Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Chicken Orange Kale Salad

Yesterday Mindy gave you a delicious looking soup.  Today I'm bringing another winter salad.

This post is really short because it's been an absolutely crazy week here. Fortunately, on Sunday, I cooked some delicious chicken breasts.  You may remember that I'm not much of a fan of chicken, but I've learned recently, that some great herbs and garlic and good quality chicken can make a huge difference.

For this, I started with some boneless chicken breasts and I literally smothered them in my favorite herb mix with some garlic mixed in. 

I chilled it, sliced it thinly, and added to a bed of kale.

Then topped it with a delicious sliced Cara Cara orange.

SO refreshing and so little work.

Hope you're all having a better week!

LOLOL  I just went to schedule this and realized I'm giving you KALE for Valentine's Day. HAH! More than anything, that should explain my week.


  1. Hey, I've always thought kale was ROMANTIC!


    Thanks for the recipe idea! I'll look for that spice mix.

    1. Kale romantic? Missy, Pam was right. You are a dork.

    2. Oh my stars, I'm laughing!!!! But maybe women of a certain age aren't being wined and dined like we should be!!! :)

    3. Ruthy, et al, I think I'm going start a new thing next year that I recently heard of. Galentines Day. I mean, just think of the fun we gals could have.

  2. Mary Cate, we really need to talk. Kale for Valentine's Day? But beyond that, salad in winter? How do you do it? You're the opposite of that boss I had who would eat soup for lunch no matter how hot it was. I just have a hard time getting into salad when it's cool/cold. I wonder if it's because we have so many more months of heat than we do cold. So things like soups, stews and chili, even casseroles, are limited to those few cool months that we have. However, in those sweltering months, which usually run from April/May to October/November, salads shoot to the top of my list.

    Oh, and I haven't seen that seasoning before. When I see the BRAGG logo, I usually think of their vinegar. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    1. Honestly, it was an accident, Mindy. I blinked and February was half over. I really didn't even think about Valentine's Day until I was scheduling it and saw the date - hence the postscript.

  3. You've found the secret to delicious chicken breast! I love seasoning mixes. My favorite for chicken is Mrs. Dash - yes, the non-salt mix. :-)

    I haven't seen the Bragg's mix in our store, so I'll have to look for it on Amazon. I love their vinegar and the liquid aminos (another thing to put on the list - I'm out).

    Unlike Mindy, I'm a winter salad person...whenever I can get quality produce. We had a break in the weather last week, and I was finally able to buy some decent lettuce. Nothing fancy, but it's green!

    I hope your crazy week slows down!

    1. This is salt free also, Jan. Years ago we used to get rotisserie chicken at a local place. I always wondered their secret. This tasted so much like it!

      I love Bragg's vinegar. I always have a bottle handy. I haven't used the Aminos yet. Curious to know more.

    2. We've got two of the best grocery chains here, Wegmans and Tops, so there's always great produce... unless there's a blizzard and I-90 gets shut down. Then nothing gets delivered.

      I'm going to hunt for Bragg's too.... I found it on Amazon so I'm including it on my next order... although I find so many fun things at the big Walmarts now!!!

      Cate, thank you for this!