Tuesday, January 2, 2018

In a Word...

Welcome to 2018!

What happened to 2017?

For me, much of it went by in a blur. Rotator cuff surgery, our big move, renovating the big house, TWO grandbabies...
Yes, I'd say 2017 was an eventful year. One filled with more blessings than I count.
Just a few of this Grammy's blessings.
So it seems only appropriate that my word for 2018 is GRATITUDE. 
An attitude of gratitude is something I need to exercise more often, instead of allowing myself to get bogged down in the pithy little things that seek to steal my joy. Not when I have so much to be joyful about.

Like this...
And this...
Brie is really is a wonderful thing. Especially when it's baked.
This one is topped with honey, pecans, dried fruit and bacon...
In a word...AMAZING!
Sweet, savory, melty deliciousness.

Now you'll have to forgive me, but I can't help throwing in a couple more photos of our sweet Taegan Olivia, our day-after-Christmas gift.
 She's just...
 So doggone cute.

 Now it's your turn.
Do you choose a word as you head into each year?
Or are you a resolution person? Maybe a goal-setter?
What are you hoping for in 2018?

Mindy Obenhaus lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband, the youngest of her five children and two dogs. She's passionate about touching readers with Biblical truths in an entertaining, and sometimes adventurous, manner. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren. Learn more at www.MindyObenhaus.com  


  1. OH, now I'm in baby love mode! Be still my heart, all of those kids are just absolutely marvelous... and the baby is beyond adorable. Straight to miracles on babies for this mama!!!


    My word for 2018 is "ACCEPT" because I tend to question and analyze everything... And sometimes things don't need my analysis. Sometimes they just need my acceptance, like Abraham and Isaac and Jesus and Mary...

    Now those are pretty big shoes to follow, so I'm not over-reaching here! An improvement would be great... with a more understanding nature attached.

  2. Ruthy, acceptance can be difficult, but if we believe God is who we profess He is, it’s also an opportunity to exercise our faith and He will honor that.

    Yes, this Grammy has been over the moon this past week, surrounded by all those lives she prayed for all those years ago. I love it.

  3. Mindy, she's SO PRECIOUS!!! Oh, I want one!! LOL (Don't tell my son and wife, I don't want to pressure them.) :)

    I don't have a one word yet, but I'm thinking on it and plan to find one. Nothing has struck me yet like usual. I'll be praying!

    1. Missy, my daughter and her husband fought long and hard for this baby, so that makes her arrival doubly special. But they're all precious.

      And when thinking of that one word, make sure you don't avoid the one that God may be laying on your heart. I've been guilty of that. Praying for it, then avoiding it, trying to come up with one I thought more appropriate. Yeah, that didn't work out so well.

  4. I'm with Missy - give me some baby-love!!!

    As I wait for babies to bless our newly married son and daughter-in-law, and our slightly longer married daughter and son-in-law, I'm blessed with being able to love on the babies at church. :-) I feel like a substitute grandmother some days...or perhaps a doting great-aunt!

    And you've chosen a great word, Mindy. Gratitude was my One Word for 2017, and I was certainly blessed by it.

    There's nothing like discovering how grateful I am to learn that I have had a grandchild for twelve years! I'm so thankful to be able to get to know her now...and so thankful that with God's help I was able to see the blessings in a less-than-perfect situation.

    So gratitude was the perfect word for last year!

    1. Jan, how wonderful you have a newly-found granddaughter!! I didn't know about that. Blessings on you both!

    2. Jan, I didn't know about the granddaughter either. Congratulations!

  5. THAT BOW!!!! So precious! Yes, your family truly had an amazing year!

    My one word is fiercehearted -- from the book of the same name by Holley Gerth. It's going to be my manual this year as I face a lot of changes. Eeeep!

    1. Oh, wow, Kav. I love that word! I might steal it. haha

    2. Isn't that bow adorable, Kav? That was the sweetest picture.

      Fiercehearted... Now that's a challenge. One I know God will equip you for. I can't wait to hear about those changes God has in store for you.

  6. Oh Mindy, thanks for sharing the baby love. So precious.
    My word is joy. I didn’t really choose it - more like it chose me. More on that tomorrow.