Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Cravings!!!!


I'm starving as I write this. Well, that's an exaggeration (like what ISN'T in Ruthy-World???) but I'm really hungry and no time to eat before choir practice...

And Dave's splitting wood.

And I had to get the house in order after the "leastun's" went home because I can't do it in the morning... that's writing time.

I'm being a food snob. Normally I'd grab tuna... there is none.

Or a Zweigle's white hot (Porker, up here!!!) but the store was out of them. And I've had so many red hots lately that I'm seriously Nitrate/nitrite overloaded. In fact, if nitrate-laced hot dogs are bad for you, start plannin' the music to lay me to rest, 'cause I'm clearly in the danger zone!

No time for salad because I have to leave.   I'm not whining (really, truly, it's not like I'm an emaciated waif... we all know that.... tiny sigh inserted here for effect...)

BUT... what do the lot o' youse do when you're out of time and need food?

If I cheat and eat junk, then I'm just mad at myself.

The only yogurt in the house is high calorie kid friendly with granola and real fruit, but that's like trashing two days of being carb-good!!!

I want beef.

I confess, a nice burger with cheese would make me so happy right now. Only the ground round in the fridge tastes metallic and I don't know if it's me (I had a bug a few days ago) or that the meat is a secret government weapon to implant heavy metals into an unsuspecting populace.

So what do you do when you need food... you've got no time... and you're a big ol' whiner like me??? Give me ideas and I'll stock the cupboards before next Wednesday's whine fest

When I got home, Dave had cooked a few pounds of asparagus up...

And it was 9:15 at night, but it was totally delicious!!!  ;)


  1. Not the best one to ask. Lately I have had this issue at lunch not time to get much before I am on bookshop so have had a milk shake. Toast will work sometime. tonight its Icecream!

    1. Milkshakes....

      Aw, Jenny, I'm drooling. I love milkshakes. But they're habit forming. Once I've had one, I crave another, LOL! And Dave bought me a couple of cases of Diet Snapple (on sale at Tops Friendly Markets, LOL!) so I can drink calorie-free.... But I hear ya', my down under friend. I had a buddy who (during college) would grab a box of snack cakes... Little Debbie's... and eat them for supper. His mother asked why and he said, "They fill me up for a buck."

      .99 a box then... and he stayed on budget and graduated with honors, LOL!

      I did hear he gets to eat a NICE, JUICY BURGER NOW AND AGAIN NOW!!! ;)

  2. Ok here is the aussie coming out again what is Snapple? is it something with apple?
    Here Macca's (McDonalds) had a small change menu at present with about 7 items $2 or under. There are 2 burgers for $2. But they are to far to walk to. When its lighter I would buy something on the way home from the Bookshop (It requires doubling back to go there) but at present by the time I leave its almost dusk and by the time I get home its almost dark, so dont want to allow the extra 10 - 15 to go there get food etc and walk in the cold and dark. Have to say enjoying the icecream now.

  3. Jenny, Snapple is a drink brand. It comes in bottles and has different flavors. My favorite is peach tea! Diet peach tea.

    Ruthy, I did a clean out the freezer night last night. I had two tilapia fillets and one chicken breast left over out of packages. And there were only 3 of us here, so it was perfect to get rid of odds and ends. They were the individually wrapped items that you can thaw out as needed. The fish is really nice because it thaws so quickly. I coated with oil and sprinkled with Emeril's Essence. Then i just cooked in the skillet for like 2 minutes per side. Very yummy!!

    And we also had fresh asparagus! I always roast it in the oven with olive oil and seasoning salt.

    Those are all low-carb friendly. Of course, there's always a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese! Those come in handy, but not so diet friendly. :)

    1. Missy, I love hodge podge nights.

      But I was thinking take-and-go... I had like three grumpy minutes. And half of that was toting stuff to the car.

      And whining, LOL!

      But the asparagus fixed everything. I like to grill it outside, tossed with garlic and olive oil. So yummy!!! Dave... Well... he does it outside if I get it ready, otherwise he boils the heck out of it.

      So old school!!! But at least he did it, LOL!

  4. Jenny -- it's so fun to contemplate you having earlier dusks and cooler temperatures when we're gearing up for steamy humid days and dusk at nine p.m.! I honestly didn't know it got cool anywhere in Australia. I'll need to do some research!

    So -- I had the same strange whingy feeling last night as I was coming home from work. I've been good about being well stocked at home but I haven't done a grocery shop in a month so I'm missing some key ingredients and it was too hot to make a lentil soup which had been in the plan. I had to stop off to get gourmet doggie food for Master Simba anyway, so I popped into the Piggy Market and got some fresh made asparagus soup (yummy) and to-die-for potato salad (which I've never been able to make). Oh and rosemary garlic bread...thud!!!!!! And bonus -- I have leftovers for lunch. Only now I don't know what I'll have for supper tonight. :-(

    For something fast at home when I'm on the run I'll usually whip up a smoothie. Unfortunately milk is one of the items I'm out of at the moment so it wasn't my saving grace last night.

