell - they go by demographic supply and demand(I can find plenty of mexican food stuff thank goodness!)and some other ethnic stuff -even beets - I became acquainted with the produce section today! I asked about all the beets and he said yep people buy them to juice 'em - he even cut one and let me have a taste! meh ok but not gonna crave 'em any time soon!
    would a turnip work for this recipe? they had a few of those...