Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Chat!

The Belle, here. It's Wednesday and time for our weekly chat her at the cafe! So pull up a chair, grab an iced coffee, tea or chocolate beverage, and let's talk.

This week on the Seekerville blog, I talked about creativity and early writing memories--the joy we had in our writing.

Today I wanted to ask about your earliest reading memories. What do you first remember about books and reading?


  1. I'm sure there were earlier ones but my youngest memory is of my parents enrolling me in The Happy Hollisters book club. I got 2 in the mail each month (and I was generally finished by the evening they arrived).

    I also remember my absolute and total despair when Doubleday sent me Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates instead because they had run out of the Happy Hollisters series.

    Happy chatting. Going to bed now so I can wake up and have my coffee.

  2. Mary, I'm not familiar with The Happy Hollisters. I love how addicted you were! :)

    My earliest memory is of my mom reading us the Children's Bible and also of her telling us fairy tales in bed at night. I most remember Rapunzel!

  3. You know, Missy, I don't recall ever being read to, but I remember the first time I read The Boxcar Children. I thought that was so cool for them to be on their own. I'll never forget when they found that rusty spoon and used sand to get rid of the rust. For an eight year old, that's adventure :-)

    1. Loved the Boxcar Children! I thought it would be so cool to live in the woods like that...

  4. I also should have mentioned that from as early as I can remember, my mother always had a romance novel in her hand. Usually a Barbara Cartland. Made we swear I'd never read the things. LOL! Talk about never say never. I not only read them, I write them!

  5. Mary, one of my dear husband's earliest memories is when his mother enrolled him in the Happy Hollister book club, too! She had to drop out of school after 8th grade to help her mother (the dear woman had just given birth to twins - children #12 and 13!), but she loved reading. Out of her own 8 children, Floyd was the only one who loved reading as much as she did, so she splurged and bought him books. He still has every single one.

    One of my earliest reading memories was during one summer when I was reading "Prairie Winter" by Lois Lenski. It was a hot, sticky Michigan summer day, but when I looked up from my book I couldn't believe there wasn't snow on the ground. That's when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

  6. What a fun topic -- and so many interesting memories.

    Hmmm...first memories are of going to the big downtown library in Toronto for storytime every Saturday and getting to bring books home. My favourite was Harry the Dirty Dog.

    And we were pretty darn poor but when I turned eight my dad would buy a book each for my sister and I every month (when he got paid!) He used to grumble about it but he faithfully came home with our books each payday. We got all our Nancy Drews and Trixie Beldens that way.

    First book I read on my own -- Mine For Keeps (another book about a dog) -- I really struggled to learn to read so I was a couple of years behind but once I started reading at eight I read whole novels and never looked back. :-)

  7. Jan, your story gave me chill bumps!!

    Kav, I remember my parents giving me money for the Scholastic book fairs! They never complained about spending that money.

  8. The first book I remember loving was/is "Understood Betsy" a gracious and funny tale of a little girl who lived with her over-solicitous aunts and when one got sick...

    And the other got a man....

    She went off to live with the country cousins. Cousin Ann is still one of my role models for mothering, running a business, taking care of things.

    I still love that book and treasure my OLD copy and the new ones I've bought for each of my kids.

  9. Ruthy, I'll have to look for that! Off to Amazon now...

  10. I still have my copy of Betsy (I think the name changed when I got it.) Loved it but I was probably around 10 or so when I got it. (my copy shows lots of signs of being loved)

    I know I was read to I dont remember it but I know I was. There is the story my brother would read the pages to me and people thought he was so smart as he was almost 5 and reading. he wasn't he knew the books of by heart and when to turn the pages.

    We started reading with the Happy Valley readers with Dick and Dora, nip and Fluff. (In victioria it was the cousins John an Jane).
    The first book that really meant anything was a book of 3 fairytales and I feel in love with the snow Queen. I was about 7 at the time still have this bok too.