Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coffee Chat! Tell Us Your Dream...

Missy, here. Pull up a chair, a coffee/tea/chocolate beverage of your choice, and let's chat!

I just recently joined in on Pinterest. Check it out if you haven't before by clicking here. It's so cool! You can share things you "pin" and can also re-pin others' pins to your own virtual bulletin boards.

One of the boards I made is called "Dreaming of..." I post places I dream of visiting. Photos of things I'd love to do or see. So that got me to thinking. If you could choose only ONE of these things, what would it be?

--To visit a deserted island
--To have someone clean your house for you every week
--To have a private chef
--To climb a mountain
--To own a beach home
--To own a lake home
--To travel around the world
--To own your dream car
--To drive a race car
--To skydive
--To snow ski at a resort of your choice
--To have a personal fitness trainer
--To fly a plane
--To go up in a hot air balloon
--To meet a famous person you admire
--To become a New York Times bestseller
--To have your invention become a well-known household object
--To discover a medical cure
--To have your favorite hunky star or athlete fall for you :)
--To attend the Olympic Games
--To be a famous athlete
--To be CEO of a world renown corporation
--To be a famous songwriter/artist (maybe the next American Idol!)
--Choose your own!

Okay, now please share!


  1. Missy. I have done one of your list I have climbed a mountain (or two) and I am the cleaner who cleans for others!.
    Oh and I have met a few famous people sure they were sports stars.
    There are two things I would like I have never been snow skiing for that matter I have never ever seen fresh snow so that would be so cool. The other would be to travel while I dont want to go round the world I do want to go to Canada and america.

  2. Jenny, I wish you could see snow! It's so beautiful , peaceful. Of course people who live up north might not agree. :)

  3. Depends on the snow, Missy. If it's in the middle of a blizzard I wouldn't exactly call it peaceful! LOL.

    One of my dreams is to take a literary tour of North America. I've been keeping a list of all the places I want to visit after reading about them in novels. Included in the tour would be hitting as many favourite author signings as possible. I'm sure this would take at least a year and I'd want to travel in style so a chauffeur driven limo might be nice -- well a tastefully downsized one anyway. Of course money would never be a worry so I'd get to stay in lovely hotels and B&Bs on my journey. And I'd have unlimited funding to buy books. And when I'm really dreaming big I would buy a colossal amount of books from every Christian book store I came across and donate them to church and school libraries along the way.

  4. OH, I like Kav's dream, LOL!

    Hmm.... I want to own a coffee shop/bakery. The Yankee Belle for real. And I want my books on the Hallmark Channel.

    That's it. Simple. :) And I think doable.... Ya' gotta have dreams and goals, right???

    1. I want my books on the Hallmark Channel, too! Back when I first started writing, I told my husband I wanted my career to look like Debbie Macomber's. He heard about the Hallmark Channel deal and agreed 100%!

  5. Missy, if I had to choose one from your list, it would be to have my house cleaned once a week. That would free me up to do tons of other stuff. The gift of time. Sounds good to me.

  6. We can only choose one? I like them all!

    Except the one about my favorite hunky star or athlete falling for me - my favorite guy has already fallen for me, and I have no urges to look any farther :)

    I do like Kav's - although I'd change it to a literary tour of England. Beatrix Potter's home, Stratford on Avon, the Cotswolds, Scotland (the highlands and lowlands), the islands...

    And Jenny, I'm a northerner who loves snow - blizzards, gentle snow falls, piled up or skimming the ground in the wind - as long as no one is out driving in bad weather. I hate that part!

  7. Oh, Kav, that's a sigh-worthy dream! I love the idea of touring around with money as no object. :)

    Ruthy, I love the idea of one of my books being made into a Hallmark movie! I've had a few readers suggest that. I wonder if Hallmark might listen! :)

    Jan, I'd like to choose just about all of them. Except for maybe climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane. :)

    As you can tell by the photo I pinned, I WANT TO STAY IN THAT PLACE! Can you imagine how magical that would be??

  8. Jan, I sure wouldn't mind having Debbie's career! LOL

  9. I'll play!

    I choose - --To own a beach home

    Of course I'd love the NYTimes or some of the others, but the reason for that would be so I could own a beach home. So I'll just skip ahead straight to the beach house. Then I can sit on my deck and mull over all those NY Times best-selling plot ideas.

  10. Mary, I'm with you! I love to write while at the beach. It always inspires me. :)