Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sights of Summer....

People that love heat, thrive on heat, that are not BIG BABIES when it gets super hot out, may move along....

I'm about to reveal a Truth-about-Ruth.

I don't love summer. Correction: I love the gentle days of summer, I hate heat. But I love the THOUGHT of summer, warm days, breeze-filled nights, yaddi-yaddi-yaddah!

Mostly I love kids and summer:

Kids on rooftops....

Kids and puppies. Aww, who doesn't love a puppy????

BABIES!!!!  :)



And cake:

And every summer should have a sombrero-wearing warrior princess!

So those are things I like about summer!  ;)

What about youse? Are you baking/roasting? Are you in a drought? (and I'm praying for those who are.)

Missy and the Texan are down South. As much as I love Southern-crazy, I don't know how they do it. 

And they probably laugh at me every winter, huddled in my blankets and throwin' wood on the wood stove.



  1. I hate summer but this year we've been lucky and it's been raining almost every day -pain in the rear but it beats the drought and wildfires we had last year though the summer ain't over yet. I remember triple digits last year - my car thermometer said 115 once after sitting in the parking lot all day. There have been 2 winters here - not this past feb but the 2 yrs prior where it hit 17/18 and I was freezing and couldn't believe people put up with that up north - and worse! but down here we believe in the good 'ol A/C - like I said before I'll get the a/c fixed before I worry about a check engine light if it's summer! well maybe about the same but's right up there! but we're not equipped for cold at least my townhome isn't. so when it hits freezing down here you'll be the one laughing at us!

    cute kiddos and cute doggies!


    1. I never laugh... mostly! I sympathize because I'm such a big baby, Susanna!!! :) But I do love the Mayberry-type days of summer. Easy. Not too hot. Relaxin'... And I loved Andy Griffith to death, oh my stars, he was a quintessential gentle beta romance hero, wasn't he????

    2. yeah but he dragged his feet with the ring! He strung Helen along for how long?! :-)

      well no rain here the past few day and car said 102 today :-( I would love to love summer but I just don't but it's kinda like I'd love camping - the whole concept sounds so 'down to earth' but when it comes down to it I"m tub/shower/central heat and air with a bed kinda person.

  2. I'm with you, Ruthy. I love long as the heat and humidity stay down.

    When we lived farther south, I hated summer. Between allergies, humidity and unrelenting heat, I suffered until fall arrived. I hate being shut up in an air conditioned house, but that's what I had to do.

    It's better here, at least until this summer. Reasonable allergies, but it's been so hot and dry.... The ranchers really have it bad. The hay isn't growing, so there won't be much for winter, so they're having to reduce their herds.

    Things aren't as bad as they were during the dust bowl years yet, but it's bad.

    Meanwhile, I know fall is just around the corner. Mid-August, maybe.

    And we pray for rain every day!

  3. Let'em laugh. I can turn the heat up and throw on a sweater in the winter.

    I think part of the problem is most of us up here don't have central air conditioning. At least I don't. :(

    We have room air conditioners in the bedrooms but that's it, so when it hits 103 like the other day, you're pretty much confined to living in one room until it breaks.

    Having to go into the kitchen to cook, I'm pretty sure that breaks some international rights convention.

    But today!!!!!! Today is GLORIOUS. Today is what summer should be. Beautiful, sunny, COOL. 69 degrees at almost 10. Even the dog had energy when we walked this morning.

    So that's my long-winded way of agreeing, Ruthy.

    Susanna, I'm glad you're having rain. The pictures of drought areas are heart-breaking.

    Jan, I read an article the other day that said in some places it's worse than during the Dust Bowl.

    1. Mary, our central A/C is the way we survive down here. Our last electric bill was $350 for the month! It's definitely been a hot summer.

    2. *Scream* $350??? I almost fainted when I read that. Our highest is $240 in the middle of winter and $250 in the middle of summer, running AC units in several rooms, dryer, fans, oven.

      Oh, wait. And that's our total untilities, including water/sewer/gas. So actually it's probably about $150.

    3. It is rather shocking, Virginia. I want to scream, too. That's just electricity, too. Adding our gas hot water heater and water/sewer, it's even worse.

  4. I'm with you Ruthy -- I'm a spring and fall person. Mildly warm in the day and cool enough to sleep at night!

    We're in the middle of a terrible drought too -- and unusual for us. In fact, I think it's record breaker. We've had 50 grass fires in one week -- and that's in the city!!! Three houses have burned to the ground. Most of the fires are attributed to cigarette butts. So now, instead of conserving water, the fire marshall is asking everyone to water their lawns and gardens so they won't go up in smoke!

    I really feel for the farmers. Many of them are losing fields of crops. I think the corn is pretty much a wipe out up here. And the veggie crops are early because of the early start to summer we had. They begging people to buy local and I try to do that as much as possible anyway.

    Despite not having any rain we've actually had three nights of cool temps (13 celcius) and just mid twenties and no humidity in the days. So guess what I'm doing??? BAKING!!!!! Have to use this window of opportunity because it's starting to heat up again tomorrow. Bah!!!!! And no rain in the forecast. :(

  5. On the most brutal 100 degree, 100% humidity day in the depths of the belly of the unrelenting summer.........I still hate winter most.

