Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strawberry and Custard Stuffed Croissants for Simply Saturday!

You're thinking this is hard.


You're thinking it might not be worthy....

Nope. Totally worthy.

So now you've stopped thinking and you're simply preparing a quick batch of pudding because that's the only time consuming part of this and you can do it a day or two ahead of time.... Suh-WEEEET!


Basic ingredients:

Mini croissants (you can use the big ones, but they're like a MEAL....the minis work well for dessert)

Fresh strawberries

Two cups custard or vanilla pudding

One - two cups of heavy cream, whipped and lightly sweetened.

Make the custard: really, truly, this is the only INVOLVED step and it's minimal... promise!!!

2 Tablespoons butter
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt butter in two-quart saucepan.... Mix sugar and cornstarch together with spoon. Take butter off heat, mix in the sugar/corn starch combo.... Whisk in the two cups of milk and two egg yolks. Return to heat, hold great Love Inspired novel in one hand while stirring mixture as it heats and thickens over medium high heat.... Pudding thickens once it boils.  Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla. Chill.

Split croissants in half the l-o-n-g way....

Spread some whipped cream on bottom. Top with a spoonful of custard. Slice a nice, big red strawberry onto the custard. Top with more whipped cream. Put croissant top on whipped cream and press lightly.

Refrigerate. Eat. When I actually make these today, I'll post a real photo of the finished product!


So you split the croissants and spread or pipe thick, lightly sweetened whipped cream on bottom...

Then add a generous spoonful of vanilla custard pudding...

I'm glad you cannot see me. I'm salivating.

Soooo not pretty.

Now the strawberries...

Some of these berries were the size of small peaches!!! One thick slice did the trick.

And now, the top layer of whipped cream:

Place the croissant top on the whipped cream and press lightly...

Then dust with confectioners/powdered/10X sugar, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods...

And here is the finished plate:

And here is how 'Lijah's croissant looked (minus the runny nose inherent to toddlers...)

I love having little helpers in the kitchen, LOL!


Happy Mother's Day!!!!


  1. These look so decadent!

    But the big question is: if you make the pudding ahead of time, how do you make it last until it's time to use it? I mean, at our house we hardly wait until it's cool before the bowl is empty.

    Oooh, it might be worth saving it, though.

  2. Jan, you goof, double the pudding recipe and hide some in the fridge in a plastic container marked "liver"....


    And this didn't post when it was supposed to yesterday, so that was sad... somehow I left it in draft mode. But these are so stinkin' worthy. Just simple and delicious.

  3. I don't just want a picture of them. I want them. NOOOOWWWWW

    1. Oh my gosh, it's a good thing I have a big family because there are only a couple left. I will come to Denver and make these for you.

      Easy Peasy.

  4. Good news - I just bought fresh strawberries.

    Bad news - bought them for daughter who wants to make fruit muffins.

    Oh well.

    The recipe looks delicious. Thanks for sharing, Ruthy. As a side note, your recipe reminds me of my Grandmother Ruth who used to make delicious strawberry shortcakes.

  5. I love all grandmothers named Ruth, LOL! Mary, you're in the Big Apple.... buy more berries. There are fruit markets everywhere there!!!

    And HEY!!!! ONE OF MY PUPPIES IS GOING TO BE NAMED "JETER"!!!! Did I tell you guys that yet? Steve is from Brooklyn... He says it, "Jeetah"....

    How stinkin' cute is that? Grinning in upstate!

  6. Strawberries and cream would be satisfying enough -- and I have those in the fridge from a recent shopping trip -- but no, you have to go and add custard and croissants, too!! This sounds totally too yummy not to make. Guess that means another trip to the store.

    Why is it I always want (NEED) to make all your recipes? How come I can't just read one and say, "That looks nice. Well done, Ruthy," and move on to some other activity that doesn't involve a calorie intake??? ::sigh:: Ah, well, guess I'd best go find the car keys and head for the store. ;)

    1. This is one of those great and EASY pastries that make people think you fussed...

      When all you did was make homemade pudding. ;)

      And while that might seem like a little fussing, the reaction people give to these makes you feel Paula Deen/Ree Drummond Happy!!!!

  7. Wow, Ruthy! These are so decadent and so worth the effort!!! Please send me one or two through cyberspace. I'll pay the postage.

    1. We must have a writers' retreat in upstate. I will cater it.

      And we'll teach writing courses.

      And eat.


  8. Didn't see this on Saturday (but I checked early in the morning) and then my internet conked out for the rest of the weekend. These look great though and the perfect recipe for a volunteer thank you brunch at one of my schools. Thanks!!!!


    1. Kav, it was stuck in "scheduled" mode... I must not have re-hit the publish button when I added the original pics on Friday. I'm such a dork.