    1. Oh, asparagus soup!!! Oh I'm making some today... Kav, that's a great idea!

      Missy, you can make easy peasy asparagus soup by just adding cut-up asparagus to a Bear-Creek cheesy soup mix (it goes great in the broccoli/cheese one) OR....

      Make a cream soup or cheese soup base, using some chicken broth and add the asparagus. It cooks to like NOTHING because it's mostly water, but it tastes amazing!!! KAV! I LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Kav, I've never tried asparagus soup. Yum!! I'd love for you to share the recipe some time!

    That rosemary garlic bread sounds outstanding as well! I love the bread at Macaroni Grill with the rosemary in it.

    1. Artisan breads.... Love them. I like to treat us to a very carb unfriendly loaf on the weekends and we dip it in seasoned olive oil... oh, yummster!

      Missy, I haven't been to Macaroni Grill in years. What is the matter with me???

      I need to get out more.

      Jenny, I love the Diet Snapple Missy was talking about. No calories, it's great quality and it's soothing in the heat. And like Kav, it's so funny how our schedules offset each other... that you have scads of daylight at Chrismtas and now you're in the shorter days of winter/Aussie style. How cold does it get by you? And is it rainy or dry this time of year? Tell us (if you're still awake) what it's like?

  6. Ruthy, if I need tote and go, I just drive through! I'm so bad. Had a craving yesterday and drove through Micky D's. I wanted a burger!

    1. I know, that's the sensible answer... And I rarely let myself spend the bucks... Now and again I'll get a 20 pack of McNuggets and put a hurting on them...

      Love those things!

  7. Mea culpa. Micky D's for me, too. It doesn't help that there's one in Walmart, so it's the fall back if I'm running errands - and errands almost always include Walmart.

    I wish our Walmart had a Subway like our old one did! At least that would be a little bit healthier!

    But if I'm at home with no car, it's usually a fried egg sandwich. Toast, a couple fried eggs, maybe a slice of melted cheese...

    And keeping Ruthy's slaw on hand helps tons with those quick lunches.

    No asparagus here, though. I love, love, love it. Can't get enough of it! But my dear husband hates the smell as much as I hate the smell of liver cooking. So I'll have asparagus for lunch when I can get it.

    Before we moved I had asparagus in the garden, but somehow it never made it to the kitchen! It's just too tempting to crunch those freshly picked spears right down!

    1. Jan we eat it raw, too. Love it! And I toss it in salads... And I made the soup today! It came out great, and was easy peasy... I'm using it for Simply Saturday this week. I was going to do baklava... I haven't done that here, have I??? Gotta check. Nope, no baklava unless I didn't label it... Waving a guilty hand here!!! :) I love baklava done with real maple syrup instead of honey... To die for. So the asparagus soup came out great and I actually measured and took pics so we can see what the lot o' youse thinks!

  8. Kav, did you know we have snow here? well not here where I am but we have snow fields in New south Wales, victoria and Tasmania.
    here where I am nights get down to -2 and lower sometimes (celcius) and in winter average day temp is around 12.
    the Northern parts of Australia the temps will still be in the 20's in winter. Tassie is really cold.

    1. So that's twenties Celsius, right? And your -2C is like 28 degrees here. So kind of like our mid-section of the country, maybe. North Carolina, Maryland, etc.... Jenny, do you get bad storms where you are? I remember the flooding last year, but that was below you, right? Or am I goofy? It is okay not to answer that!!!

    2. Yes celcuis yes. and the days its 28 overnight will still get to around 55 in the day.
      We dont get the flooding were we are. we do get strong winds at times. if you look at the map of austraia I am in the South Australia down south near the border.
      I did a google map where I am
      click here

  9. If my husband made asparagus, I think I'd fall over. Dave's dish looks yummy. I love asparagus.

    If I'm noshing, I'll reach for nuts (almonds or walnuts) or carrots. If I need a quick meal, I might go for some deli-sliced ham or turkey and a slice of cheese. Or leftovers. Sometimes you just need a good hunk of protein.

  10. Amen, Mindy! You know, I get to a point of hunger where I'm mentally unreasonable... My family might opt for "unstable" and mock me incessantly, but what do they know????

    Brats, da lot of 'em!

    Nuts are a good grabber... And if there's fresh cold cuts, that works too. But I always hunt for hidden tastes in cold cuts if they've been in the fridge for a couple of days. Probably because I know what goes on in my fridge, LOL!