    1. Amen, Connealy!!! You need to move to Georgia and live with me. You'd be much happier. :)

    2. Mary, you live on the Dark Side. I die in that weather and come alive when the snow flies!

  6. It's so hot and dry here.
    So hot and dry.
    So hot and dry.

    I haven't made the point enough yet.
    It's so hot and dry.

    We still have a chance at a crop due to one unexpected rain right around July 4th, before I think. But thirty miles from here they're chopping corn to use as cattle feed while there's some food value left in the stalks. No corn at all. And corn, in case y'all didn't know it (I played Southern Belle there) is in EVERYTHING. Corn syrup is the sweetner in so much food. Corn is what fattens the cattle, pigs and chickens, so there goes the meat section. Of course ethynol has a corn component. But did you know that PLASTIC is made from corn now? A lot of the plastic food containers are made with corn and fabric has corn in it now.
    There ain't gonna be any corn this year, well, some of course, because of irrigated land, but it's BAD.
    Look for prices to rise.
    Wow, I'll shut up now, I'm a bummer.

    1. I love corn! I better stock up.

      I'm so sorry about the drought. We had a severe one for several years (7, I think). A couple of years ago, it finally broke. We've had rain just about every day this week. But it's been storms. Not fun, especially when my dogs have nervous breakdowns over thunder!

    2. Oh Missy -- buy them thundershirts. They really work!

    3. Really??! I've heard of the them. Have tried wrapping my arms around my lab to try to calm her (like a live thundershirt). :) But it didn't work. Maybe I should invest. I hate to see them suffer.

    4. I bought a thundershirt in desperation for a behaviour problem I had with Simba. He got loose from the backyard and chased a squirrel up a neighbour's tree about a year ago and from that day on every time we left the house for a walk Simba would act like a mad thing practically frothing at the mouth and lunging at the tree like he wanted to rip it right out of the ground to get at that squirrel. LOL. Kind of funny unless you're the one walking him and you have a gimpy leg, a cane and you're out at five in the morning and worried about waking the neighbours.

      So that went on for months until I got brave and tried the thundershirt. (It also works as a calming device for behaviour problems). Seriously -- I put the shirt on Simba that first morning and he walked calmly by my side down the drive, made one move towards the tree across the street but obediently mosied on by after a correction from me. Unbelievable. I had a couple of mornings in a row where he kind of eyed the tree and grumbled but that's all. Now without the thundershirt on he just walks on by like that whole bizarre six months never happened. LOL.

      We haven't had any thunderstorms this summer yet -- yes it's been that dry!!! But we've had numerous firework displays in and around where I live and Simba doesn't like those. He starts pacing and panting and tries to climb into my lap which is not fun in this heat. When I put the thundershirt on him he just kind melts into his bed and snoozes through it all.

      I don't know if it will work for every dog...but it sure worked for my furbuddy. They're expensive though. I think I paid about $80 here so if you decide to try it get one first and see how it goes. Oh -- and if you have a male dog you have to make sure to put it on right or they'll end up peeing all over the tummy wrap. LOL. I learned that the hard way!

    5. Kav, that's amazing! I may have to invest. But it's kind of tough when I need to buy two of them. Plus our dogs are pretty old (9 and almost 12). Maybe I can find a deal on a used one on ebay.

      LOL on putting the shirt on the right direction! :)

  7. Missy, I was just chatting the other day with someone else who swears by Thundershirts.

  8. This Aussie is dreaming of sunny warm days. Of course this aussie is so sick now with a cold she just wants some sun on the face without freezing to get it.
    I have used more wood the past 3 weeks than normal and am almost out of wood cos I am feeling cold like I have never felt it before.
    I love summer ok I dont love it when it gets to 40 which is about 10 5ish. I think 38 is 100. but up to 90 I dont mind at all. I have a cool house (no a/c) that as long as we dont get a long run of heat its fine. and since I moved in we haven't.
    actually the past 3 summers have been very mild.
    But we do have a much dryer heat its not that humid although once it reaches near 100 its a hot north wind which makes it hard to take. But all the same I would rather heat than cold.
    also for sale one slightly used cold.

  9. OK, have no idea what thundershirts are.

    But in the winter you can layer on clothes, huddle by the heater.

    In the summer, there's only so much naked you can be. That even includes naked naked. There are just no more layers you can peel off.

  10. Ruthy, I am not a heat lover. Yet here I am, in Texas. Oy! Can you say summer on steroids. Swimming pools and air conditioning. They're my saving grace. Could not survive without them.

    My philosophy is this, I can always put on more layers. I can only take off so many. I'm just saying.

  11. Ruthy, I am not a heat lover. Yet here I am, in Texas. Oy! Can you say summer on steroids. Swimming pools and air conditioning. They're my saving grace. Could not survive without them.

    My philosophy is this, I can always put on more layers. I can only take off so many. I'm just saying.