Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Winter Salad

It's the dead of winter here, and I've been craving something green and healthy.

But when we went to the green market last weekend, there was not much to be had. Compare these images with the thriving market of last summer.

The hardy farmers get credit for coming each week. So far the only day they closed was when the wind chills were well below zero and ice and snow were in the forecast.

You might notice the wool market. I'll bet that's popular in the winter.

I'd read somewhere recently that kale was helpful in boosting your immune system. Given that I work in a school, a strong immune system is a particularly good thing.

So I had this idea.

I had a bag of Glory kale which I boiled briefly - just enough to take off the raw edge and make it more chewable. The kale is also hardy enough to stand up to the rest of the ingredients -

A glorious beet

A pumello that I'd been waiting to eat

and some lentils for protein. And Voila! A beautiful winter salad.

What do you eat when you're craving something healthy and fresh when there's not much fresh available?


  1. Cate, we get to this time of year when fresh seems so distant and so good!!!! This looks marvelous! I'd sub in good old iceberg for the Kale, I'm not a Kale eater... but I love a crunchy lettuce base, so a mix of Endive and Iceberg are my go-tos... But everything else makes me smile!

    Where is this market? The one in Union Square? Or in Brooklyn by you?

    It looks marvelous!

    1. This is near me - in Grand Army Plaza at the edge of Prospect Park. It’s open year round and has many of the same vendors as the one in Union Square.

  2. You always share the most interesting stuff, Mary Cate. You reminded me, though, that I still need to look for some lentils and give those a whirl. Like Ruthy, I'm not a huge fan of kale, though I do have one kale salad recipe I like. It has a lot of citrus in it. Hmm...that would be good for the immune system and help beat the winter blues. Perhaps I need to put kale on the list, too.

    1. Mindy, I run hot and cold on kale. I’ve discovered that I like it best when I boil it for a minute or two and then let it cool. And I always love fruit in salad. The juice makes a great dressing.

  3. Your market is open all year long? I'd be there looking at that wool...

    We crave our greens, don't we? That's one thing I remember from my childhood - dandelion greens were always the first to appear in the spring, and my dad would reminisce about his mother fixing them.

    We have the privilege of greens all year long, although most of mine will be frozen in the winter. Still, there's nothing like a salad of mixed greens - kale, shredded cabbage, cilantro and some chopped romaine or iceberg make a great salad. Throw in some beets, almonds and dried cranberries, and I'm in heaven. I usually have some chicken on the side for the protein.

    1. It is open year round, Jan. The pickings can be pretty sparse in winter - lots of root vegetables. Unfortunately, a lot of the other produce freezes up while sitting on display.

  4. Wow, I'm impressed that your farmer's market stays open all year round! Ours stops after Thanksgiving mid October here) except for a few vendors who sell pumpkins up until Halloween. I can't imagine your farmers make a whole lot of money during the winter months. Enough to cover their rental costs? But I guess it creates loyal customers.

    I tend to eat veggies that store well over winter so that would be the root vegetables -- love parsnips and carrots mashed together. And I sneak kale into chili and soup...and I realize that I tend to add grated ginger to those during the winter but not so much in the summer.